After a long time pondering inside our homes, the time has come to welcome ourselves to going out at least once in a while. This pandemic has caused so many businesses and mental health at stake, hence, we deserve to be in a new and refreshing place.
We found WYP (What’s Your Poison) to be one of those places that we need to go and what’s good about it is that we know we are safe while having fun.

WYP | What’s Your Poison?

WYP is located in Poblacion, Makati where most of the hang-out places and hip bars can also be found. Due to the pandemic, most of the establishments in the area have closed down and some are still thriving despite the current situation.
When we got there, what used to be a place full of strangers, almost has no visitors at this time. By which, to us, is quite good so we can have the place all to ourselves and enjoy what this place could offer.
Due to the pandemic, sanitation and safety have been prioritized by WYP. Health protocols have been strictly enforced to ensure the safety and wellness of the clients and customers. Upon entry, alcohol will be available for hand sanitation and a temperature check is a must.

Dining at WYP

Dining at a bar-restaurant has never been more exciting again. We were totally excited to try out new dishes after being locked-out in our homes. Totally excited to try out new drinks and fill our palates with delight. Another exciting time indeed.
We were quite overwhelmed with the menu so we ought to try the bestsellers they have and indeed, it has become a flavorful night. Here’s what we had for dinner.


Torta Cubana

(House special sandwich piled with various meats, vegetables, and cheese swerved with sweet potato chips)

Billionaire’s Bacon

(Baked slab bacon served with Palawan spiced honey)

Rockstar (Signature Cocktail)

(white rum / Malibu rum / simple syrup / buko juice)


Filipino Summer (Signature Cocktail)

(Infused Vodka / Basil & Chili / Lime wedge / White Sugar / basil leaves / cointreau)

Watermelon Shake


Lemonade Shake

Although the orders took quite a while, it was made sure that everything was fresh and freshly-cooked.
The Torta Cubana was so huge and generously served with many veggies and meats, it was really hard for us two to finish it all by ourselves. Only probably half of the whole sandwich was finished and we had to take home the other half.
Billionaire’s Bacon has a distinct taste that makes you want to eat more. Its sweet and salty taste is superior but classy. Not the texture of a steak but more of a sweet meal. Pair it with Tabasco sauce, your tastebuds will be full of delight.
What’s your poison? More likely refers to the drinks, cocktails, and liquors that they have. They offer a fresh new taste apart from the all-time favorite Margaritas and Daiquiris. We highly suggest you drink all of the flavors ’cause these cocktails are the bomb and highly refreshing!
About the place? You can never go wrong here. It’s one of the best places to chill and dine without restricting yourself. It has a tropical vibe with a modern neon aura. This WYP is really some kind of paradise amidst the chaos in the city.
wyp-whats-your-poison-hang-out-place-in-poblacion wyp-whats-your-poison-hang-out-place-in-poblacion wyp-whats-your-poison-hang-out-place-in-poblacion wyp-whats-your-poison-hang-out-place-in-poblacion
Dining with neon lights isn’t new to us but with WYP, we felt refreshed. Added with the new flavors we had at Unwnd Cafe, it’s more of a new and fresh experience to always welcome and remember.


WYP Dining is open from 11am to 7/9/12am.
WYP Dining
6236 Manalac Street, Poblacion, Makati City
Facebook: WYP Dining
Instagram: @wyp.dining