In order to become a certified English teacher able to teach English anywhere in the world, you will need to have a TEFL certification, which stands for Teaching English as a Foreign Language Certificate.

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Nearly all online teaching companies will list this as a requirement for employment and even if they do not list it, it is likely that there will be several people who will apply for the same job together with you.
A TEFL certificate is essentially the process of gaining knowledge and skills that are needed for you to be a good teacher, either online or in a classroom. Read on to learn how you can earn while traveling as an English teacher.


Premier TEFLThe TEFL Certification

For you to attain this certification, you have to choose between two main options: an online course or a classroom-based course. A classroom-based course offers a great way of getting hands-on practice that is required for teaching.

So, if you want to go this way, simply look for courses that include the practical component or TEFL for real ESL students. It also offers you the opportunity to get some real feedback about your teaching from the trainers who will be training you.

Online TEFL course

This is usually done and completed from home. Its format does make sense, especially if you will be doing online teaching once you are done.
Ensure that you find a company that offers TEFL courses and also includes either a module or an add-on course for how you can teach English online.


What Does the Course Entail?

Premier TEFL Accredited Courses
TEFL is an umbrella name that features all courses required to teach English to students of all ages, who do not have English as their first language, which means that they could be from any country of the world.
This is a good job that offers you the opportunity to travel or you can stay at home and teach from there if you wish to do so.

Travel Perks for Certified English Teachers

One of the greatest perks of being a TEFL Certified English teacher is the opportunity to travel. There are plenty of job opportunities both in the U.S. and overseas. However, in most cases you will be required to travel.
The reason behind this is that most countries where English is not their first language are struggling to learn the language and have been employing English teachers for a while. As such, you will be required to travel.
Spain Internship
The opportunities for this job are usually advertised by recruitment agencies and career services in the national newspapers, and online publications. These are the main places where you should look for work if your desire is to work as an English teacher.

Qualifications Required

It is extremely possible to become a TEFL/TESL Certified English teacher even without a degree, although employers will typically prefer graduates who have attained this certification.



How Much Money Can You Make?

Earn While Traveling: How to Become a Certified English Teacher and Teach English Anywhere
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Typically, online English teachers are likely to make anywhere between $10 and $40 USD per hour, depending on their expertise and level of qualification.
If you happen to be a first-time teacher and have a TEFL Certification, your first payment will be between $10 and $20 each hour in the beginning.
There are so many platforms online that will offer you different pay rates, and if you happen to travel to a foreign country, the pay will be dependent on your employer.

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Vietnam Internship
Online teaching jobs have been on the rise especially this year, and the projection is that they are going to get even more popular, so you could get the certification and make this your side job.