Are data and evidence the guiding principles of your decisions? Are you interested in how policies affect the public? If you’ve answered yes, you may want to look at civil service jobs.

In the US, civil service employees play a huge part in shaping the lives of every citizen. There are many duties and responsibilities public servants must consistently uphold.

If you want to work in civil service, knowing where and how to apply is the first step towards getting a job. Below, we have prepared a comprehensive guide that will help you.


Civil Service Jobs

Civil Service Jobs – What Exactly Are They?

Civil service jobs refer to a wide range of positions found in the US government. These can be federal, state, or local positions.

Therefore, when we say someone is a civil service employee or a civil servant, this means he or she is employed in a government agency.

Generally, the duties of public servants are diverse. This is because there are many different career paths in the public sector.


Depending on your interest and skills, you may apply for a position in any government agency with a focus on engineering, finance, education, healthcare, or the justice system.

There are plenty of jobs to choose from, so its best to take a hard look at your strengths and weakness in choosing one that is right for you.

Why Become A Civil Service Employee?

Generally, people who want to become public servants are driven by passion and principles. If you want to help improve the lives of the people, a career in the public sector will give you an opportunity to achieve that.

Aside from the diversity in the field, which will enable you to choose your preferred career path, most civil service jobs are also only available in full-time positions and operate during regular business hours.


Moreover, since people who work in the government are considered the backbones of national growth, they also enjoy a wide range of benefits like health benefits, paid time off, retirement funding, and more.

Civil Service Jobs – Where And How To Apply

Applying for a civil service job in the US is relatively simple. To do so, you must first identify the civil service position that is right for you.

Generally, you can do this by doing the following.

  • Research Online

Surely, the advent of the internet has made things easier, faster, and more convenient to anyone – especially to job seekers. If you’re looking for a possible civil service job opportunity, you may want to conduct online research on the available job positions in any government agency.

Generally, there are two ways you can find your preferred position via the internet.

  1. Using Popular Job Employment Sites

Thankfully, with the presence of many online employment platforms, you can now easily spot available job positions for your particular qualifications.

Some of the most popular employment platforms you could turn to include Jobstreet, Indeed, and LinkedIn.

Simply create an account on any of these job-searching sites, upload your resume, and look for available civil service positions in your area.

  1. Visiting the US Government Career Site

Of course, the government also offers a way for interested individuals to be part of the public sector. Specifically, through their official site, people can find available job positions.

If you’re interested, simply visit the US government’s official site, click “Work,” and choose “Current Openings” under the “Domestic/Civil Service” category.

You will then be provided with a list of available civil service positions. If you find a career that interests you, simply click the “Apply Now” option. It is located just beside your preferred job position.

  • Attend A Civil Servant Job Fair

Similar to applying for other careers, you can also attend job fairs in the public sector.

Look for upcoming events in your area. You can also reach out to your local community for tips. Stay updated on the latest news to identify when and where a civil servant job fair will take place.

Civil Service Jobs


Serious about becoming a public servant? Start your journey today. Widen your search and sign up for any required testing. Then, preapre your resume and apply for available jobs today!