Healthcare systems are one of the most important aspects of any country. This is why a huge chunk of many countries’ national budgets go to building a reliable and strong healthcare system.

Such programs involve taking care of public health, as well as private medical services. From catering to your everyday concerns to addressing more serious ones, a well-oiled system handles residents’ health needs.

Along with security and safety, as well as economic standards, medical services are an essential matter for citizens and immigrants alike. Read on to know which nations have the most effective healthcare systems.


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Which Countries Have The Best Healthcare Systems

The Legatum Prosperity Index assessed 2019 data to determine the countries that are the most prosperous in terms of effective policies. For the Legatum Institute, prosperity is composed of financial, political, judicial, wellbeing and character of a nation.

This list includes countries that have the highest scores in the health aspect. Ready to know if your country made it to the cut? Let’s dive right in.

  • Japan

According to the Index, Japan was given the highest rank in terms of health policies. With a score of 86.25, this country has its own universal insurance program – the Statutory Health Insurance System (SHIS).


With 47 prefectures in total, Japanese laws mandate that national and local governments promote top-notch medical care to their people. In fact, the leadership of the prefectures implement such rules and create healthcare programs using local and national budgets.

  • Switzerland

Switzerland comes in as second in terms of health rankings with a score of 84.16. With the help of the federal, cantonal, and municipal governments, the country made a decentralized system to ensure proper medical care of its residents.

On the cantonal level, governments work to provide licenses, hospital services and even funds for healthcare. Meanwhile, the federal government enforces mandatory health insurance.

  • South Korea

Next, tied up with Switzerland, South Korea has a score of 84.16. It is known for providing the same quality of care for both Korean nationals and non-residents. The country is known worldwide for its universal healthcare standards and access.


People admire the nation for its immediate and effective addressing of pandemics. In fact, it has a rank of 9th in the list of countries that are most ready for a global pandemic.

  • Norway

Garnering an overall score of 83.96 in prosperity scores, Norway is the most prosperous among all countries. However, it only comes in fourth when it comes to health-related scores, with a score of 83.37.

The country’s laws seek to provide equal access to medical services for all. Municipalities are in charge of primary health and social care, with the national government being responsible for creating policies and providing funds.

  • Hong Kong

With a score of 83.10, Hong Kong is known for having an affordable and strong public healthcare system. Citizens, permanent residents, and even non-permanent residents can access medical services with just a valid visa and an identification document.

The great thing about the Hong Kong healthcare system is that you do not need to pay contributions to access public health insurance. Instead, the territory’s government offers such services for nearly $0.

  • Iceland

The Legatum Index gave Iceland a score of 82.82 in terms of health-related policies. This country does not have a private healthcare system. Instead, the state handles all health services. In addition, funds come from the national government, as well.

The state obtains funds for medical systems through taxes paid by citizens and residents. This covers treatments, prescriptions, emergencies, and much more. Immigrants can also have access to coverage by signing up for it.

  • Denmark

Another country that is recognized for its preparedness for a global pandemic, is Denmark. this country has a score of 82.76 in the Legatum Institute’s health criteria. Its system is deemed as one of the most effective.

In fact, this country is known for having the shortest length of hospital stays than all other nations in the European Union. In addition, offers free public healthcare for citizens and residents alike.

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The Bottom Line

Excellent healthcare policies are indicative of the value given by these nations to their people. Therefore, the citizens of these countries are in good hands. So, did your country make it to the top 7?