Since the Boracay closure issued by the Philippine President on April 26, 2018 good for 6 months, many establishments and businesses have stopped their operations to make way for the rehabilitation of the island. Weeks ago before it’s reopening, the Department of Tourism issued certificates for hotels that are allowed to accept bookings and operate its business once again. There also have been a lot of changes since the closure of the island.
One cannot just simply book a flight and head on to the island without a confirmed booking on one of the confirmed hotels that were given a certificate of compliance to operate. Now, if you are looking for a great place to stay, make friends, party and drink a lot, Mad Monkey Hostel Boracay is what you should look for. Good times are sure you could look forward to when you stay at this fab boutique hostel. Read our previous experience staying at one of their private rooms.

Mad Monkey Hostel Boracay: A New Experience

After knowing about the closure, airlines have informed their booked clients to rebook or reschedule their visit to the island which we did. We went to the island three (3) days after its reopening and was quite surprised about the changes the rehabilitation did to the island.
The roads are still being constructed despite the six (6) months period the island was closed. There are buildings in line for demolition yet it’s still not taking place. The place was still in a bit of chaos according to the foreign tourists I spoke to. Despite that, the beach has the most beautiful impact on its closure. It’s clearer and fresher than ever it was.
With the new and fresh look of Boracay, comes all with the new and freshly opened hotels and hostels in town. Lucky to those who have been issued a certificate of compliance, they are now allowed to accept bookings from October 26 onwards. One of which is our favorite hostel to stay in, Mad Monkey Hostel Boracay.
Mad Monkey Hostel Boracay is one of the few hostels who made it to the list of compliant establishments and is the first to get certified within the area of Bulabog Beach.

4-Bed Mixed Dorm Room

Previously, we stayed in their Superior Double Room which is a private room good for two. This time, since there would be four (4) of us staying at the hostel, we opted to sojourn at a 4-Bed Mixed Dorm, room 303.


The 4-Bed Mixed Dorm room gives you the comfort of having a double-sized bunk bed with your own light, storage space, a fan, and a single outlet for you to charge your phones and other gadgets. It is recommended to bring or buy an extension cable to help you charge all your gadgets at once.
This dorm also has a shared in-room comfort room with the provision of a hot and cold shower, a washbasin, and a basic toilet and shower area.
Don’t also forget that each room in Mad Monkeys Hostel is air-conditioned so if you just want to stay indoors to avoid the heat of the outside world, that’s perfectly fine. But hey, we are on an island where the beach is waiting!
You also have access to the lounge, pool area, and the bar same as everybody else. Go get dressed up or not for a party that’s waiting downstairs!

Halloween Party at Mad Monkey Hostel Boracay

Did we mention there’s a party going on every night at this hostel? Yes! and we all experienced that during our stay!
One of the reasons that people keep coming back to Mad Monkeys Hostel is that the party vibe never stops (unless it’s time to sleep and it’s past midnight). You’d get to experience the fun, the excited look at each other’s faces, the angst, and drunk people partying like it’s the end of the world tomorrow, not mentioning the flirting going on while the party is on.
If you are one of the people who love to drink and party every night, this is the hostel that you should go to! Great night and new friends assured!
The Halloween Party at the hostel was totally jampacked with people, in-house guest or not, everyone was welcome. People kept coming in, the bar was full, and the crowd was dancing and shouting in unison. Just imagine how fun it was during that time – and there was a lot of people for that particular day, maybe more than 150+ people came in and out of the Mad Monkey Hostel Bar, maybe even 200.
Here are some photos I was able to take when the Halloween Party is on-going.

Getting to Mad Monkey Hostel Boracay from Caticlan Airport

Flying from Manila and arriving at Caticlan airport by night is not unusual. However, upon exiting the arrivals area, there will be locals that will ask you to avail their transport directly to your hotel. It may be convenient but this offer is more expensive than you can think of. So here what you need to know.
1. Exiting from the arrivals area of Caticlan Airport, there will be a terminal waiting for passengers. If you want to do it the cheapest way, hire a tricycle going to Caticlan Port. ₱100/tricycle good for 3.
2. Once you have arrived at the Caticlan Port, you will be required to pay a Terminal Fee of ₱100 pesos, Environmental Fee of ₱75 pesos, and Boat fee of ₱25 pesos before you could enter the port. Make sure to keep the receipts and fill out the small information sheet before you head to the boat. From Caticlan Port to Boracay by boat is only 10 mins. That’s a total of ₱200.
3. From Cagban Jetty Port (Boracay) to Mad Monkey Hostel, hire a tricycle. This will cost you 150 per one way ride. Most drivers know the location of any hotels. This is a 10-15 minutes ride depending on the traffic.
A cheaper alternative is to watch out for minicabs. These minicabs will only cost you ₱25 pesos per ride to Mad Monkey Hostel and can drop you off at the front of the hostel.


Recommendations to Future Travelers and Clients of the Hostel

If you want to have a party like no other, Mad Monkey Hostel is the best place for you. The bar, the people, the vibes, everything just works well together to create a summer feel even if you travel on a rainy season.
If you are a silent person and just looking for a quiet time on the island, then you still could stay here and go out at night. With only about $10 – $15 a night, you surely will experience a great stay.
The party and music start at 2 pm and stops at 1 or 2 am depending on the mood of the crowd.
Couples are surely welcome! You may not have the grandeur view of the beach outside your window, you will have a good time chatting with people, getting to know them and their story, and make friends along your stay.
Traveling with a child, however, is not that great. With the kind of crowd the hostel have in the evening especially at the bar, it is not recommended to stay with a child. For the reason that there might be people making out at the bar or at the pool, or sometimes having sex in some areas as well. Having sex and getting nude at the bar and the pool area is also prohibited by the way. If you’re going to do that, go get a room!
You’ll also love the vibe that the staff of Mad Monkey Hostel possesses. The energy and enthusiasm never cease so it’ll be fun to have a small talk with them about what they have been doing by the day and what they feel about their job and the people. It’s always fun to get insights about the party crowd. LOL!

Book at Mad Monkey Hostel Boracay

For only as much as ₱750 a night, you can have your own bunk bed in this party hostel.


BOOK thru their website
Address: Zone 5, Bulabog Beach Road, Balabag, Boracay, Aklan, Philippines
Phone: +63905-2479898
FB Page: Mad Monkey Hostel Boracay
Email: [email protected] 


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