Bali has always been on our bucket list or every Filipino’s bucket list of places to visit at least once in your life. It is also called the Land of the Gods as the Balinese culture is extra rich that there are a lot of temples in the island for worship. Since it’s island also located in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, Bali is rich in natural resources and God-made wonders.
On our 4 (four) day trip here in Bali, we have witnessed a few of its wonders that every traveling person would like to see. Although we haven’t been able to visit the Nusa Penida due to our schedule, our time in Bali was truly remarkable.

Flight Tickets

Before anything else, our tickets were booked separately via Cebu Pacific. We first booked one-way (Manila to Bali) because there was a sale but we couldn’t find a cheaper price for the return ticket so we opted to book it when there’s another sale. However, it’s been months since we bought our ticket to Bali and we still couldn’t find tickets going back to Manila so we ended up booking a ticket that’s x2 the price for both of us as it’s the cheapest I could find — and there was no afternoon flight schedule.
Our Manila to Bali tickets cost ₱ 2,704.00 for two (₱1,352.00 each).
Our Bali to Manila tickets cost ₱ 5,448.40 for two (₱2,724.20 each).

Bali Tours Provider

Our tour provider for our Bali getaway is Bali Customized Tours. They offer affordable and customizable itinerary and tours in Bali and they also have worked with Lost LeBlanc so you’d know they are a reliable tour operator.
We contacted them via Facebook and email, told them the points of interest we are hoping to see in Bali, and they provided the itinerary. We had the tours for two days as we have to visit a restaurant on the 3rd day and thought that it would be best to be the free time for us to enjoy ourselves with our own itinerary for the day.
You may contact us so we could refer you to Bali Customized Tours. To avail of a discount on their tours, let them know that we (Jerny or The Jerny) referred you to them.


Currency Exchange

We didn’t exchange PHP (Philippine Pesos) to IDR (Indonesian Rupiah) while in the Philippines and we also don’t have any dollars with us when we went to Bali. Instead, using our BDO/PSBank Mastercard, we withdrew our funds via an ATM at the airport in Bali.
There are ATMs at the airport where you could withdraw a maximum of 1,250,000 IDR per transaction and 2,500,000 IDR per transaction. We chose to withdraw at the 1,250,000 IDR maximum withdrawal at the ATM as it dispenses 50,000 IDR bills.

Why withdraw at the ATM instead of using the money changer?

We always transact or withdraw funds using an ATM whenever we travel abroad. If you would compare, the ATM transaction will just have a one-time fee for every withdrawal (fee depends on the bank) unlike when you transact on a money changer outlet where every peso/rupiah has an equivalent charge. It’s also using the current exchange rates meaning you’d get fair rates for your money.

4D3N Bali Itinerary

Here goes our Bali itinerary for 4 (four) days, or you could say that it’s only a 3 days trip as our 4th day is dedicated to an early morning flight back to Manila. I’ll be putting the some of the cost as well so you’d have an idea how much is one thing from another.
Check out our photos for each destination and villas below the itinerary.


Day 1

3:50 AM: Departure from Manila
8:00 AM: Arrival in Bali
until 9:00 AM: Immigration Process
Bought Indonesia Sim Card with 4.5gb internet at the airport: 200,000 IDR (Indonesian Rupiah)
9:30 AM: Pick-up by Bali Customized Tours at the airport
Start of the Day 1 tour:
-Batuan Village Temple
-Warung Dewa Malen (Restaurant)
-Goa Gajah (Elephant Cave Temple)
-Uma Pakel Agro Tourism
-Tegalalang Rice Terraces
4:19 PM onwards: Check in to our villa – Tri Datu Villas and free time + Dinner
See our review of Tri Datu Villas.

Day 2

7:00 AM: Breakfast and preparation
9:00 AM: Pick-up at Tri Datu Villas
Start of Day 2 Tour:
-Taman Ayun Temple
-Lunch at a local store
-Wanagiri Hidden Hills
-Handara Gate
-Ulun Danu Beratan Temple
-Tanah Lot Temple
5:00 PM: Check in at Villa Palma Canggu
7:00 PM: Dinner, explored Canggu area

Day 3

8:00 AM: Breakfast and preparation
11:30 AM: Lunch at The Junction House (restaurant)
2:30 PM: Explore Seminyak Square and nearby establishments
3:00 PM: Visited Seminyak Beach / Motel Mexicola
4:00 PM: Back to Villa Palma Canggu
5:00 PM onwards: Free time, Dinner

Day 4

5:00 AM: Prepare breakfast
6:00 AM: Booked Grab to airport
8:35 AM: Departure from Bali to Manila
12:30 PM: Arrival in Manila


We visited the following places for Day 1. BALI ITINERARY

Batuan Village Temple

Entrance Fee: 5,000 IDR each (comes with a complimentary borrowed sarong)
PS: Sarong is required when you are entering a Balinese Temple as a sign of respect. Shorts are not allowed inside the temple. Knees and shoulders should be covered.

Batuan Village Temple is a local Balinese Hindu temple looked after by the local residents of Batuan countryside. The temple is designed very beautifully with extensive Balinese ornaments and the roof temple architecture is made from the fiber of chromatic black palm tree. It is located beside the main road from Denpasar to Ubud. For over a thousand years, Batuan has been a community of craftsmen and artisans, old legends and mystical tales.

