In an era where air pollution, possible chemical warfare, and the risk of airborne pandemics, it is just a matter of survival to get a gas mask. If you have not made the decision to have a gas mask, or you plan to throw away the ones you have in the basement or the attic please continue reading. 
Before we get to you having a gas mask, we need to ask ourselves, what are they anyway? How do they work? And most importantly, do we really need them in the first place? 

How a Gas Mask works

A gas mask is meant to ensure that you continue to breathe in clean air even when in a toxic environment. They operate based on two principles. First and foremost, gas masks contain a physical barrier which acts as an air purifier. The barrier ensures that contaminants in the air do not get to your lungs. 

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Secondly, there are those masks that have a layer which acts as a purification system. The layer contains carbon which is highly absorptive and therefore creates a chemical bond with tiny contaminant molecules from the air. 
There are different types of gas masks available in the market. Each gas mask is meant to serve different purposes. However, as a survivalist, it is always good to be prepared with the right type of mask. You can visit for the best masks in the market. 
Now that you have an idea of how gas masks work, the big question is why do we need them? Here are the reasons why you should consider having a mask. 

1. Protection from pandemic diseases

The world is not new to plagues and pandemic illnesses wreaking havoc. COVID-19 which is a novel coronavirus is the most recent reminder to the human population of how fast and easily disease can spread. While simple disposable masks could have protected you from contracting COVID-19, you never know when a dangerous strain of a given respiratory disease could start spreading. 
Conventional face masks could not be enough to protect you from the next pandemic. It is important to note that pandemics happen without warning and are bound to occur at any time. If this happens you will be glad that you have your gas mask. 

2. Protection of lungs against smoke inhalation 

If you live in an area that is bound to get a lot of smoke whether, through natural disasters or human activity, it is advisable to get a mask. Forest wildfires or volcanic eruptions are natural disasters that affect most places across the world. Such occurrences are bound to have thick clouds of smoke which could get to you. You could be safe from the fire but not the smoke. 
Furthermore, there is also a possibility that a fire could break out within your neighbourhood and you will face a lot of smoke. You could also work in an environment where there is a lot of smoke such as factories. No matter the cause of the smoke, it is always safe to have a gas mask as it will help you get out of the situation easily and without the smoke affecting your lungs. 


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3. Protection of lungs and eyes against chemicals

The world is becoming increasingly polluted with all kinds of chemicals floating around in our airspace. In case you work in an environment that is highly polluted, it is important to get yourself a gas mask. For instance, in case you work where there is spray painting, you better cover your eyes, mouth and nose. A quality gas mask will be able to shield your eyes and lungs from all the dangers posed by chemicals that are in your environment

4. Protection from a nuclear fallout 

There are numerous nuclear power plants across the world. There are many people living close to nuclear power plants and in case an accident happens, you better have a quality gas mask. 
There are also many nuclear warheads and you never know when the next war will start. Modern warfare includes weapons such as nuclear missiles and chemical weapons. Anything can trigger a war and every nation will want to try out their weapons. If you survive such conditions you need to have a face mask to ensure that you do not suffer from the aftermath of such wars. Therefore get a gas mask.  


In conclusion, as a survivalist, there is always a threat to your existence thus it is never a wrong time to get a gas mask. War, accidents, and pandemics are just a tip of the iceberg in the list of things that could go wrong. It is better to be safe than sorry. As discussed above, it is evident that a gas mask is an important survival and even day-to-day tool for survival for all the people and some people respectively. Therefore, you should get a quality gas mask, because you never know!