There are many restaurants to dine at Siem Reap, even street foods could be found anywhere. We have this thing that always happens during our trips, we would like to dine at a fine dining or high-end restaurant whenever we are traveling in a place not familiar with us, even just for once.
So when we headed to Cambodia, particularly Siem Reap, we found out that this restaurant is also a partner of our hotel, Memoire Siem Reap so we opted to dine at the restaurant, the Grill Wine Cafe.

Grill Wine Cafe

Grill Wine Cafe is located at where Memoire D’Angkor Hotel is located and is just right across the street so it’s easy to be seen in Siem Reap.
When we got inside the restaurant, there weren’t many people inside because it’s already past 2 pm and we are just starting to take our lunch, mainly because we finished breakfast at around 10 am.
We took some photos of the restaurant, in and out, and we could say that this is a well-designed restaurant with modern Khmer touch. It also shows a theme with elegance by the way it was decorated. Pleasing to the eyes, and really doesn’t look like you are dining in a cheap place.
The waiters and staff at the restaurant were attentive enough as when they gave us the menu, we had a hard time picking for what could be the best dish we have to order. So we asked a few questions about which are the bestsellers for both the drinks and viands.
Some staff was good with English so we didn’t have a very hard time conversing with them. They were able to explain to us what kind of this are we going to take (from our order) and if they are spicy or not.
While we are waiting for our orders to come, one of the staff attended to us and made a lengthy conversation about the food, how they are served, and mostly about things in general like asking us about what we think of Siem Reap, how was our day and how was our exploration going so far, etc. Those kinds of things which are simple but has enough impact to us as a foreign visitor in their country.
Here are their recommended dishes, which we ordered.

Red Chicken Curry


Beef Lok-Lak


Grilled “Australia Beed” Ribeye

Wok-fried Bacon and Corn


Red Wine


Frozen Strawberry Daiquiri (Alcoholic)grill-wine-cafe-you-must-not-miss-this-restaurant-in-siem-reap

Frozen Blue Daiquiri (Alcoholic)

If you think it’s not quite a lot, well, there are side dishes that made us full when we visited.
Well, there actually are more photos but I can’t upload them because I (Jerny) look so tipsy already for having two glasses of Frozen Blue Daiquiri – and I don’t look good in them either, it will ruin the photo for the food.
Nonetheless, what made us happy about our experience here in Grill Wine Cafe is not just about the food, but also the people who we were able to speak with while in this restaurant. We both felt very welcomed and we were well accommodated that it felt like we were all friends with all the people there.


Here’s our short review at Trip Advisor:

“Went here for late lunch, supposedly for 1 pm but were able to get here by 2 pm. Fortunately, there weren’t many people when we got there as everyone must have already finished their meals.
We ordered a lot because we really would want to taste Cambodian cuisine and also the steaks they are known for. We started off with a glass of Red wine and Margarita. The Frozen Strawberry Margarita was great and unlike margaritas served in our country, it was more than filled which would want you to slurp the drink already.
Once we had tasted the steak (medium-rare), it was heaven. Every bite was a delight, partnered with red wine, the taste was superb. You would want to dine here every day of your stay in Siem Reap.
The staff were also accommodating, though some of them speak very little English, some are also well-versed. Two of the staff also made us happy by them being so bubbly and welcoming, just like a friend to us even though we have met them for the first time.
The manager also made sure we are having a great time while we eat and gave us some tips on where to go and where to visit especially that we are heading next to Siem Reap. Their hospitality is really nice.
One of the best restaurants we had visited in Siem Reap! Eat here if you can, please, and say hello to the staff for us!”
grill-wine-cafe-you-must-not-miss-this-restaurant-in-siem-reap grill-wine-cafe-you-must-not-miss-this-restaurant-in-siem-reap
With exceptional service and affordable price range, Grill Wine Cafe is a good choice for an evening cocktail, a healthy breakfast meal, and or a sumptuous dinner.


No.54, Sivatha Boulevard, Siem Reap 17251 Cambodia
+855 69 993 888

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