The Philippines has been globally recognized not just because of its beautiful people but also because of the sceneries, landscapes, and beaches that surround the country. With more than 7,600+ islands within its archipelago, no wonder why the Philippines is becoming one of the best holiday and vacation destinations in the world.
With the rise in the number of resorts in the country and activities you could do in each one, people keep flocking to the best ones they can find especially every summer. And there are many, one or a few must make a unique selling point. This is when the floating park or inflatable water park comes in. Floating or inflatable parks provide a lot of fun for the summer outdoor enthusiasts under the sun.
Giant floating slides, monster slides, super water park slide, name it! Aqua Play Parks is behind almost every creative and giant inflatable slides in the world!


3 New Aqua Parks in the Philippines for 2019

This inflatable water park giant, Aqua Play Parks, is now ready to give rise to three (3) more projects this 2019!

Siargao Waterworld

Siargao is currently one of the hottest beach destinations this 2019 and Aqua Play Parks is on the works to giving Siargao a new thrill, not just for surfers!
This will be the first-ever waterpark situated in Mindanao region. This new and upcoming tourist attraction will feature lavish glamping along the world-famous shoreline and oceans of Siargao Province.
Looking for a ninja water course? Siargao Waterworld will give you that kind of excitement!


Aqua Play Parks in Bohol

Bohol’s coastline will definitely not be boring anymore with the rise of an upcoming waterpark facility by Aqua Play Parks. This will be the largest and biggest inflatable waterpark not just in Asia, but in the whole world so you better watch out for it as it’s going to super fun and excitement!
Featuring a Twin and the Tallest of all slides, Floating Trampoline Volleyball Court and the first ever, Floating Ninja Warrior Course! Aqua Play Parks is set to make another record that will be recognized globally!

The Seashore Beach Club

Conquering new horizons in Batangas comes with a style of elegance. The Seashore Beach Club in San Juan will sport two (2) giant slides and high trampoline for a more dose of fun activity in the water!

A grand beach party and social media event will also happen as Aqua Play Parks celebrates these new inflatable water park destinations in the country. There will be more projects coming up this year, 2019 will be big for Aqua Play Parks! This will be the second inflatable water park in Batangas.

Aqua Play Parks

If anyone’s talking about inflatable park installations in Asia, one must easily recognize Aqua Play Parks especially for floating water park installations in the Philippines. With more than three (3) decades in operation and expertise in bringing more fun and activities to resorts, they made their name to be a top tier company. Aqua Play Parks provides a floating water park uniquely designed for each and everyone’s enjoyment.
Peter Appleton, the company’s very own CEO, is the person behind every giant water slides that Aqua Play Parks bring. All of which are his product of passion, creativity, and architectural expertise. With over 30 years of experience in safety design, he makes sure that each water slide is not only fun to do but is more than safe to play in as well.
These giant and monster slides are produced with high-quality, carefully-selected materials, and manufactured in China where Mr. Appleton has always done hands-on supervision and inspection to ensure the quality of every single product. He has taken every possible step to build giant floating structures that could endure strong winds and balance itself and still provides that ideal height and slopes for a ‘jet’ feel when a person is sliding towards the air.


Aqua Play Parks Recognition in the Industry

Even when there’s a lot of floating water park distributors in the world, Aqua Play Parks is keeping its fame and name because it was recognized by the Guinness Book of World Records for designing the highest floating water slide in the world in 2016.

Since then, Aqua Play Parks and Mr. Appleton aimed to continuously improve their craft by offering innovative designs every year to keep up with the trends in the water slides adventure.

Why resorts should start putting up floating park installations?

The new generation is constantly seeking and trying out thrilling activities to enjoy life even while working. With the inflatable floating water park installations, not only you can provide new experiences to your guests and clients but you are also bringing more profit to your company.
For the guests, this means more enjoyment and fun while being safe.

New Giant Slides Coming in Luzon

Talking about innovation and creativity, Aqua Play Parks just released one of their newest giant slides for everyone’s enjoyment and satisfaction. The first Double Monster Slide — Half-Pipe Slide and 40 ft tall slide which we all could experience in the days to come. The location? Only about three (3) to four (4) hours from Manila!

Latest Waterparks in the Philippines

The project of putting up floating water parks in the Philippines has started in 2017 and since then, there have been three (3) projects attracting tourists and water activities enthusiasts around the country and abroad.


Club Balai Isabel Waterpark

A white and gray themed waterpark located at the Club Balai Isabel in Talisay, Batangas. This is where Aqua Play Parks marked its name in the inflatable water parks industry in the Philippines. Club Balai Isabel Waterpark also used the very first 3-in-1 Monster Slide which is over 30 feet high! This is the first Aqua Play Parks inflatable water park in Batangas.

Sabando Ocampo Beach Resort

An inflatable water park located in Oas, Albay that has already been tested by the typhoon. It was hit just right after installation and yet the inflatable play park managed to endure and withstand the nature’s grunt.

Kamia Bay Resort

Located in Puerto Princesa, Palawan, it’s where the first extreme ocean activity in the province lies. Not only you can enjoy the white sand beaches and the islands but you can now also enjoy sliding and splashing in the water with the aqua park. This waterpark is Palawan is currently the biggest in the country.

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