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71.  Saunton Sands, Devon, UK

According to Bernadette Jackson of A Packed Life
England may not be everyone’s first thought for a beach holiday, but this island has fabulous spots to explore.  Around the corner from the surfers’ bay at Croyde, you’ll find Saunton Sands.  The wide sandy beach has rocks and breakers near the headland that leads to Croyde, so there’s plenty of opportunity for bodyboarding.

Then there’s the wide expanse of sand and dunes mixed with grasses and flowers.  You can walk for miles here, checking out the treasures temporarily abandoned by the tide.  The sands are backed by a row of traditional beach huts, making Saunton a place where you could easily while away a day if not a week.  It’s a beach for all seasons and reasons; solitary walks at dawn and dusk are a pleasure, as is rock pooling or making new friendships with dogs asking to play a little fetch at the water’s edge.

72. Cottesloe Beach in Australia

According to Lyn & Steve Baker of A Hole in My Shoe
Follow their adventures thru their Facebook Page

The world is full of stunning beaches and Australia is blessed with some of the best. And right here in Perth, Western Australia, approximately halfway between the Perth CBD and our famous port city, Fremantle you will find one that is ranked one of the best beaches in the world. Cottesloe Beach was the first beach I went to and almost every summer holiday our family would spend time in one of the most popular beaches for swimming, snorkeling and surfing. best beaches in the world

But something it is especially famous for is its dazzling sunsets. Cottesloe Beach is pretty as a picture and there is nothing better than digging your toes in the pure white sand, listening to the surf and watching the sun slowly set on the Indian Ocean. Perth’s iconic beach is home each year to the Sculptures by the Sea, transforming the clear turquoise waters into the perfect backdrop for an open-air art gallery. Located in the perfect area to enjoy a picnic on the grassed terrace area under the Norfolk Island pine trees or enjoying a meal at the equally iconic Indiana Tearooms or one of the many nearby cafes and restaurants.

There is also a 100-meter rock groyne where you can always find some calm waters to drop a line and enjoy a spot of fishing.

73. Lotu Beach, Corsica

According to Nadine Maffre of Le Long Weekend
Follow her adventures via Instagram: @lelongweekend

It’s hard to make a call about the best beach in Corsica. Nicknamed l’Île de beauté (the island of beauty), it’d be correct to assume there are several incredible beaches to choose from. But what makes Lotu beach (also sometimes spelled Loto beach) stand out is that it benefits from total seclusion, and therefore is beautiful in its most pure form. best beaches in the world

Situated on the edge of the Désert des Agriates, Lotu beach is only accessible by 4WD (although I wouldn’t recommend this unless you have an experienced off-road driver/tour guide with you), via a long walk, or by boat taxi. This remoteness means only the most determined of visitors make it to the beach, but once they do, they’re in for a real treat! A fragrant maquis frames the pearly white sand and the crescent shape offers protection from the sometimes strong winds. It’s truly one of the most spectacular places to visit on this Mediterranean island, and well worth the extra effort required to get there.

74.  Lazy Beach, Sihanoukville, Cambodia

According to Tanya Korteling of Can Travel Will Travel

One of my all-time favorite beaches has to be Lazy Beach on Koh Rong Samloem off the coast Sihanoukville in Cambodia.
It’s actually the private beach of the rustic but gorgeous beach resort of the same name ‘Lazy Beach‘ and is located a walk through the jungle from all the other accommodation on the other side of the island.
The Lazy Beach is a pristine clean, a stretch of soft white sand overlooking the sparkling blue sea, edged with palms and surrounded by jungle. Set in a horseshoe-shaped bay, it’s usually calm sea makes it a perfect spot for swimming, kayaking and snorkeling straight from the beach. Two of Cambodia’s top dive sites is also located at either end of the bay.
It’s an idyllic beach to relax on by day and watch the gorgeous sunset’s in the evening with a cocktail in hand. best beaches in the world

75.  Tulum Beach in Mexico

According to Rebecca Rayner of Ray Enroute
Follow her adventures via Instagram: @raynerenroute
I’m not sure if any beach could compete with the one at Tulum, Mexico. Leave the more hectic tourism hotspot of Cancun behind and travel just over an hour to reach this tropical paradise. The white sand stretches right up to the ancient Mayan ruins overlooking the tepid Carribean water.
The unique archeological site is the only one to be located along the shores of Riviera Maya. If days spent lazing by the ocean sound like your cup of tea, stay in one of the beachfront hotels, such as the gorgeous huts of Coco Tulum. There is no shortage of lounging spots, with a host of beach bars to grab a crisp cool drink. At Ahau, you’ll find excellent food and late night parties, or enjoy a relaxing cocktail at Papaya Playa Project or La Zebra. If you want to find out where to stay and what to do in Tulum, check out this complete travel guide for Tulum.

