7 Best Hotels and Resorts in El Nido

El Nido is one of the most popular tourist’s spots in the Philippines, second only to Boracay. It’s most famous for private island resorts, beautiful beaches and lagoons, stunning wildlife and nature, and laid-back beach atmosphere.
The best thing about El Nido is the fact it has something to offer any type of visitor. It doesn’t matter if you are single, a couple, or even a large family with kids – you will find fun stuff to do and will surely have a wonderful vacation.
One problem though, as with any tourist destination, is that there are a lot of different hotels to choose from. Information found online is inaccurate, to say the least, and can often lead to you ending up at some overpriced tourist trap. With the help of my friends at, who specialize in all-inclusive vacations in the Philippines, we tried to put up a basic list of recommended hotels. These are not ranked in a particular order, but rather by the type of accommodation they offer.

1. Lagen Island by El Nido Resorts

El Nido Resorts is the company who operates most of the high-end resorts in Palawan, and this is without a doubt their crown jewel. The resort offers a cottage type accommodation in a secluded lagoon, with one of the most spectacular views in the country.
Lagen is truly one of the best places for anyone who wishes to escape reality for a few days and replace it with a paradise. There’s no wonder why Tripadvisor has named it the best hotel in El Nido. The resort offers the perfect setting for couples who want to have a romantic getaway at one of the most beautiful places in the world.
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2. Cauayan Island Resort

Another private island resort, Cauayan is the most luxurious of the bunch. This 5-star estate offers its guest the ultimate all-inclusive experience, where all your smallest desires will be catered to. The resort only has 23 rooms, so it’s a place where your privacy is guaranteed.
Being such a small property also enables Cauayan’s staff to give very personal and friendly treatment to each and every one of their guests. This makes Cauayan the absolute best choice for honeymooners, who value their privacy and want nothing but the highest standards possible.
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3. Miniloc Island Resort

This is another hotel which is owned by the El Nido Resorts company, so the highest standards of quality are sure to be met. The moment you dock there you will see why this hotel is so popular, as it has some of the most scenic views you’ll ever see in your life.
Miniloc is only a 4-star resort, and still, it’s one of the most expensive hotels in Palawan. While it’s not the best value for money choice, the resort is so beautiful that you’ll always feel like your money was well spent. Since this is the most popular hotel in El Nido, you can sometimes catch very good promotions online. Currently, this honeymoon package for El Nido is the best one we could find.
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4. Amakan Bed Bunk Breakfast

It’s quite easy to compile a whole list of dreamy private island resorts, but we wanted to keep this guide more diverse. In any case, by now you should get the idea how they are all about and know the best 3 to check out. Amakan, on the other hand, is a completely different type of accommodation, which can easily be named as the best value for money hotel in El Nido.
Amakan is more of a hostel but still keeps a pretty good standard. It has a really cozy and family-like vibe to it, which makes you feel at home from the second you get there. While there are certainly a lot of cheaper hotels in El Nido, this place offers the perfect balance between budget and comfort.
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5. El Nido Mahogany Beach Resort

This is the resort we favor the most if we ever decide to sleep in Corong-Corong. The beach there is so much better than the one in the town itself, and it’s only a short drive away. While Mahogany isn’t cheap by any means, there’s a reason it has been chosen as one of the best beach resorts in all of El Nido and the best hotel in Corong Corong.
This is a bungalow style accommodation, located directly in front of the ocean. The rooms there are very big and comfortable, and there’s even a small private room in some of them. Being relatively close to town but still in a peaceful surrounding also makes this place a great option for families and couples alike.
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6. Cabanas de Nacpan Resort

This might seem like an unorthodox choice, but there are a few very good reasons why this resort is included in the list. Most of all, it’s one of only a few accommodation options in Nacpan – one of the best beaches in El Nido.
Then, there’s also the very special and cool style this place has. This is basically a camping resort, where you sleep in tents right on the beach, but with a luxury twist to it. The conditions there are superb, and you’ll be much more comfortable than you imagine. If you are looking for a unique type of vacation, and are not afraid of sleeping outdoors, this could be a very interesting place to try out.
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7. Duli Beach Resort

When you hear of a budget bungalow resort in the middle of nowhere, naturally there are some doubts. Even when that nowhere happens to be the best beach in Palawan, you’ll still be right to question whether or not staying there is the best idea. Indeed, if you are a person who appreciates luxury and comfort above all else, then maybe Duli Beach Resort isn’t where you should stay at.
However, there are also a lot of good things about this resort, without even considering the fantastic beach. It’s without a doubt the ultimate spot for relaxing and enjoying the beautiful nature and a most romantic place for couples in search of privacy. The service is good, and so are the food and the rooms. So, Duli beach resort is a place for those who appreciate the simple things in life, and we are not surprised that it’s top-rated resort in El Nido in popular online booking sites.
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So, What do you think? Did this list help understand the different choices of accommodation in El Nido better? Did you stay at a different hotel and had a wonderful time? Leave a comment and share your story with us!