Siargao Travel Guide: Payag Suites and Chef Justice Restaurant


Payag Suites and Chef Justice Restaurant

Being a couple who loves to travel a lot, we definitely are always on the lookout for affordable room and food choices where quality is still a top priority. As a couple, it helps us give ourselves a piece of mind because we know that our decision is, if not the best, a good one. On our Siargao trip, we had a good experience where we stayed and where we opted to eat before heading out to another place, Payag Suites, and Chef Justice Restaurant.

Cloud 9 Surfing Spot

Where to Stay in Siargao: Payag Suites

This was after our stay in La Luna Island Resort where our friends have already left Siargao Island to head back to Manila. Jane and I stayed for two (2) more days in this far but absolutely adorable island. The night before our friends left, we decided to book another accommodation via Airbnb.
Payag Suites is a beachside accommodation located near Cloud 9 Surfing Spot, beside Ocean 101 and in front of Hot Spot. We had no issues going in the area as it is very accessible to almost everything, the beach, the shops, the restaurant, the stores, etc.
Our check-in was really swift. The lady who’s at the common area just asked for my name and then we proceeded to the room. That a quick and easy check-in so it was really good.
We stayed at the Payag Suites – Caub, a corner room almost next to the beach. Our room is a minimalist styled room with Queen Size Bed, airconditioner, a Flat Screen TV, and a Private Bathroom with a hot and cold shower. It’s simple but stylish and the colors are lovely. The room also has lots of power sockets so it’s very convenient especially when you have many gadgets to charge with – the feature that I most loved. It also has plenty of space and has a place for your belongings at the head side of the bed.
During our stay, there was an on-going construction but the noise is quite minimized when the door is closed so we still had a relaxing moment even in the daytime. The hot and cold shower happened to be not working well during our stay but the cold water was tolerable so it wasn’t really a problem. payag suites
The people in Payag Suites were also charming and kind. They let us reheat our leftover food and even managed to ask us about our travel plans. Small conversations mean a lot. We’re lucky to have found a good host via Airbnb.
Next time, when we go to Siargao again, we definitely won’t miss the chance to stay at Payag Suites again.

How to Book and Get a Discount from Airbnb

To book for Payag Suites via Airbnb, visit this link:
To get discount, register to Airbnb with this link: Register here (Note: Discount will automatically apply upon checkout)


Where to Eat in Siargao: Chef Justice Siargao

Chef Justice is a Filipino restaurant located at the front Reef Beach Resort in Tourism Road, General Luna. This is where we recommend our friends and other people to eat and take away. The restaurant is an open-restaurant and definitely serves a generous serving of dishes at an affordable price.
The other restaurants in Siargao are quite a bit expensive, like Mama’s Grill – a well-known grill restaurant in Siargao, which we thought to be an affordable one, happened to be one where we have spent a lot on a single meal. Some of our friends even had a bill of Php 400+ for one viand + rice meal.
Carinderias, on the other hand, are the most affordable ones (from Php 30 to Php 60 per meal) but are only mostly available during the daytime.
Here at Chef Justice, we spent quite a lot of time, ordered what we want, and we did not feel our wallet broke from all of what we have ordered. This is where we spent our energy for the night.
Here’s what we had so, therefore, we recommend.


Gambas AL Ajillo

Sizzling shrimp mixed with garlic and sweet butter sauce

Crackling Chicken Skin

Deep-fried chicken skin served with chef’s specialty sauce


Kawali de Hustisya

Crispy sizzling pork belly mixed with gravy Sinigang style

Vegetable Pasta ala Chef Justice Jayrous


Buttered Chicken

Marinated with fresh milk and vinegar


Famous Italian dish with distinctive Chef Justice Taste

Tropical Fruits with Homemade Ice Cream (Dessert)


Happy Coconut Cocktail

This Happy Coconut Cocktail is the drink I enjoyed the most in Siargao.


And here we are enjoying our food: payag suites


Jerny and Jane at Chef Justice Siargao

If you have time to visit and eat at some of the restaurants in Siargao, I highly suggest you visit Chef Justice as we had a great time with their food. They now have live band singing every Fridays and weekend for a more enjoyable experience. payag suites
Contact: Chef Justice Facebook Page
Call: 0928 506 4785 for reservations

Travel Tips and Tipid Tips for Siargao


  1. For flights, to get a cheaper one, always check SkyScanner. Download their app now so you can check for deals every day.
  2. For food, if you don’t want to spend a lot of cash on food, you can check out local eateries or carinderias.
  3. Always care for your safety. Check highways left and right before crossing to avoid accidents. payag suites
  4. Wear sunblock or sun protection. We recommend Dermplus SPF 130 for sunblock and a rash guard for total sun protection of your skin.
  5. Accommodation with pool tends to charge from Php 2000 to Php 10000 a night. If you are not on a honeymoon or are backpackers, you can always opt for a hostel type or dorm accommodation and or homestays. See the recommendations above.
  6. Always wear a smile so everything will feel so light and nice.
  7. Rent a motorbike only if you know that you will be able to use them a lot. Motorbike rental costs Php 500 per day or Php 350 per day if you are renting for three consecutive days or more.
  8. Make sure to bring a power bank because you definitely will be taking a lot of photos.


payag suites


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