One of the best choices we had when we visited Bacolod was staying in one of the coziest condominium units that we really have enjoyed and became instantly comfortable with. Not only that this place has given us a place to stay but also a place to truly enjoy and that just wanna makes us stay longer. However, being travelers who go from one place to another, we tend to limit our time and budget in staying at places we know we would be more comfortable but that should not be the case.
After our Guimaras adventure where we stayed at Nature’s Eye Resort, we headed straight to a condominium unit in Bacolod City, just behind the Provincial Capitol Office and the newly constructed Ayala Malls Bacolod. We never expected that this place would be so convenient and so easy to get to.

Cozy Condo at Amaia Steps Capitol Central

When we say “cozy”, it means that it the place is giving us a warm feeling of being welcome, of being truly home. You know how a place treats you well as you will feel embraced from the time you enter the door and you know exactly when a place is eerie or doesn’t wanna let you come in. This condo unit is true to its name and photos and better when you experienced it yourself.  Cozy Condo at Amaia Steps

The Place

The condominium unit was fully furnished and well decorated that the moment you enter the door, you will be astonished by the details and theme of the whole area. It was looking great in photos but boy, the place is better when you see it for yourself. The theme of this unit is just perfect for us.

The unit is accented with stripes of blue and white making it pleasantly neat and warm. All the colors in the room just complemented each other. The interiors are just a perfect match for the overall layout of the place. I personally love the whitewash style of the dividers and the table and chairs.
Astonished. That’s what I felt when I saw the unit by myself. I was really overwhelmed and impressed by the overall goodness and design of the place. Like everything feels warm and were instantly comfortable with the place and we already know that we will love it.
The chandelier added a grand feel for the room as well as the large painting that you’ll easily notice when you see the couch. There’s also free WiFi so you won’t have to use your data charges on your mobile phone. WiFi is a great plus to homes nowadays.  Cozy Condo at Amaia Steps


The Bed

One of the most things that we would love to be comfortable with is the bed. As travelers, when we don’t get enough sleep, our energies are low and that happens mostly because our bed wasn’t comfortable enough. Good thing that we picked this place as the bed is truly wonderful. I can’t remember how many times I have fallen asleep so fast not because I was really tired but because I was that comfortable with the bed.
Fronting the bed is the television where you could watch your favorite movies and or even just your favorite cable TV shows. We’re not much of a television user but we surely love watching movies. I brought my own movie directory via USB so we’re able to watch a few before going to sleep.

The Kitchen and Dining Area

For the most part, the dining and kitchen are complete. It comes with a refrigerator, a microwave oven, a water kettle, a burner, some pots, and utensils. There wasn’t a deep enough bowl and pot though if in case you’d like to cook something with soup but that’s not a negative. The kitchen was also neat and clean and never I have seen a single roach in the area, clean and sleek.  Cozy Condo at Amaia Steps

The Comfort Room  Cozy Condo at Amaia Steps

You’d get to have individual towels. There’s also a hot and cold shower. The soaps and suds are provided but if in case you are using a specific brand, you better bring your own. Tissue papers are provided as well with ample supply so you don’t have to worry about running out of tissue paper. The overall lighting in the wash area is pleasant that you’d feel beautiful every time.


Check-in and Communication

We personally feel connected already to the place even when we just spent a few days in there. The check-in was so flexible, thank God. Because we just had a long day from Guimaras and we really need to make adjustments to our check-in time. Good thing that the caretaker of the home, Ms. Virgie, was patient enough for our requests and wasn’t too busy as well. She gets to reply immediately and makes sure that everything’s okay and cool. Thanks to AJ as well for hosting us in his humble abode. He’s our primary contact for this stay and he replies promptly and kind.

How to Book the Cozy Condo at Amaia Steps Capitol Central

1. First, register via to make sure you are getting a ₱1,600.00 discount on your first AirBNB experience.
2. Second, go to this link – – and choose your dates of stay.
3. Agree with the terms and double check information.
4. Check-out using your debit or credit card. AirBNB is completely safe. I have used it several times.
5. Communicate with the owner (you can do this anytime).
If you have any questions, let us know via comments below or send me an email.

Places We Visited while in Bacolod

1. Bacolod City Provincial Capitol
2. The Ruins in Talisay
3. Campuestohan Highlands Resort
4. Lakawon Island  Cozy Condo at Amaia Steps
5. Tawhai Floating Bar
6. Bacolod City Town Tour


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