Each year, thousands of people travel overseas to work as English teachers, both young and old. They go for various reasons, such as to make some money while they travel, to learn new cultures, to seek a new adventure, or simply to just experience something new.

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English has almost become the world’s universal language, and countries that do not speak it as their first language are quickly trying to catch up through teaching their young ones how to converse in English. As such, it has become one of the most prestigious and sought after languages.
There are millions of places to teach all over the world. From South America to Asia or Africa, the opportunities are limitless. Read on to learn about 10 countries where people can teach English and get paid while traveling.

10 Countries Where People Can Teach English and Get Paid While Traveling

1. South Korea

This is one of the countries with the biggest need for English tutors. There are many jobs in South Korea and you can average between $1,600 and $2,600 per month. Additionally, you get to travel and see the culture of South Korea and its amazing cuisines.


2. Japan

Japan has a reputation for having plenty of good jobs and this means that they tend to attract plenty of English teachers in their country. You can make plenty of cash in Japan, and in most cases, the teachers tend to stay in the country long after their contracts are over.


3. Egypt

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Most people in Egypt do not speak English and a salary package can go up to $70,000 per year, depending on your experience.
They also offer lots of benefits and no taxes, which means that you can walk out with a lot. Egypt is also extremely beautiful and a major tourist attraction, so it’s like being on holiday all year round.

4. Thailand

This country attracts lots of young people to teach English as it has a low cost of living, tropical beaches, and warm beautiful weather all year round. You can make between $1,000 and $1,500 per month in this country.

5. China

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As this country keeps rising in its global stature, their need for English speaking people grows more and more, and the citizens are eager to learn it. There are therefore plenty of opportunities in China, and you can make between $1,500 and $2,500 per month.

6. Prague

This country seems to have lots of English teachers as they have grown in size over the last few years, with lots of tech start-ups and expatriates. Opportunities are limitless here, and you can make lots of money by teaching their people.


7. Spain

This is one of the most beautiful and best countries to work as an English teacher. They have got plenty of jobs, and the opportunity to travel and work all over Europe is such a thrill.
The government itself has an active program that attracts plenty of teachers and their Visa gives you the opportunity to travel to any country in Europe.Spain Internship
It is quite a thrill and you can decide to settle there permanently as a teacher. You also get to make lots of money as per your contract as the whole deal is supported by the government.

8. Taiwan

Some countries sound so dreamy. Taiwan is a great place to teach English, which is all thanks to the many job opportunities available in the country especially to teach young kids.

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The salaries and benefits are high and similar to South Korea, plus lots of young people enjoy living in Taiwan because of their vibrant social life.

9. Brazil

Brazil offers you the opportunity to travel and visit their great country as you make money as a teacher. The opportunities are many and great, plus you can work in their private schools and make between 60 – 70 reals per hour.

10. Portugal

10 Countries Where People Can Teach English and Get Paid While Traveling

If you are interested in Portugal, then you are in for a great time, as you will have the opportunity to travel and work either in their private or public schools. You can also make between $800 and $1,500 per month.



Almost all non-English speaking countries have opportunities for English teachers, but you will have to first look for the job and get hired before traveling, as you may not know where to find work when you are already there.
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