Cruise ship jobs offer exciting career opportunities, like the ability to travel and receive higher compensation. Because the job is in a unique environment, employees need adequate training to ensure maximum safety throughout the trips. 
Aside from seafarers, typical cruise ship jobs include entertainers, concierges, food and beverage staff, Messmen, cabin stewards, and security. If you are planning to apply for these positions, you need to look for licensed recruiters.

 Whether you’re just beginning your research or you’re ready to hit the high seas, here is a guide to help you find cruise ship jobs in the Philippines. Note that these jobs can take you around the world!

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Cruise Ship Jobs

Accredited Cruise Ship Manning Agencies 

Filipinos comprise the largest nationality employed by cruise lines like Royal Caribbean. About 11,000 Filipinos are part of the company, providing renowned service in the hospitality sector
Before you get the chance to work for international cruise lines like RCC, you can also look for local partner recruiters. 

Magsaysay Maritime Corporation

One of the renowned local recruiters is the Magsaysay Maritime Corporation. The company provides access to the best available jobs for the maritime industry. It is an accredited recruitment agency of Princess Cruises, Arcadia Shipmanagement, Ariston Navigation Corporation, Costa Cruises, Star Cruises, and more
You can check their website to know available positions, or you can also drop by at the Recruitment Center in Manila to get first-hand information on job availability. 

Career Philippines Shipmanagement Inc.

It is one of the oldest Shipmanagement companies in the Philippines, responsible for deploying more than 8,000 men and women in 300 ocean vessels. The company has a rigid selection process and provides comprehensive in-house training to meet international standards. 
The Career Philippines Shipmanagement has two major offices in Pasay, Metro Manila. Available jobs under the company are also posted online at


Jebsens Maritime Inc. 

The company is a joint enterprise of Aboitiz Group of the Philippines and Jebsens Group of Norway. It provides competitive Filipino cruise ship crews for ship management, transport solutions, and more. 
Currently, Jebsens Maritime Inc. recruits Filipinos for cargo-passenger, cruise ships, yacht, and ferry vessels. The recruitment office is located at Railroad Delgado Streets, South Harbor, Manila, Philippines.

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Cruise Ship Job Requirements

Different recruitment companies have distinct qualifications and requirements asked of potential employees. Basic requirements include being at least 21 years old, holding a valid passport, and having a license.  
The STCW95 certification is a license, which is needed for applying in international ships or yachts. Before you can take this basic training, you need to complete a 7-day course covering Sea Survival Techniques, Personal Safety, and Social Responsibility, First Aid, and Fire Fighting and Fire Prevention. You can enroll in accredited maritime training institutions to get a license and certification. The basic seaman training costs around Php4,500 or more, depending on the school or scope of the program. 
To work abroad, requirements include the following.

  • Passport
  • Seaman Book
  • BST or STCW 95 Certificate

There is also a Pre-Employment Medical Examination comprising of 24 tests. Once the results show you are fit for seafarer jobs, you will be issued a Fit For Sea Duty Certificate. This is part of the requirements to apply for international cruise lines. 
For those who will apply for other positions such as cooks and food service crew, additional requirements are provided by the recruitment agency. Normally, you need to have at least two years of experience in the foodservice industry. 
Nurse and medical practitioners also have distinct requirements, including having a valid license and years of experience in the medical field. Some cruise lines require a minimum of three years of experience in the emergency or acute care department


How to Apply for Cruise Ship Jobs

To apply for cruise ship jobs, you need to contact accredited seafarer recruitment agencies. You can directly visit the recruitment centers to find out additional requirements. Once you have all the requirements, you need to submit documents to the agency and wait for additional instructions. 
Once you are employed, you need to register to Philippine Overseas Employment Authority or POEA to become an official and registered Filipino Seaman


Working on a cruise ship is both rewarding and memorable. You can enjoy free boarding, meals and travel while earning a good salary. Follow this guide to land a job in an international cruise line. For more information, you can visit the website of recruitment agencies.