If you love to travel and still need to make money, you need to know about work from home jobs. A large number of people love traveling and seeing new sights throughout the world. This is why many individuals indulge themselves and go on vacation every so often. 

The dream, however, is making money doing something you love while still traveling and being on the go. Luckily, there are numerous ways in which you can make money as a digital nomad thanks to the various work from home jobs that you can do. 

Not only will it allow you to focus on earning money and building a more secure financial future, but it will also help you fund your wanderlust. If you are looking for home jobs that give you flexibility and control, as well as the chance to be your own boss, we’ve got some answers up next. 


4 Work from Home Jobs You will Appreciate as a Traveler

Freelance Writer and Editor

If you are playing with words and expressing yourself, becoming a freelance writer might be in line with your interests and experience. A freelance writer and editor job encompass a variety of fields, such as blogging, SEO content, and even consumer magazine. 

These positions normally allow you to write efficiently and in accordance with the client’s specifications, incorporating a number of keywords or a set of themes as you go. The average pay for freelance writing positions is $24.07 with an average annual salary of $39,704. 

To qualify for these positions, applicants must hold relevant writing and or editing experiences pertinent to the job. Likewise, a portfolio of works is also highly important


Graphic Designer

Graphic design work remains highly in demand. Normally, these positions require individuals to create graphic design work, illustrations, and more for a variety of needs – such as websites, social media pages, and advertisements. 

Experience in the field, knowledge and experience in the particular industry, as well as adeptness in using a number of different graphic design and illustration programs, is a must. In the same way, applicants must be able to show a portfolio of work related to the project they’ll be applying for. 

The average base pay for graphic designers in the U.S. is $45,677 per year

Online Teacher

Online teaching nowadays goes beyond the typical education job you may see at schools. Today, positions in this industry span from teaching English to people hailing from foreign countries as well as tutoring jobs on different subjects and topics. 


Depending on the position, you will need teaching certificates or even master’s degrees to qualify. Of course, experience in teaching is always a plus. Besides these, a reliable working computer or laptop, as well as a strong Internet connection is required for these home jobs. 

An average salary for an online teacher in the United States is $42,579

Social Media Strategist/Manager

Last but certainly not least of these home jobs is a social media strategist or manager position. In light of social media platforms popping up, individuals such as strategists and managers are tasked to manage pages and platforms of clients across varying industries

Besides scheduling posts, creating content, and evaluating trends, these social media strategists and managers are also privy to strategic developments in the company as well as conducting outreach to widen the client’s range and focus. 

To do this, applicants must have a portfolio of successful campaigns on different platforms as well as knowledge on using relevant social media tools to their advantage. Internet connection is also required. For these positions, the average salary is $51,910

All of these home jobs are available on several platforms. To find these, simply head to job search platforms such as Indeed, Glassdoor, Monster, and even LinkedIn. Fiverr and UpWork are also reliable platforms. 

In the job search area, you may also specify ‘work from home jobs’ to limit the search to these remote positions. 

The beauty about working with these said websites is that you can easily upload your resume from your mobile device, allowing you to send applications even when you’re on the road. Alternatively, you may also directly apply to the company of your choosing via their careers page. 

The Bottom Line

Finding work from home jobs that you love and excel at are much easier these days, especially with companies being forced to recognize the importance of telecommuting and remote work in such unprecedented times. With these options, you can still work while you travel