Now that technology is taking over workplaces, small businesses are considering remote work to lessen the expenses brought by utilities and space rental. With remote jobs, people don’t need to go to the office.
With the ongoing flu pandemic, working at home is the best option to earn money and, at the same time, stay safe. Thankfully, there are numerous companies offering remote jobs these days.
Here’s a guide to finding the companies offering remote jobs. Take note that you can find part-time jobs online, which require only an internet connection and a working computer.
Companies Offering Remote Jobs -

Why Consider Remote Work

Many people consider remote jobs the best option for work-life balance. Imagine, you can stay at the comforts of your home or travel while working. Your time is in your hands with this line of work.
Remote work allows you to have a more flexible lifestyle outside of the office. This is one of the reasons for the birth of digital nomads; people working remotely from foreign countries.
These people are working from public libraries, at home, co-working spaces, and even in coffee shops. Regardless of their locations, these professionals can deliver from different parts of the world.

Best Jobs To Work Remotely

Of course, not all jobs can be performed remotely. Those outside the marketing and telecommunications industries cannot enjoy this kind of perk, especially those in healthcare and hospitality.
Here’s a list of the best remote jobs.


Call Center Jobs

Customer service jobs can be a good option for a work-from-home setup. Some companies are now open to hiring virtual call-center representatives for their business needs.


Outbound sales positions don’t necessarily need a fixed schedule because they are only required to meet sales goals.
Most of these professionals perform a moderate amount of travel to meet with potential clients and a work-from-home setup works best.

Computer Programming

Basically, computer programmers simply need a computer and an internet connection to accomplish tasks and nothing more. They can do these things from anywhere, even at home.


Teaching Jobs

Online teaching jobs are common these days because there is a huge demand. Students around the world pay money just to take classes online.  This is especially great for English teachers.

Data Entry & Encoding

Data entry jobs are basic stay-at-home opportunities that require no advanced skills or typing experience. Coding jobs simply require accuracy and speed.

Graphic Designing

Designing websites can be done anywhere with a computer and the internet. Hence, you can practice this profession in the comforts of your home.

Email Marketing

This is another job that can be done anywhere with the internet and a computer. The job only requires an individual to create campaigns for email marketing. However, marketing knowledge is useful.


How To Apply For Remote Jobs

As mentioned, you need to establish good work ethics to work remotely. Most businesses will only consider individuals with experience who are responsible and can deliver work on time.
To apply for a remote job, you can start by having a professional email address and prepare sample work. It would also help to create a website that employers can check out when you apply.
The next step is to search for job opportunities online and sign up for job-hunting websites. Below are various websites you can check out.

  • Workana
  • Career Builder
  • Glassdoor
  • Indeed
  • Career One

If you are looking for specific companies offering remote jobs, there is a list below.

  • Appen, Australia
  • Lionbridge, USA
  • VIPKid, China
  • Liveops, USA
  • Working Solutions, USA
  • LanguageLine Solutions, USA
  • Cactus Communications, India

Remote Jobs

The Bottom Line

Landing a remote job is recommended these days now that the threat of the flu pandemic is still ongoing. Aside from the mentioned job-hunting websites, you can also do your own research and find others.
Negotiate your terms and discover the best opportunities working from home. Build your network and start improving your skills to attract more employers.