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31. Caleta de Maro in Spain

According to Linn Haglund of Pack Up and Wander
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Caleta de Maro is one of my absolute favorite beaches. It is situated in Maro close to the trendy beach holiday destination Nerja in southern Spain. Caleta de Maro is the little brother of the more popular and easier accessible Maro beach.
It might be harder to get to Caleta de Maro, but then again you are rewarded with a spectacular virgin beach surrounded by wild plants and trees and partly inhabited by hippies. The bay is only partly visible from above which makes it relatively private. However, as most of the best virgin beaches in Spain, clothing is optional, so you need to be open-minded when going there.
There is some nice snorkeling in clear blue water along the cliffs next to the beach. The beach has no bars that sell drinks or food, so you will have to bring your own if you plan to spend the day. And on any hot day, plenty of drinking water is a must. best beaches in the world
What makes Caleta de Maro a favorite is definitely the fact that it is less crowded by tourists, but also that it is a 100% nature experience. What could be better in one of Europe’s most visited summer destinations?

32. Praia Lopes Mendes in Brazil

According to Or Amir of My Path In The World
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Brazil is well-known for its incredible beaches, and you can find some pretty magical ones on Ilha Grande, an island nestled not too far from Rio de Janeiro.
One of the most beautiful beaches on this island is Praia Lopes Mendes. The white sand, crystal clear water, tropical mountainous surroundings, and relaxed vibe are what makes it a must-visit beach and a personal favorite of mine. It is approximately 3 km long, so even during high season, it doesn’t get overcrowded, yet another reason to love it. best beaches in the world
The easiest way to get to Praia Lopes Mendes is by taking a boat from Vila do Abraão, Ilha Grande’s main touristic and populated area. All tourism agencies in Abraão sell boat tickets to Praia Lopes Mendes, and you can take the short boat ride every other half an hour. The boats drop you off at Pouso beach, and from there you have to walk for about 20 minutes to get to Lopes Mendes beach. Some parts of the trail involve ascending and descending, so be sure to bring walking shoes or sandals in addition to flip-flops.


33. Sanibel Island Lighthouse Beach in Florida, USA

According to Lori Sorrentino of
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Just off the coast of Ft. Myers, Florida in the southeastern United States lies the island of Sanibel, a barrier island that was cut in two by a hurricane years ago, separating it from Captiva Island by a narrow inlet that flows from the Gulf of Mexico. It’s the kind of island that demands a laid-back and sandy tropical vacation where kids play in the surf and the adults follow suit. You won’t find high rise hotels or glitzy nightclubs.
In fact, local building code requires that nothing but the Sanibel Lighthouse be higher than the surrounding palm trees, making most everything you see obscured by nature. The beaches here have gorgeous white sand beaches, but more importantly, Sanibel has the best beaches for shelling. In fact, Sanibel is known as the Shelling Capital of the World for the thousands of colorful seashells that wash upon its shores each day.
You’ll find the best shells on Sanibel’s Lighthouse Beach before the sky lights up at the end of the day with a fiery sunset. So get there early, do the Sanibel Stoop and scoop up handfuls of these gifts from the sea. They’re the perfect souvenir to bring home. best beaches in the world

34. Railay Beach in Thailand

According to Darja and David of DeeGees Travel
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As part of our backpacking journey, we have been to a couple of beaches in Southeast Asia and the world, but it is the Railay beach in the Southern Thai province of Krabi which has won our hearts as the most favorite one ever. Located on the peninsula only accessible by boat due to the high rocky mountains around it, the beach feels more secluded than some of its overly visited neighbors.


As we arrived in the Western part of Railay we just sat on the beach and tried to slowly take in the beauty surrounding us. It felt like we had died and gone straight to heaven. It was unbelievable. The romantic vividly colored longtail boats, clear turquoise water, soft creamy sand and the gorgeous proud limestone cliffs encircling the beach looked like a cutout from a fancy travel magazine. Yet the vibe on the beach was truly Thai – absolutely relaxed and unpretentious.

We got ourselves impossibly delicious fresh fruit juices and enjoyed the scenic beach feeling deeply content and grateful.

35. Anse Source D’Argent, Seychelles

According to Laurence Norah of Finding the Universe

Anse Source D'Argent Seychelles

Anse Source D’Argent on the island of La Digue in Seychelles is one of my favorite beaches in the Seychelles, and definitely a contender for the best beach in the world!


