Staying at hotels is a key part of travelling outside. People all over the globe have faced difficulty in getting a good night’s sleep in hotel room at one point or the other.
Whether you are staying at a hotel for business or the sake of travelling, you would definitely not want to wake up feeling all drowsy. It is key that you get proper rest and conserve your energy for the next day so that you can make most of the journey.
We have therefore composed a list of seven essential and easy tips that can make your night sleep in hotel room better.
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#1 Pick your Room Wisely

The first and the foremost step toward achieving a sound sleep in hotels is to pay extra attention to the room you choose. One has to take care of several things while travelling such as food, shopping, sightseeing, etc., and cannot spend it all on the stay.
However, you can still try to check for ratings and online reviews suited to your budget prior to booking. Pick a room that is on a higher floor, possibly away from the elevators, and not overlooking places of public gatherings.

 #2 Recreate your Bedroom Environment

If you normally sleep like the dead in your own bedroom but face difficulty falling asleep in a hotel room, the environment of the room may be the one to blame. You may want to carry some of the small things that remind you of your bedroom or are essential for your sleep while travelling.
Pick a room with similar dimensions as your own bedroom. Carrying a bedside picture, a stuffed toy, sleep sheets for traveling, a book you were reading or even a favorite blanket can help make your hotel room resemble more like your bedroom.


#3 Carry your Pillow

Your pillow is one of the most important stuffs that you can carry with yourself while planning a stay in a hotel. The pillows provided by the hotel may not provide the same amount of comfort, especially if you suffer from neck pain.
Consider reading this review of Purple pillow if you are prone to such neck pains as these pillows are cost efficient and easy to carry while travelling. The familiar feel of your pillow further helps in making your mind adjust to the new environment.

#4 Follow your Pre Bedtime-Routine

If you have a pre-established routine of doing certain activities before retiring to bed, it is important to follow it even when you are in a hotel. Set aside a spot in your itinerary to carry out the activities like reading a book, listening to soft music, doing light yoga or meditation, taking a hot shower, etc., before sleeping.

#5 Take Care of your Senses

To make sure that you continue to get the same good quality sleep in hotels that you get in your bedroom you must keep your room dark, cool, free from noise and pleasant smelling. Do not forget to carry good quality earplugs, eye masks and the same aromatic spray that you use in your bedroom with you.
Maintain the temperature of your room between 60 to 67 degrees Fahrenheit to ensure a sound sleep. Check out some steps to help you sleep when travelling in a hotter climate.  Some people may even want to carry a sleep sack or sleep sheets for traveling to take care of your skin.


#6 Control your Diet

Travelers often face the temptation of eating to their heart’s content while travelling, especially if they are foodies or want to try out a new cuisine. However, it is important that you abstain from overeating or taking meals rich in spices. Eat at least two to three hours before sleeping as you do not want indigestion to interrupt your night sleep.

#7 Seek Help from the Hotelier

Feel free to seek the help of your hotelier if the environment of the hotel is interrupting your sleep.  Report any unfavorable issues such as broken windows, dysfunctional AC or dirty linen as soon as possible. Call the hotelier if your room is exposed to noise from a neighboring room, the corridor or from outside the premises.
Life can be monotonous which is why it is key that you know when to take off for a vacation. Booking your room via a trusted source always helps as sometimes the difference between a good and a bad vacation is decided by the night sleep in hotel that you receive.