Unique jobs exist and often pay surprisingly well, compared to regular corporate jobs. You can be paid for answering surveys, reviewing beds, and even testing products. If you want to get paid for product testing, there are a lot of opportunities available, especially testing products at home. 

Marketing firms usually hire product testers before launching new products. This allows them to get honest feedback from the perspective of other people. Before items hit the shelves or wide-scale production, a series of product testing is done to ensure the quality of the product. 

As a product tester, you can be paid per test and earn extra cash for providing comprehensive reviews about a specific product or service. Read on to find out the nature of the job, the qualifications, the average salary, and where to find job openings. 


How to be a Product Tester

To successfully land a job opportunity, you can find market research firms looking for product testers. There are a number of websites and companies that you can check, including Product Testing USA

Depending on the type of market, tests can be in the form of testing a new product like cosmetics, software, food, sports apparel, alcoholic beverages, household products, etc. Once you find a market research firm, you can receive screener emails that you should fill out. 

The screening part will determine if you qualify for the product testing procedures. Some firms will only contact shortlisted applicants that meet the criteria for the test. Once you get the approval to do the test, the company will send the product in your address. 


It is important to note that there’s no standard qualifications when applying for the product testing job. There are different products to review and some aren’t applicable for your age or gender. Therefore, look for a testing opportunities where your participation is likely valuable. 

For instance, cosmetics testing require testers to have in-depth knowledge on makeup products. Participants must be using cosmetics regularly and are able to use a wide variety of makeup products from different brands. 

There are also times when brands look for people without any background or knowledge about a specific product. This tactic will provide insights on the effectiveness of the product in helping people with their daily needs. 

Where to Apply and Find Job

As mentioned, there are specific websites focused on finding product testers. Some of the known websites you can visit include the following.



An excellent website to visit for food testing is Influenster. It offers a wide variety of food products that you can taste; from candies to cakes to ready-to-eat products and hot meals. This is a perfect opportunity for foodies and people who want to receive packages of food for free. 

Contract Testing

Get an invitation to taste food from well-known brands and food chains. Contract Testing looks for people with experience and in-depth knowledge in assessing the quality of food in regards to appearance, texture, presentation, and taste. 


An all-around product testing website you can check out is Crazyfree. This platform looks for participants who can provide excellent reviews on computers, smartphones, food, hampers, to other items

You have to confirm your membership first before the company can contact you for the product testing. Aside from the free merchandise and food, you can also get other freebies.

Tester Work

This platform will allow you to use unreleased apps for a living. When you sign up for Tester Work, you will be allowed to download certain apps and send your detailed review. The company provides credit to buy paid apps. 

Average Salary and Benefits

The compensation for product testing jobs varies, depending on the recruiter, number of hours devoted to trying products or services, and risk or hazard involved. The average hourly rate for this job is $20 to $30 or higher

There are companies that pay product testers approximately $127,898 for data engineers. It is a rewarding career because of the freebies and ease of workload. The companies are paying more for products that have higher risks for health and life in general. 


There are a lot of product testing jobs that you can find online. With the work-from-home situation right now, you can still earn a living while trying out unreleased products and services. Check out the websites mentioned to be a certified product tester.