To those who have been to Tagaytay, you might have heard of the term Paradizoo. Paradizoo is a word-play from the words “paradise” and “zoo”. It’s a 10-hectare theme-park with domesticated and exotic animals, flower gardens, and more. This includes llamas, horses, farm animals where you can get to interact and feed them, cows, goats, etc.
Last November, an event was held in Paradizoo. “Who Let the Dogs Out: A Dog Fashion Show”, an event for the dogs and pet owners. 21 participants joined together with their well-groomed dogs in a different attire, costume, and fashion, with themes, casual, cosplay, and Halloween. You’d be seeing pets in their alluring, if not horrific, attires and costumes together with their owners as they ramp at the stage.
Here are some photos from the recently held event.

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After the “Who let the Dogs Out” event, we had the chance to explore quite a bit in the area of Paradizoo. There are more than this list. Please check their website for more information.

Flower Garden

The flowers in the garden are not totally rooted on the ground. They could be sold if there is a buyer. How? The plants are all in a pot or a plastic carrier so they can be moved anytime without hurting or uprooting the plants.

Vegetable Garden

Paradizoo - Vegetable Garden -
See a variety of fresh edible vegetables grown via best practices in agriculture.


Pet Cemetery

There is also a Pet Cemetery located in Paradizoo. Some of the owners who loved their pets truly, buried them here when they died. There were even a birth date and death date for each pet.

Butterfly Garden

Here in Paradizoo also lies a Butterfly Garden. At the time of our visit, there weren’t many butterflies, only a few. But a few is enough to make us happy and delighted. You can take a photo of them close up or even get to hold them at your fingertips for a while.

Paradizoo Cafe

If you get tired of walking through the 10-hectare field, sumptuous treats await at Paradizoo Cafe. You can even buy some of the souvenirs to take home.

How to Get to Paradizoo

By Bus: Ride a bus to Tagaytay City or at Olivarez terminal, then ride any jeepney or bus to Mendez and inform the driver to drop you off to Maglabe Drive, then look for the tricycle terminal and ride to Paradizoo. The fare is P30 per tricycle.
Alternatively, ride bus heading to Nasugbu. Tell the diver to drop you off at Mendez. Ride another jeepney heading to Indang and drop off at Mendez Market or Maglabe Drive. Look for the tricycle terminal (on the left side of the road) and tell the driver to drop you off at Paradizoo. Tricycle costs 30 per way.
Km. 63 Panungyan, Mendez, Cavite
Contact numbers: (046)413-1244 / (02)899-9824 / (02)899-9828
Operating hours: 8 a.m. – 5 p.m. (Mon. to Sun.)
Entrance fee: Php 199 (adult), Php 149 (child 3-4ft.), children 3ft. below are free of charge
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