After a long day at Siem Reap, spending time at the Mahonati Pool of Memoire Palace Resort and Spa, and having a great massage at the Memoria Spa, it’s now time to taste the best of dinner in our stay in this hotel.
We are scheduled at around 8 pm to take place and dine at The Stage 1960s, a restaurant located just one level above Aha Udom, that caters to traditional and historical dishes of Khmer culture from the old days of war until today.

The Stage 1960s

This restaurant serves dishes from the old times with a hint of a modern twist, plated and garnished in an elegant way, in a dining area decorated with old appliances and memorabilia, on a traditional Khmer set up with a strong French colonial influence.
For the soup, there are three (3) choices; SOMLOR CHAO HON, SOMLOR SREY SUR, and SNGOA TRAV TREY SANDAI. We didn’t actually know what to order so we ended up asking the staff of what’s the best seller out of all the three. She mentioned it was the second one so we opted for Somlor Srey Sur.
For the main dish, we felt like we should get what will make us full, and so of the three choices from the menu; SACH KO AING, MOAN DOT KHNOL, and KAYORNG PLIT BAY KARI TRUNG KREUNG, we picked the second one, Moan Dot Khnol.
From the Top Secret menu, out of all the three choices; Num Kreep Tateuk, Bok Sach Kor, Num Kru-uhk, we decided to go for the Num Kru-uhk.

Somlor Srey Surthe-stage-1960s-taste-the-history-at-memoire-palace-resort-and-spa

A traditional soup of Cambodia, using a mix of Surf and Turf with relatively mature coconut that has the particularity to have very soft skin. The Royal Celestial Soup with Lean Pork, Chicken Breast, Prawn, Coconut Flesh and Cilantro Springs. The Stage 1960s


Moan Dot Knol

This dish is commonly found in local eateries at the straw huts near ancient monuments. This is an ideal meal during a family outing to visit the temples. The traditional way of roasting the free-range (organic) chicken is in a heavy cast-iron pot, over a charcoal fire. Roasted Free Range Chicken stuffed with Lemongrass, Kaffir Leaf, served with Young Jack Fruit and Citrus Black Pepper Corn Dip and Spicy Sweet Sour Sauce. The Stage 1960s siem reap

Num Kru-uhk

This dish is made of Rice Coconut Puffs with Prawn, Crispy Bacon, Khmer Dressing Topped Creamy Herb Espuma.

As we were still waiting for the food, we had the chance to look around and chat a bit with the staff at the restaurant. Also, while waiting, we opted for the drinks in the form of cocktail and wine. The Stage 1960s cambodia
There was interestingly old radio that came from Japan, not a jukebox, but really an old-style radio that still works and I asked the staff if they could try and open it. Amazingly, even though it looks really old, it works perfectly connected to the speakers inside the restaurant, with the tune of Elton John songs.
While our ordered food was being served, the staff tells about some of the histories of the food, what’s made of it, and some information we need to know on how to properly eat each dish. It was a dining area that feels like you are learning more while having your tummy full of sumptuous treats.

The staff in the restaurant was really cool, kind, and great service. They all are full of smiles and feels like a long-term friend when you just met them. This is something that we know we couldn’t simply forget in Siem Reap or particularly in Memoire chain of hotels, their hospitality and welcoming personality is contagious, it will make your day better.
We personally would recommend that you go and eat at The Stage 1960s if you are a history buff and or someone who loves to eat food with a story behind it.


Street Phsar Kroam Krong Siem Reap, Krong Siem Reap 17252
(inside Memoire Palace Resort and Spa)
 +85569 279 888 | +85569 261 888
 [email protected]

The Stage 1960s



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