There were many interesting places to stay in Siem Reap. In fact, there are many hotels we have checked in Siem Reap and I’m surprised at how many there is in the area. But there’s one thing that made us decide to stay at Memoire Palace Resort and Spa, the best experience we had at their other chain hotel, Memoire Siem Reap Hotel.
If you have not read our experience staying at Memoire Siem Reap Hotel yet, you better do it now. One of the best experiences we had staying at hotels was when we were in Siem Reap is staying at Memoire chain of hotels, and it’s amazing, one that we cannot forget.

Memoire Palace Resort and Spa

Memoire Palace Resort and Spa is a luxury resort in the city center of Siem Reap. Located close to the real-life happenings in Siem Reap, where locals in the market and everyday life meet, Memoire Palace Resort and Spa is an oasis in the middle of everything.
What made our stay so special in this friendly and extra accommodating resort was the staff, particularly the Memoire Ambassadors, for being so attentive and caring. Not only that, the rooms, the facilities, the amenities, the restaurants, and the activities in this resort are amazing.

Mohanoti Pool

In the heart of Memoire Palace is their outdoor swimming pool that covers around 40-50% of the resort’s land area. They call this the Mohanoti Pool and is truly unique in the whole of Cambodia.

  • The biggest and the most beautiful fresh-water pool in Siem Reap.
  • The most elegant rounded saltwater pool rises in the middle of the freshwater pool.
  • The largest kids pool with only 70 cm depth.
  • The relaxing bed in the pool where you can enjoy the sunbath.
  • There are well-designed chair and table in the pool so that you can enjoy beer or cocktail or soft drink.
  • Surrounded by the most beautiful building of the best legacy of the 1960s architecture and the most charming paints.
  • The beautiful multi-color LED lights installed in waterproof housings to illuminate the pool at night.

A truly magnificent design is what lies in the middle of the resort. Made for its guests to enjoy outdoor play and swim, that you can take and delight yourself with a drink in the swim-up bar.

During our stay, the resort had a small cocktail celebration where guests were invited to the poolside to come and drink and enjoy. They prepared food, music, and cocktail drinks that are too good not to savor. During the event, Putsa came and made a little conversation while we were both sipping an Anchor Beer, which by the way, was also the best-tasting beer I had in my entire life. I’m not a heavy beer drinker but I think I had 2 or 3 glasses while I was talking with Putsa, plus two more glasses of cocktail prepared by the bartender.

After a short while, Jane and I both went on to swimming and enjoying the most of our time in the pool.

Our Room: The Superior Pool Suite

From the reception, Putsa escorted us onto our room, a Superior Pool Suite located at the second floor of Building A. The Superior Room Suite is carefully decorated with antiques, paintings, and sculptures, that are an important part of a grand temple since it is where the design and interiors were derived from.

Undeniably, we felt a flow of good energy when we got inside the room. It’s a 650 sq ft. suite, one of the biggest rooms we have stayed in. From the door to the left is the wardrobe where the bathrobes and plush slippers are set in. Next to the wardrobe is the door to the restroom and adjacent to that is where the mini-bar (refrigerator, the snacks, the coffee maker, water kettle, and the utensils) and wine selections were situated.
Let’s take a good look at the comfort room. This is definitely one of the best locations in a room, where you can take solitude and your own quiet time anytime you like. It’s composed of a huge mirror from wall to wall, complete with premium bath essentials, hand towels, and drinkable water. You’d easily notice upon going in is the bathtub, it’s laying like it’s inviting you to come and relax in it.

We even had a box of goodies from them as a welcome snack. How lovely!
In front of the bathtub, is a luxury rain shower, with another set of premium bath essentials. Every faucet comes with a hot and cold switch so there are no issues with getting the warm treatment for yourself.

Our most favorite: The Bedroom

Undeniably, the bedroom is always our favorite place because you know why. As couples, we spend more time laying in the bed while watching television or when we are not outside, exploring places.
memoire-palace-resort-and-spa-luxury-greatness-in-siem-reap memoire-palace-resort-and-spa-luxury-greatness-in-siem-reap
The Superior Room Suite comes with a Super King-sized bed where I can even do a cartwheel without falling down. Yes, that big. It’s paired with a huge painting that signifies Khmer culture. The pillows are extra comfortable as well and huge, perfect for a good night’s sleep. An LED neon light is also added at the bottom of the bed to add highlights to its design.
In front of the bed is a 47 inches Smart TV, however, Netflix is not available, but it was set up with a few HD movies for the guest’s entertainment, designed with few sculptures to add accent. We were able to watch two movies of different genres. If you know an airline entertainment, it’s kinda similar to this. It also has cable channels, local and international. There’s also an entertainment system attached to it if you need or want to do more than just watching from the movies they have.

