Traveling is an effective tool to see the world. From making new memories to meeting new people, there are many reasons why individuals travel to various countries and places around the globe. In seeing new sights, one of the top priorities of people is their safety and security.

While people value immersing themselves in the local culture and the rich traditions of a place, there’s no denying that one of the factors that play into their overall enjoyment of a location is its sense of security. After all, it shows that countries are invested in their people’s and visitors’ welfare.

More than the beautiful sights, security and protection are essential for travelers and citizens alike. Want to find out which are the safest countries in the world? Read on to find out more.


7 Safest Countries in the World

Which Countries Are The Safest In The World?

The Global Peace Index is responsible for publishing and ranking the world’s safest countries. For 2019, the study found that the overall level of peacefulness rose by 0.09 percent.

The fatcors that go into ranking countries are their climate, weather conditions, and overall wellbeing and perceptions on safety.

Individual satisfaction and feelings of people are also taken into consideration. Below, you’ll find the seven safest countries and each nation’s score.

  • Iceland – 1.072

Iceland remains in the top spot since 2008, making it the most peaceful and safest country in the world.

Despite being a relatively tiny island nation, Iceland remains highly regarded not only for its marvelous sights but also its egalitarian society. There’s also no corruption and little to no violence.

The Nordic country also receives praise for its strict gun control and for being the only country without an army. Moreover, this nation has been touted as a place that values the general wellbeing and happiness of its people.

  • New Zealand – 1.221

New Zealand takes a close second in terms of peace rankings. It has held the position for the past two years. It takes pride in having less crime compared to major cities in the United States. Overall, it is considered a safe place to travel as it has a generally low crime rate.


More than this, New Zealand also has a great healthcare system and a reliable police force. They are also protective of their freedom of movement and expression. Some of the sights that are worthy to see are Milford Sound for its Middle Earth mecca and Abel Tasman National Park.

  • Austria – 1.291

Nestled between equally high ranking neighbors, such as the Czech Republic and Germany, Austria proves to be a formidable nation as it scored sky-high points thanks to its low weapon imports. Its peaceful elections and political gatherings have also been commended.

For a charming old-world charm, the Hallstatt and its Alpine houses should not be missed. However, for fans of the Sound of Music, visiting the Hohe Tauern National Park will certainly make you say the hills are alive.

  • Portugal – 1.274

Housing one of the most underrated cities in the whole of Europe, Lisbon, Portugal is recognized for its relative affordability, particularly in terms of housing. The general work-life balance and environmental quality are also high, making it a preferred choice for expats.

Its historical and stunning beaches are worth a visit, especially Madeira and Porto. Lisbon, of course, is a must-see for those who want to see pastel buildings against the coastal waters.

  • Denmark – 1.316

Denmark is characterized by its low level of crime alongside its relative political stability. The press and the people also experience the freedom of expression, as well as express value for human rights. It is often considered one of the happiest countries around the globe.

The Nyhavn waterfront district remains one of the most iconic destinations, especially for its colorful row of houses and establishments and its unmatched entertainment offerings. Meanwhile, Frederik’s Church in Copenhagen is not one to miss with its rococo architecture.

  • Canada – 1.327

Canada is also consistent with its rankings after having held sixth place in the past year. It has low levels of crime and the nation is said to experience good political stability. Canada is also rich with economic opportunities.

The Banff National Park of Canada, as well as the Jasper National Park and Fairmont Le Chateau Frontenac all offer incredible views that satisfy any nature lover.

Safest Countries

  • Singapore – 1.347

Last but certainly not least is this Southeast Asian nation. With its strict laws and higher penalties, citizens and travelers alike are surely follow the rules. Boasting of its low crime rates, many of its restaurants and establishments often leave their places unlocked.

Business is also booming in the country as it is thought of as one of the trade centers of the world. To get a glimpse of its culture, visit one of the many hawker centers or its famous Marina Bay Sands for its breathtaking architecture.

The Bottom Line

Safety and security are sone of the main aspects that is important to both by citizens and travelers alike. With these figures and data,  you’ll definitely be enjoying the different places these nations hold without fearing for your welfare.