76. Sveti Stefan, Montenegro

According to Helen of Helen on her Holidays
Follow her adventures via Instagram: @helenrapp


The most stunning beach I’ve ever visited has to be the one at Sveti Stefan, Montenegro. Forested cliffs drop down to a beach made of rounded pink pebbles, shelving into the most beautiful aquamarine sea. A yacht or two glides past and right in the center of it all is Sveti Stefan itself, a rustic, fortified fishing village on an island, attached to the mainland by a narrow causeway.
Sveti Stefan’s days as a fishing village are long gone; the villagers moved out in the 1950s when their stunningly beautiful home was turned into a luxury hotel. Rooms here cost upwards of $800 per night, and only hotel guests can enter the island. On one side of the causeway is the resort’s private beach, but the view is just as good from the public beach on the other side. best beaches in the world
The modern village of Sveti Stefan is very small with just a couple of shops, but there’s a great bar and restaurant right on the edge of the public beach and with access right onto the rose-colored pebbles. Relaxing here with a cool drink and one of the world’s most beautiful views is one of my favorite memories of Montenegro.

77. Ahangama Beach, Sri Lanka

According to Ellie & Ravi of Soul Travel
Follow their adventures via Instagram: @SoulTravelBlog
The south coast of Sri Lanka is no secret, but while most travelers stop at Galle or Mirissa, we found more solitude and beautiful beaches a little further along the coast. The local beaches of Ahangama and Welligama were our base for learning to surf in Sri Lanka for over a week and we were treated to not only spectacular waves and great surfing conditions but beautiful sunsets every evening, clean waters, and quiet beaches that have yet to see development en masse.
To get to the beach you can easily rent a tuk-tuk from nearby hotels and resorts, or if coming from Galle you can get on a Matara bound train and get down at Ahamgama railway station. The beaches here are a laid back affair without shade and sun loungers, but there are local cafes around if you want to take a break and find some shade. best beaches in the world
If you want to try your hand at riding the waves there are plenty of surf schools around offering anything from week-long boot camps to individual lessons. One of the best things about these beaches is you can surf right from the beach. The lessons also vary in quality so do check for reviews and ask for evidence of qualifications before parting with your cash! The surf season in this part of Sri Lanka runs from November to March.

78. Dune du Pilat in France

According to Jennifer Dombrowski & Tim Davis of Luxe Adventure Traveler
Dune du Pilat, located about 30 miles from Bordeaux in the south west of France, is one of France’s most beautiful beaches. The beach itself is a long expanse of pristine golden sand stretching out beneath the towering 100-meter tall Dune du Pilat, Europe’s highest sand dune. best beaches in the world
You won’t find any services on the beach of Dune du Pilat, so be sure to bring everything with you. There are two ways to reach the beach: climb up Dune du Pilat via the staircase installed every summer and then descend down to the beach, or descend down from the staircase at La Coorniche and walk along the promenade to reach the beach beneath the dune. Either way, it’s a bit of trek and involves some steep climbing. The effort is oh-so-worth it for the unique setting. Plan to stay until sunset and watch the sun dip into the Atlantic from atop the dune. It’s the perfect ending to a day trip to Dune du Pilat.

79. 90 Mile Beach in New Zealand

According to Lora Pope of Explore with Lora


90 Mile Beach on the North Island of New Zealand is a never-ending paradise of fun. It stretches from west of Kaitaia all along the coast to Cape Reinga at the top of the North Island. It’s not your typical tropical beach but has many features and activities that make it unique.

The landscape surrounding 90 Mile beach is incredible. Nearby you can go body boarding down massive sand dunes, formed by the wind over many centuries. The beach is bordered by the green Aupouri Forest, which provides a break from the hot sun.  It’s completely surreal to go from lush forest to what feels like the Sahara Desert in a matter of minutes. best beaches in the world

After playing in the sand dunes head back to the water to go for a swim or surf. 90 Mile is famous for having one of the best left-hand surf breaks in the world. Another cool feature about 90 Mile Beach is that it’s officially a highway so you can drive down the beach at low tide, just be sure to get a 4×4! After a day of fun at 90 Mile Beach, don’t forget to stay for the spectacular sunset that lights up the sky each night.

80. Wadden Island of Ameland in The Netherlands

According to Manon van Schagen of Visiting The Dutch Countryside
Follow their adventures via Instagram: @visitingthedutchcountryside


One of the best beaches of the world must be on the Wadden Island of Ameland in The Netherlands. While The Netherlands isn’t internationally known for paradise-looking beaches, as we lack the blue ocean and palm trees, there are some beautiful beaches to be found in The Netherlands.
The Wadden island of Ameland has ‘several’ beaches, but it’s essentially one beach of 27 kilometers long. They are only divided by having different names, but if you continue walking you will only see sand as far as you can look. Until the 27 kilometers end of course. While on the other side you’ll see the Unesco World Heritage Site the Wadden Sea, which is famous for its tides and ecosystem. best beaches in the world

The reason why the beach of Ameland have to be on this list is the softness, the magical surroundings, and the island feeling. The Wadden Island of Ameland is incredibly peaceful and has the widest beaches at the North Western part of the island. So if you’re looking for soft sand, a chilled out atmosphere and long walks on the beach, then Ameland is the perfect island to find it.


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