Distance tracking apps are on the rise. From measuring the steps one has taken to mapping the distance a person has ran to tracking the length someone has swam, there now are a ton of tools that enable users to keep track of the distance they have gone.

With this, it comes as a no surprise that cycling trackers are now also available. The Strava app, especially, is one of the most popular bets among the options. Complete with advance features and tools, the software enjoys a favored status among the community of riders across the globe.

Interested to try out this app? Here, we have prepared a brief guide that will let you know the what, how, and where of using the software. Read on and see whether the Strava: Track Running, Cycling & Swimming is the best option for you.



Strava: Track Running, Cycling & Swimming – Features & Perks

Recognized to be one of the most popular GPS cycling apps, Strava boasts of its reliable and advanced ride logging functions geared to helping users keep track of their various fitness activities, monitor their stats, and measure their performance using the data collected. Specifically, with the said app, users have the option to choose from three different ways to keep on top of their trainings and activities. 

The first one is recording their runs, swims, and rides, where they can get key stats on the distance they have traveled, their speed, the elevation they’ve gained, and the calories they have burned. Later, they can use the data to measure their performance and identify areas for improvement.

The second option is to connect with friends and have their own personal Strava heat maps.  And, lastly, users can also choose to engage in monthly challenges and compete with others to add spice to their fitness activities.


To heighten the communal vibe, individuals can also share their record routes and photos of their latest bike rides on their Strava feeds to share with their friends and followers. Here, they can freely leave comments, praises, and suggestions.

On top of that, if someone is looking for an adventure, they may simply turn to the app to explore new routes, build one of their own, or get inspired by a friend’s activity that they can see on their feed. If you like someone else’s activity, you can send that route to your phone or GPS device. 

With this, it comes as a no surprise that Strava claims itself to be “the world’s largest route and trail resource” to date, with millions of athletes sharing popular stretches of roads or trails that are perfect for cycling. 

Possible Issues you may Encounter

Of course, similar to all other tracking apps, Strava can also has its own setbacks. Specifically, since the app records activities using GPS, devices that may have problems with their GPS may negatively affect the overall performance of the app. Among the common issues is the inaccurate collection of data.


Where to Get Strava: Track Running, Cycling, & Swimming

Fortunately, the Strava app is now available for both iOS and Android devices. To get the app, you may simply visit the Apple Store (if you’re an iOS user) or the Google Play (if you’re an Android user). From there, tap on the search bar, type in Strava and click Enter. Look for the title of the app from the results and tap the Download button.

Generally, you can have access to the standard version of Strave for free. However, if you want to ditch the ads and take advantage of all of its features, you can choose to subscribe to its Summit pack, which is available at $5.00 a month or subscribe to the app’s other paid bundles.

The Bottom Line

Impressed with the Strava: Track Running, Cycling & Swimming app? Whether you simply want to record your rides for future reference or want to measure your cycling performance, turning to this incredible software can help you do that. Download this app today to track your activities!