One thing I miss when I think about Taiwan is the food that they have there. One of the most exquisite dishes, street food, and even the unusual ones could be found in that country. We were there for quite a time for vacation and was able to experience most of what they could offer, including one of the famous chicken stops or stall in the city of Taipei.
This particular store in Taipei has lots of customers that are lining up to get a taste of the food especially the chicken wrapped in a paper roll for easy snacking. And that authentic taste was what I have found in Manila with Oh My Chicken.

Oh My Chicken in Manila

This food stall has thattraditional Taiwanese chicken recipe which I was only able to taste in Taiwan and I still remember that feeling when I first munched it. It was weirdly delicious – and Oh My Chicken’s recipe has that same taste from Taiwan.
Located in the Laperal Youniversity Suites and in front of Chiang Kai Shiek College in Manila, both branches are easy to access. We preferred to visit the second branch located in Laperal Youniversity Suites located in and around the University Belt in Recto.
oh-my-chicken-authentic-taiwanese-chicken-experience-in-manila oh-my-chicken-authentic-taiwanese-chicken-experience-in-manila oh-my-chicken-authentic-taiwanese-chicken-experience-in-manila oh-my-chicken-authentic-taiwanese-chicken-experience-in-manila

Here’s what they have on the menu:

  1. Oh My Chicken Steak
  2. Oh My Chicken Popcorn
  3. Oh My Chicken Leg
  4. Oh My Chicken Wing
  5. Oh My Chicken Squid
  6. Three Colors Chicken Steak

My best favorite in the menu was the Oh My Chicken Popcorn as it is very easy to eat, like KFC’s Chicken Pops, but better. Each and every recipe had its own distinct taste. The most similar to what Taiwan has was the Oh My Chicken Steak. I would advise you to try the spicy flavors as it simply was astonishing and really really good.
The Oh My Chicken Wings we had were both spicy but still tastes a lot better than any other fast-food restaurants out there. The Oh My Chicken Legs were also delightfully tasteful! I can say that everything on the menu was a must-try!
As for the Three Colors Chicken Steak, I bet that Millenials would love to try this. It’s a chicken steak but comes with 3-sauces – honey mayo, matcha mayo, and strawberry mayo.
We weren’t able to taste the Oh My Chicken Squid as it was out of stock that day of our visit.


Oh My Chicken Dips

Speaking of dips, they have five (5) dips given to us.

  1. Honey Mayo
  2. Strawberry Mayo
  3. Matcha Mayo
  4. Szechuan Spicy
  5. Original Gravy

The Honey Mayo is mayonnaise mixed with honey. Sweet and sour in one taste.
The Strawberry is obviously mixed with strawberry. Weird combination but tastes good.
The Matcha Mayo is mixed with matcha and matcha lovers (like me) definitely loves it!
The Szechuan Spicy is also good as well as the original gravy if you don’t like flavored mayos.

Oh My Chicken Drinks

Not only that Oh My Chicken serves great chicken recipes but also milk teas. Some say that milk teas originated from Taiwan, so it’s also a good experience to have this authentic Taiwanese drink feel at the comfort of Manila.
What we had were:

  1. Brown Sugar Fresh Milk

2. Taro Fresh Milk
3. Matcha Fresh Milk
4. Taro Matcha

Brown Sugar Fresh Milk and Taro Fresh Milk

Matcha Fresh Milk, Brown Sugar Fresh Milk, and Taro Freshmilk

Matcha Fresh Milk

Would we recommend you try Oh My Chicken? Definitely! Their menu is simple so you won’t have a hard time picking for the best dish to try. The chicken recipe has an authentic feel and taste just like what we had in Taiwan. They also have rice meals on their menu. Their milk teas are also surprisingly good. Try out all other flavors!
What more could we say? The prices are also affordable. Starts at 78 Php for regular sized orders.
oh-my-chicken-authentic-taiwanese-chicken-experience-in-manila oh-my-chicken-authentic-taiwanese-chicken-experience-in-manila oh-my-chicken-authentic-taiwanese-chicken-experience-in-manila oh-my-chicken-authentic-taiwanese-chicken-experience-in-manila

Oh My Chicken Locations

Branch 1: Food Hub, Alvarado street in front of Chang Kai Shiek College Gate 3
Manila, Philippines
Branch 2: Inside Laperal Youniversity Suites in 2119 Recto Ave, Sampaloc, Manila, 1015 Metro Manila, Philippines


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