Writing online for different publications can provide a steady income, providing you have good writing skills. Now that people use the internet for most things, starting a blog is not only a hobby but also a great opportunity to earn money.
Aside from blogs, there are businesses that offer freelance writing opportunities to create content for websites like product descriptions, news articles, and other content. Indeed, writing and making money from your passion can ve very rewarding.
If you are a writer and are looking for decent writing gigs to earn money, here are some essential tips to help you get started. We’ve compiled the best websites to visit and some ways to get paid for writing reviews, lists, and other content.
Make Money Writing Online

Revenue Sharing Vs. Fixed-Rate

There are two types of writing opportunities you can encounter online. One is revenue sharing and the other one is fixed-rate writing gig. Telling the difference isn’t hard because the concepts are easy to understand.
Revenue sharing is when a website pays you a certain amount for every view or click from your post. This is a good option if you have a good following. If you don’t, earning $50 dollars will take time, even months.
The more lucrative option for writing online is the fixed-rate gig, wherein clients pay upfront for your article. The price will depend on several factors including the difficulty of subject or topic, number of words, and your skills.
If you have excellent writing skills, obviously, you will be paid more.

Realistic Ways To Make Money Writing Online

With search engines like Google providing information for web users, providing content definitely is deemed essential. However, how do you start and where can you find clients? Here are some realistic ways to earn money writing online.


1. Break Into Content-Hungry Companies

The easiest way to make money writing online is breaking into content-hungry websites and companies. For instance, journals, news sites, and online magazines require high-quality content in specific niches.
Many companies are willing to pay more to publish good content on their websites. Aside from blogs, you can write technical content like case studies, online courses, and chase down ghostwriting opportunities to earn more money.
Again, it all boils down to your writing skills and creativity. If you have experience writing technical materials, the pay is better compared to blogs.

2. Start A Blog

Monetizing a blog is easy nowadays but it will take a while before you can earn decent money. Affiliate marketing is a smarter way to make money because sponsors are willing to give more to advertise their products.
The success in starting a blog just takes time but it will be rewarding once you gained a huge following from web users. Sometimes, you don’t need to rely on affiliate marketing but the number of page visits can do its work.
There are many kinds of blogs to explore — from travel blogs to fashion blogs to food blogs. 

3. Become A Kindle Author

Years ago, publishing a book was a distant dream for many writers. However, thanks to technology, anyone with excellent talent in writing can become an author on Kindle and Amazon.
The self-publishing market is evolving and becoming an authorpreneur is within your reach. It will only take some time but this is a sure way of earning money online. According to Author Earnings, indie authors earn as much as $25,000 and above for Amazon book sales.


4. Become A Copywriter

Get paid for making video scripts, product descriptions or reviews, sales letters, and email marketing campaigns. Becoming a copywriter requires a solid understanding of the principles of hard sell or persuasion.
However, this form of writing is easier in terms of the number of words.
Most of the time, companies look for copywriters with years of experience, but if you’re just starting, doing the work is not as hard as it seems. After all, you can find writing inspiration and samples online that you can use.
Aside from Amazon, you can find copywriting gigs on Upwork for freelance opportunities. The pay is decent and if you can finish more in a day, you can be paid more.
Money Writing Online

Bottom Line

Making money writing online requires dedication, skills, and connections. While you can do the work on your own, building a sound relationship with clients helps you to find more writing opportunities.
Start exploring the market online and find time to build your portfolio. Who knows, you might find a great opportunity that allows you to work anywhere and any time.