There’s a lot to love about this beach. The swimming is good because the water is calm and shallow, being protected by a reef. The Seychelles islands are close to the equator and surrounded by the warm Indian Ocean, so the water temperature is ideal for swimming. The sand is a glorious powdery white color.
The highlight though has to be the massive granite boulders that frame the beach. Seychelles are the oldest island chain in the world and the only oceanic archipelago that is made of continental granite. So this beach is truly unique in the world, and stunning as a result.
it is a popular beach to visit, although this is a relative term as Seychelles never gets particularly busy. Reaching the beach is only possible through the Union Estate, for which there is an entrance fee which is equivalent to around 8 USD. It’s also a bit of a walk from the main town on La Digue, so hiring a bike is a good option. best beaches in the world

36. Kelingking Beach in Indonesia

According to Jules & Christine of Don’t Forget To Move
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While there’s no shortage of gorgeous beaches around the world, one of our absolute favorites is Kelingking Beach in Indonesia. This beautiful stretch of white sand is located on Nusa Penida, a quiet island not far from Bali. Kelingking is famous for its viewpoint atop the cliff looking down on the beach below. (Some say the formation of the coastline looks like a dinosaur!) You may recognize the view from Instagram, as the stunning vista of bright blue water has become somewhat iconic.
You can walk down the trail to a second viewpoint to get an even better glimpse of the water below. Adventurers that want a bigger thrill can take the trail all the way down to the beach. It’s a very steep trail, with plenty of caution signs warning you to turn back and at times almost vertical slopes. But if you’re careful, the reward is a secluded white sand beach with incredible turquoise water. While we don’t recommend swimming unless you’re a strong swimmer and have a buddy watching out for you, there’s nothing better than kicking back in the shade and soaking in the pride of going where few travelers dare to adventure.

37. Bay of Fires in Tasmania

According to James Davies of Where You’re Between
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Tasmania’s stunning east coast is lined with mile after mile of gorgeous beaches, many of which are practically deserted all year round. Towards the north end of the east coast is the glorious Bay of Fires. Surrounded by sweeping forests and lush fields of green, the beaches at Bay of Fires are close to paradise. The stunning white sands and turquoise blue sea waters at the Bay of Fires have to be seen to be believed.

Still relatively undiscovered, Tasmania’s beaches, and specifically the Bay of Fires, are easily amongst the best in Australia. Look out for the wildlife too. Wallabies live off the shrubs all around the beaches and are regularly spotted hopping along the sand. Keep an eye out for whales out at sea. Humpback and southern right whales migrate past Tasmania’s east coast for several months a year and are often seen passing by along the beautiful Bay of Fires. best beaches in the world

38. Playa Avellanas in Costa Rica

According to Oksana & Max of Drink Tea & Travel
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We have been lucky enough to visit some of the world’s best beach destinations, but when asked where our favorite beach is, there’s no hesitation… Playa Avellanas, Costa Rica. Hands down, every time.
Playa Avellanas is located in the popular Guanacaste region of Costa Rica but has managed to keep its ‘off-the-beaten-track’ feel. It’s the perfect place to experience the Pura Vida laid back lifestyle that Costa Rica is known for. The beach is perfect for families, couples, and solo travelers.
The tranquillity and pristine sand backed by lush vegetation offer a perfect spot, where you can reconnect with yourself and nature. But Playa Avellanas is so much more than a chill-out beach. It’s known for a popular surf spot, ‘Little Hawaii’, that offers amazing offshore swells which make it one of the world’s top surfing destinations. best beaches in the world
Don’t worry if you’ve never caught a wave, Playa Avellanas is also safe for complete beginners, and there are even surf schools offering lessons right on the beach. If surfing isn’t your thing, there are plenty of other activities offered on Playa Avellanas and in the surrounding areas, including yoga, SUP, kayaking, horseback riding tours and more!

39. Padang Padang Beach in Bali

According to Nafisa Habib of My Own Way To Travel
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Beautiful Padang Padang Beach is located in South Bali and quite Beautiful Padang Padang Beach is located in South Bali and entirely different than other beaches in Bali. You’ve to get an entrance ticket to visit this pristine white sandy beach. Moreover, there is one natural cave or tunnel almost 8 meters high which will lead you to Labuan Sait Beach or Padang Padang Beach. The famous Eat Pray Love Hollywood movie filmed and after that this beach became famous as Padang Padang Beach. best beaches in the world

The remote view of Padang Padang Beach from the endpoint of the tunnel is fantastic. There are also many big rocks which created an extra beauty of the entire beach. The best beach activities here are surfing with beautiful blue waters and sunbathing. Padang Padang Beach seems like a private beach, and it’s cool to spend some fun time here with family or friends. The famous Uluwatu Temple is just 3.9 km away from Padang Padang Beach.

40. Phang Nga on Koh Yao Yai, Thailand

According to Hannah Latimer-Snel of Bold Destinations
Koh Yao Yai is an island located in the Southern part of Thailand in-between Phuket and Krabi. It has a sister island named Koh Yao Noi which is more popular among tourists, making Koh Yao Yai even more special and quiet. On the island is Phang Nga, a beautiful peninsula beach that appears and disappears with the tides. The beach is filled with soft white sand, clear aquamarine water, and little sand crabs that run up and down the beach. best beaches in the world
The best time to visit for swimming is during high tide which lasts from 11:00 am till 3:00 pm. If you are looking for a more quiet experience, however, head to the beach in the morning. In the morning, there will be little islands connecting to the beach and you can appear as if you are walking on water. When the tide is out the crabs come out too. This is the perfect time to explore the ocean floor and search for treasures.

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