Wanting to learn a new language? From being able to hold conversations with more people to securing better job prospects, learning another language is beneficial for many reasons. Sure, while the process of picking up words that are foreign to you might be daunting at first, carrying out the feat is not impossible.

In fact, there are now a ton of ways you can make your educational journey easier. From books to CDs to foreign series, you’ll never run out of options to choose from. However, if you’re after optimal convenience, portability, and interactive engagement, turning to mobile apps might be your best bet.

Here, we have rounded up the best apps you can download for your foreign language studies. From their features and prices to how they can be downloaded, here are everything you need to know about each of them. Continue reading to learn more about these helpful apps.


Best Language Learning Apps


It’s hard to discuss the best language learning apps without the mention of the popular app Duolingo. After all, the platform has managed to maintain its status as the most downloaded mobile language learning app for years now. 

Combining gamification with learning, Duolingo helps users expand their vocabulary and ultimately learn new languages by engaging in fun and competitive mobile games and activities

To make the platform more effective, it educates its users by starting with short and fun discussions on basic verbs, phrases, and sentences, which gradually move to more complex subjects, including correct pronunciation and accent. To help users stay motivated, the app comes with tons of interactive activities that let individuals earn virtual coins and unlock new levels as they progress through their educational journey.


To date, Duolingo is available for both iOS and Android users. Therefore, anyone can get it by simply downloading the app from the Apple Store or Google Play. On top of that, the app is totally free! However, if you want to ditch the ads and download lessons on the app for offline use, you are free to subscribe to Duolingo Plus at a price of $9.99 a month.


If you’re the type who prefers to learn using flashcards, Memrise is the perfect app to check out. Similar to Duolingo, the platform also blends lessons with fun games and activities. However, while the former offers a diverse set of random tests, Memrise uses a science-backed spaced repetition learning style to secure faster learning and memorization of new words.

On top of that, the app even comes with memes and uses hilarious associations with the studied words to help make your educational journey more fun and effective. Through the said platform, users can also watch video clips and learn real conversational language from native speakers themselves!

Fortunately, Memrise is also available in both the Apple Store and through Google Play. However, although it does offer a standard version for free, you will need to avail its paid subscription if you want to access all its courses and features, which costs $9 per month.



Another worthy mobile app that you should take a look at is the Busuu app. Working as an Al-powered language learning platform, this spectacular app comes complete with full courses in 12 languages.  

To ensure that users will be able to learn at their own pace and level, Busuu lets them begin with a placement test. Based on the results of that initial activity, the app will determine the appropriate arrangement that will help users enjoy discussions that are suitable to their current level.

Similar to Memrise, Busuu also lets individuals connect with native speakers via the platform. However, what makes it even more special is its promise of optimal interactivity. Specifically, using the app, individuals can learn their preferred language by taking personalized study plans, receiving instant feedback on written and spoken lessons, and turning to the app’s in-built AI-powered grammar tool.

Busuu can be downloaded straight from the Apple Store or Google Play for free. However, it is only by availing its premium version, which is available at $9.99 per month, that you can have offline access, grammar tips, and official certificates from language instructors. 

The Bottom Line

Have you determined which among these apps suit you best? Whether you’re a frequent traveler who loves connecting with new people or a student who needs to study for an upcoming language exam, turning to these language learning apps can help make your educational journey faster, easier, and more effective.

Check out any of these apps today.