Dreaming of the day you finally get to see new sights again? While this may not happen anytime soon due to the virus pandemic, you can certainly dream – and plan – your way to future family vacations even while you are in quarantine. 

Although a pandemic might not exactly be the best time or place to start planning for a family vacation, it certainly serves as a welcome distraction. Apart from being a fun family bonding time, it also provides everyone with something positive to look forward to in the future. 

If you are gearing up for a family vacation after quarantine, using an app to plan your vacation is all you need to jumpstart the excitement. Download and take a look at what the apps below have to offer, and you can finally lay your numerous notes and spreadsheets to rest. 


Check Out These 3 App to Plan Vacations Today

Planning a trip isn’t easy, especially when you have a lot of factors to consider. To help you out, make sure to take a look at these mobile applications below.

Visit a City

Two of the most common dilemmas faced by travelers is knowing how long they need to stay at each destination and how to plan their visit by successfully grouping the nearby attractions to maximize their time. 

Thanks to the Visit a City app, you can now rest easy as it provides you with guides on how to best spend the number of days you’ll be in the city or country. To use it, you only need to provide the number of days you plan to spend and it will give you a number of travel options to choose from.


Depending on what you want to see, you can easily choose from the best attractions, one that’s geared for the family, a packed itinerary, and an easy-going one. By putting together guides in your designated time frame, Visit a City allows you to maximize your vacation

This app is a great way to jumpstart your plans as this gives you a rough estimate on how much time you need to spend in a place before even booking a flight, thereby saving you money later on. Plus, you can also book tours via this mobile application. Visit a City is available for iOS and Android users.


Available for download on both iOS and Android for free, Hopper is your best friend when it comes to scouring the web for the best prices on airfare and hotel accommodations

What makes this app unique is that it advises you to either book your trip or wait to book at a later time – for a favorable price. 


In the event it tells you to wait, it allows you to create a price watch to keep tabs on prices with your device. It will send you a notification telling you when you should book. All you need to do is type in your destination and it shows you the cheapest and most expensive dates to travel. 


Are you a fan of the seamless consolidation of everything in your itinerary? TripIt may be the one for you. This app to plan vacations allows you to organize all your trip details and itineraries – all in one nifty place. This is available for download for free on both Apple and Android devices

To make this application work, users are required to send confirmation emails and itinerary details to [email protected]. Then, TripIt itself will be responsible for making a master file for each trip which can be used even while you’re offline. 

Besides the free feature, users have the option to upgrade to a TripIt Pro premium subscription for $49 per year. This allows you to track your flights and related notifications real-time, as well as keep you up-to-date on the miles and rewards points you have earned. 

In addition, you can access and share your itineraries with other people in your family, allowing them to be in-the-know about your upcoming family vacation. 

The Bottom Line

Planning a trip with your family after the virus pandemic dies down? You can check out these apps while in quarantine so you can make your upcoming family vacation one worth looking forward to. Who knows, you might just come out more prepared than ever before.