Before we know it, the weekend is over! And, here comes Monday with its gloomy face, turning our world to grey! We stumble into the office in a bad mood, not an inch excited about getting back to work.

What if Mondays could actually be exciting?! Imagine how well the week would go and how much we could accomplish! Starting Monday on the right foot would lead to a great week ahead. 

And yet, we all struggle to grace Monday with a smile. Here are some tried and tested ways to get rid of those Monday blues and take on the week like no other!

Check Out This Monday Inspiration Guide to Get Through the Week

Set a Weekly Goal

Setting goals keeps us motivated. More importantly, once we achieve the goal, we must reward ourselves. This forms a pattern of positive reinforcement and keeps us inspired. 

You could set a weekly target of the numbers you want to earn or how many new clients you want to win over, or finally edit that copy and make it crisp. Your goal could be anything, but just having a goal makes you want to go back to work on Monday and achieve it like a king!

Enjoy the Weekend

Many of us continue to work over the weekend. While this could help complete the task at hand, it will not help with motivation. Come Friday, you should leave your work behind and break a leg! 


Do not dwell on those emails and discussions and endless work-related thoughts. Give yourself that well-deserved break!

Meet your friends, spend time with family, indulge in your hobbies, go dancing or camping. Do what makes you relax and find the inspiration for the week ahead!

Get Plenty of Rest

While weekends are about fun, do not completely exhaust yourself! Make sure you get plenty of rest. According to scientific research, adults need at least 7-9 hours of sleep per day. Getting enough rest boosts our motivation and energy levels.

Having got a good snooze on Sunday, you will be feeling fresh on Monday to start the week on a positive note. Make sure you get enough rest on weekdays too so that you do not burn out from stress and overworking.



We should always reflect on our highs and lows. What is it that makes you feel so low on a Monday? Is it that you hate your job? Are you suffering from burnout due to the lack of rest? 

Are there other problems in your life that are affecting your motivation levels in general? Or is it just a matter of having the wrong attitude towards Mondays?

Once you think about it, you can come to the root cause of your Monday blues and solve the matter at hand. If you are bored at work, you could try and make it a little more interesting, if you are not getting enough rest, you should correct your schedule. 

If it’s simply about attitude, it’s just a matter of changing your thought process and working towards being more positive and optimistic. 


It has been scientifically proven that exercise can boost our mood and keep us feeling fresh and active the entire day. 

Starting our Mondays by waking up early and having a good exercise routine or going for a run or a swim could help us gear up to face the week ahead. Following this with a nice healthy breakfast is all we need to keep those spirits up!

Dress Your Best

Check Out This Monday Inspiration Guide to Get Through the Week

Dress your best to make Mondays look good. After a lazy weekend, getting out of your pajamas into a smart casual outfit or a neat formal attire could do wonders to snap you out of the weekend haze. 

Dressing well and looking your best, can boost your confidence to take the week on with a spring in your step! 

The Bottom Line

We must try and change our attitude toward Mondays. Rather than dreading the start of the week, we should look at it as a new beginning and a new opportunity to achieve our goals. 

Having enjoyed the weekend and rested, well dressed and with a goal in mind, we should get set to finally kick out those Monday blues!