Warung Dewa Malen (Restaurant)


This is an open-air restaurant right next to a rice field. A nice breeze and location made it a pleasant place to have lunch. The place is also a picture-worthy especially if you love greens and everything Balinese. We were brought here for lunch. BALI ITINERARY

Goa Gajah (Elephant Cave Temple)

Entrance Fee: 25,000 each

“Goa Gajah ‘Elephant Cave’ is an archaeological site of significant historical value that makes it a special place to visit. Located on the cool western edge of Bedulu Village, six kilometers out of central Ubud, you do not need more than an hour to descend to its relic-filled courtyard and view the rock-wall carvings, a central meditational cave, bathing pools, and fountains.” – Bali Magazine

Uma Pakel Agro Tourism

Entrance Fee: No Entrance fee but there are fees when you do the swing
Bali Swing cost 200,000 IDR per person
The nests and the other attractions are free of charge. BALI ITINERARY

First, a person will act as your guide, bringing you to the Luwak’s cage (civet cat) and take you to a tour on how the Kopi Luwak is made. Kopi Luwak is the most expensive coffee in the world as it comes from the poo of the civet cat. After a short while, you will be directed to the activities area where there are swings, and places to take photos. There are swings for couples and swing for a single person. It just depends on you where you would like to conduct the swing activity. We took the Swing no. 1.

After your swing and photo ops activity, you have the chance to taste their products (tea/coffee) for free except for the Kopi Luwak which costs 65,000 IDR for a cup.

Tegalalang Rice Terraces BALI ITINERARY

Entrance Fee: 10,000 IDR each
If you want a photo where you’d be bringing a basket of grass, that also 10,000 IDR per person

It’s where you could also find another Bali swing. It’s much cheaper in this area than the Uma Pakel and also has a good backdrop of the Rice Terraces.
“The Tegallalang rice terraces alone offers a scenic outlook that spreads down before you and away to the rice paddies on the slopes across the valley. The high roadside location is cool and breezy and it is a well-known spot for tourists to stop and take photos. Painters and nature lovers also enjoy visiting this spot, and there are numerous art kiosks and cafes near the ledge offering their ware.” – Bali Magazine


Rate: 2,200 PHP per night
Link to book via Airbnb: Tri Datu Villas – Maitre D Studio 
Make sure to register here first for the discount on your booking: 
Read our review and how to book instructions:Tri Datu Villas Review

Where we stayed for our first night in Bali. It’s a villa within Ubud with an infinity pool that’s facing a forest. The villa is complete with amenities like a kitchen and a bathroom with bathtub. Check our full review of this villa in the post. BALI ITINERARY

We visited the following places for Day 2.

Taman Ayun Temple

Entrance Fee: 20,000 IDR per person

Taman Ayun Temple is a Royal Temple of Mengwi Empire and is located in Mengwi Village. It is one of the most attractive temples in Bali and truly a must visit.

Wanagiri Hidden Hills

Entrance Fee: 100,000 IDR per person

One of the best spots to take photos. We spent quite a good time in here as the backdrop is a lake. Even though the sun is not truly out, it was really hot during that day. There’s really nothing much to do except to take beautiful photos with you in it. BALI ITINERARY

Handara Gate

Selfie Ticket: 30,000 IDR per person | Good for 30 mins

One of the famous Instagrammable spots in Bali. It’s an iconic gate going inside the Handara Gold Resort. If you cannot go to Lempuyang Temple, this is one the best alternative.

Ulun Danu Beratan Temple

Entrance Fee: 50,000 IDR each

Ulun Danu Beratan Temple is situated at Lake Beratan. A famous picturesque landmark and an important temple in Bali. It is known as the Lake of Holy Mountain.


Entrance Fee: 60,000 IDR each

Tanah Lot Temple is one of Bali’s most significant landmarks, famed for its unparalleled offshore horizon and scenic sunset backdrops. Tanah Lot means “Land (in the) Sea” in the Balinese language. This temple was built in the 16th century. BALI ITINERARY

Villa Palma Canggu

Rate: 2,600 PHP per night
Link to Book via Airbnb: Villa Palma Canggu
Make sure to register here first for the discount on your
Read our review and experience at Villa Palma Canggu:

Where we stayed for our 2nd and 3rd night, located in Canggu, near Villa Nosara. It’s a villa with three rooms and kitchen amenities. Bali coffee is free and there is a drinking water provided. This villa also has an enchanting heated pool perfect even for night swimming. Check out our review and experience in the post.

 We visited the following places for Day 3. BALI ITINERARY

The Junction House


The Junction House is a restaurant located in Seminyak. It’s a 2-floor structure designed to be like a house where every corner is different. It’s also a colorful and happy place making it an Instagrammable restaurant in the area. They serve Balinese and western cuisines and a mix of both worlds. Must visit when you are in Seminyak. Read our review and experience in the post.

Seminyak Square

Seminyak Square is located just in front of The Junction House. It’s a small shopping center with two floors and hotel rooms. It’s where you can find the iconic place “I (heart) BALI”. BALI ITINERARY

Seminyak Beach

We visited the beach just for sightseeing. We really did not go into the water and splurge as it was really hot that day and didn’t have our towels with us.  It’s a mix of brown and golden sand with turquoise waters.


I only took a picture of the outside setting. It’s one of the known restaurants in town due to its unique design like the old times.
As you can see, we missed the Nusa Penida, one of the most photographed areas in Bali. But hey, we still have something to look forward to! Our itinerary as well is not too hectic but is the best experience we ever had yet in Bali.


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