Traveling is an incredible way to escape the humdrum of a monotonous lifestyle, marvel the gorgeous scenic views and manmade wonders, and get a deeper understanding of the real world and yourself! It’s a perfect way to unwind, relax and an un-miss-able opportunity to capture drool-worthy pictures for your social media accounts!
But hang on, before you set out for your next adventure with your family, friends or the special one, there are some amazing accessories that you need to get your hands on. Not only do these innovative gadgets and products help you enjoy a more productive holiday but they also go the extra mile to bid you memories for a lifetime.
Read on to discover the 7 genius travel accessories that you really should have had with you every other trip. Try not to dwell on it.

1. Alert Alarms: Because Safety comes first

While vacations in faraway places can be a memorable experience, getting robbed or stranded without one’s passport would be the worst disaster ever. But did you know that there are efficient inventions out there that can help you stay safe and unharmed?
The compact, portable alarm has a built-in LED torch that operates on battery and emits high-pitched, earsplitting sounds of almost 130 decibels when it is triggered. So in case of an intrusion all you have to do is either push the button or remove the pin.
What’s even better is the fact that this wearable personal alarm can add some flair to your outfit wherever you travel. Also, it can very conveniently be installed on hotel or dormitory doors to ensure peace of mind.

2.  Fool Thieves Fashionably: Travel Security Belt

Losing money or valuables is a nightmare, especially in unfamiliar surroundings. But worry no more: you can keep your belongings and money safe whilst still enjoying every bit of your journey by using these quirky accessories.
While this durable travel security belt can be worn by both men and women, it allows one to safely hide money from pickpockets, in addition to storing copies of your passport and other travel documents within the security pocket.


3. Infinity Polyester Scarves

Embrace yourself Wander Woman! Here’s a simple scarf that can be a knight in your shining ‘travel’ armor with secret zipper pockets! Not only can women make a fashion statement wearing these stylish Infinity scarfs but also smartly keep their valuables safe.

4. Wash Dirty Linen with Ease: Laundry Sheets

Convenient, inexpensive and handy laundry sheets come to your rescue when it comes to washing the clothes without any fuss. You just have to fill the sink, let the detergent sheets dissolve, create suds and do the laundry in the sink itself.
Moreover, the multi-purpose laundry sheets also keep the suitcase smelling fresh, deodorize shoes and repel bugs. You can also DIY these travel detergent sheets.

5. Scrubba Bag: The World’s Smallest Washing Machine

Scrubba bag is the ultra-portable washing machine that’s a boon for those who love outdoor expeditions. Great for small loads of laundry, this invention requires some water and detergent to do the laundry efficiently on the go.
Also, this ingenious product can be used for drying the clothes after scrubbing them for around three minutes.


6. Sleep Snug, Sleep Tight: Travel Pillow and Neck Pillow

The ultimate travel and neck pillow is one accessory that every globetrotter would love to receive as a gift. After all, nobody enjoys reaching their destination with bags under their eyes and a crick in the neck.
This adjustable and washable pillow not only supports your neck but also your torso so you can have a relaxed sleep even when you are on the road. Also, this inflatable invention is perfect for those suffering from chronic backache as it makes the long flights less painful and a lot comfier.

7. Pop Pills on Time: Daily Pillbox Organizer with Water Bottle

While traveling it becomes an uphill task to keep track of the medicines that you have to consume. With an innovative travel accessory ‘Daily Pillbox Organizer with Water Bottle,’ you don’t have to fret anymore.
This swanky, 20-ounce water bottle with a built-in daily pill box organizer has seven compartments for each day of the week. It’s an easy way to keep your medicine intake regular while on the go.