Between the bed and the Smart TV setup is a homely sofa set. And yes, when we are not on the bed, we are staying on the sofa set because that’s where the entertainment lies especially when we are watching movies together.

The balcony of the room is also quite large enough. Situated there were the foam bed, where you can relax while feeling the nice breeze of fresh air or if you want to see what’s below you, the saltwater and the freshwater pool.


Siklo: An activity for Guests

One of the many things you can do while in Memoire Palace Resort and Spa is to try the Siklo (or Cyclo). An old-style bicycle that you can use to explore the whole of the resort. Jane and I had fun riding the cyclo, one must be willing to pedal the bike in order to move forward.

Mohanoti Pool: Freshwater and Saltwater Leisure Pool

Another of the unique features of Memoire Palace Resort and Spa is the Mohanoti Pool. It is aesthetically designed to bring guests the best experience in spending time in the pool. At the center of the pool is the bar and a swim-up table, where you can order your favorite cocktails while dipping in the pool.
memoire-palace-resort-and-spa-luxury-greatness-in-siem-reap memoire-palace-resort-and-spa-luxury-greatness-in-siem-reap
The largest area of the pool is composed of freshwater, including the kiddie pool and the jacuzzi part. The one at the center, a circular-shaped swimming pool is the saltwater one. With bean bags and sunbathing chairs, I’m sure your day wouldn’t be absolute without spending a day at this small slice of paradise.

Breakfast at Aha Udom

After an enjoyable night having a great massage at Memoria Spa and sumptuous dining at The Stage 1960’s, it was finally time to take our breakfast at Aha Udom.

Aha Udom is all-day dining restaurant that brings healthy cuisines directly in your suite or anywhere in the resort. In addition to the popular Cambodian and international breakfast selections, Aha Udom serves many choices of daily healthy juices of different flavors every day. Fresh slices of tropical fruits and delicious pastry make for a healthy breakfast.

There’s also a great selection from the menu that the staff told us as a buffet served in a very different way. Kind of similar to the Artist Lounge of Memoire Siem Reap Hotel, you can get to order what you want from the menu and order again if you felt like eating again. A buffet menu that is made to order, freshly cooked from the kitchen to your table.

Pleasurable Time at Memoire Palace Resort and Spa

Our time at Memoire Palace Resort and Spa has nevertheless been a very pleasurable one. With Putsa being very accommodating and all other staff being friendly and nice, Memoire Palace has made a trademark on our lives, a very memorable one. So far, Siem Reap had been the most hospitable place in our entire traveling lives, marking first on our list.
We have so far experienced the warmest hospitality we could ever imagine in Siem Reap at Memoire Hotels. If there is a 10-star rating, then this hotel will definitely get it. All the people will greet you in your first name with the biggest smiles, and they will all offer help if you need, even when you don’t totally need it.


Our short review at Trip Advisor:

‘What made our stay so delightful is not only because of the unique design and architecture that Memoire Palace has to offer but also the people who work in this resort.
Putsa made our stay better for being so assistive and similar to what we have experienced at Memoire Siem Reap Hotel, we had an instant friend. They definitely know how to treat guests and take care of them and make sure that they will come back.
The best hospitality I have ever experienced so far in our traveling life came from Siem Reap with Memoire Palace and Memoire Siem Reap Hotel.
The rooms are elegantly designed and the interiors are crisp and clean. The room is also quite larger than any of the 5-star hotels I have stayed at from every other country. Outside your room is the jaw-dropping view of the pool with salt water and freshwater pools.
Cleanliness is well-maintained and everything looks great.
We also had a taste at their dining restaurant, Aha Udom and The Stage 1960s. The people who also are in this area are accommodating and very friendly. I forgot the name of the lady and the guy at Stage 1960s but they were really awesome. I also remember that Leap, in Aha Udom, was very kind and helpful when we are having our breakfast.
I had a massage at Memoria Spa for a great nights sleep and it was one of the relaxing massages I ever had.
Will definitely come back and stay here not just because of the facilities, amenities, and services but also because of the people working here. We love those guys and hope we can still find them when we get back.”


Psar Kraoum Road, Svay Dangkum Commune Siem Reap, Kingdom of Cambodia
Tel. (855) 63 766 588


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5. Angkor Temples Tour 
6. Angkor Temples Sunrise Tour
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