Batangas had always been a summer favorite destination in the Philippines especially to those people who are working in the city center of Manila. Batangas has a different vibe, a vibe that’s away from the bustle of the city. Plus, this place in Southern Luzon is a location of hidden gems and rich marine biodiversity.
One weekend, our blogging squad explored a part of Batangas with a lush pebble-ish beach. A resort that offers a magnificent view of the skyline and the sea via its infinity pool at the top of a cliff.


Punta Verde Resort, Lobo, Batangas -

Punta Verde Resort is located in Lobo, Batangas. From Manila, it takes about 4-5 hours. The travel time may be longer than expected but as their slogan on the road says “It’s worth the trip” and believe me, it’s definitely worth it! This resort offers privacy, nature calling scenery, luxury, and adventure.

What to Expect at Punta Verde Resort

1. Infinity Pool overlooking the passage to Verde Island.

This is one of the gems that the resort is proud of. Infinity pool lies at the ridge of a cliff and offers a magnificent view of the sky and the sea. Perfect for your OOTD shoots and summer-ish Instagram feed.
At night, the infinity pool is lit and has temperature control (or so I thought). The breeze, nevertheless, is cold so you would have a hard time swimming at night due to the cold air whooshing in the area.


2. Luxurious Accommodation at a reasonable price.

We stayed at the Mulawin Villas where a single room is good for 2-6 people. It has a great view of nature and calming sounds of the birds. There’s no sea view from the window but privacy and serenity are definitely secured. Room review below.

3. Malabrigo Beach at the foot of the Resort

At the foot of the resort’s high lands is a part of the Malabrigo Beach. It has stunning rock formations where you can shoot your favorite rock-star pose. If you are checked-in at Punta Verde Resort, you also have access to this beach. The beach has white-gray sands and has pebbles and big rocks all over the shore. I suggest you wear slippers while walking on the beach.

4. A restaurant that serves sumptuous meals.

You should know that you cannot bring meals to the resort, however, they don’t usually check bags so it’s up to you. Their restaurant serves fresh, made to order meals, for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Our room (Mulawin Villa) includes breakfast, so we only had to share for other meals.


5. Instagramable spots all over the resort.

Since the place is located at almost the end of Malabrigo, Lobo, Batangas, this resort has one of the best nature vibes you can ever experience. They have the hanging bridge, the infinity pool, the museum, nature itself is all over the resort. You will only have to relax and chill.

6. They don’t have WiFi.

“We don’t have WiFi, talk to each other, pretend like it’s 1995” is the post you will see at their restaurant. It may be a little disappointing but there is a point why they have no wifi or internet connection. They want their guests to interact with one another, share the beauty of the place, and enjoy the resort by themselves without ever thinking about getting connected to the outside online world. They have the policy of “Disconnect to Connect” for nature and you to become one. They still have a good phone signal for texts and calls but erratic 3G/data signal though.
Who cares about data signal if you could indulge yourself in this beautiful paradise, right?

Mulawin Villa

Our accommodation was the Mulawin Villas. It’s a villa that could either be divided into two rooms, the Mulawin A and Mulawin B. Each room can accommodate about 6 people. Also, in each room lies a queen size bed, 2 double beds, and 2 single beds extension. The place is fully airconditioned and I have not experienced getting an insect bite. Equipped with hot and cold shower.
The comfort room, I swear, is likable. It’s large and is pleasant to the eyes. A bath gel is provided but if you’re quite picky about your toiletries, please bring your own. Towels are also provided for each person.
There’s no any kind of entertainment systems (i.e. speakers, television) in the Mulawin Villa A and B, so if you’re kind of bored, just play music on your phone or talk with one another.
The Mulawin Villa is also closely located to the museum.

Punta Verde Resort, Lobo, Batangas -
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How to get to Punta Verde Resort

You may either rent a van or commute to the place. In our case, we rented a van. If you’d like a comfortable ride and hassle-free service, we recommend Kuya Rex – please contact him at 0905-556-8123.


Via Commute:

Courtesy of Byahero si Bes:
1. From Cubao/Buendia, Ride a bus going to SM Lipa city grand terminal. From there, You may take a van bound to Lobo (O-HAP Van).
2. From Lobo city proper:
Option 1: Wait for the resort’s little jeepney to pick you up. Fare P500/Jeep good for 8pax.
Option 2: Ride a tricycle going to Punta Verde Resort.
Courtesy of Project Gora:
1. Cubao to Batangas Grand Terminal – 165 pesos
2. Batangas Grand Terminal to SM Batangas – 25 pesos
3. SM Batangas (Jeepney Terminal) to Lobo Town Proper – 55 pesos
4. Lobo Town Proper to Punta Verde (tricycle) – more or less 150 pesos
5. Lobo Town Proper to SM Batangas – 55 pesos
6. SM Batangas to Batangas Grand Terminal – 25 pesos
7. Batangas Grand Terminal to Cubao – 165 pesos

Punta Verde Resort Rates:

Daytour Rates
Mon-Thursday Php 500
Fri-Sunday Php 750
Room Accommodation Rates
Please visit
a. The LAKANIPAO Lodge [14 pax max]
b. The Villas (Mulawin, Ligasong, Balayong) [6 pax per room | 12 pax max]
c. Talisay Lodge [8 pax max]
d. Ilang-Ilang Hut [2 – 4 pax max]
e. Narra Hut [4 pax per room | 8 pax max]
f. Sampaguita Hut [2 pax max]

Side Trips while in Lobo, Batangas:

Malabrigo Lighthouse
Kalingag Falls
Malabrigo Beach
Special thanks to Rizanoia for bringing us to Punta Verde Resort and making this visit happen!

Punta Verde Resort

Sitio Punas,
Lobo-Malabrigo-Laiya Rd.
Brgy. Balibago, Lobo, Batangas
Tel. Nos.: (02)509-1039, 0906-5293614, (02)899-8276


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