With more families finding themselves holed up at home, many parents are finding it challenging to keep their children’s health and wellbeing in check. After all, without their routine, some kids are now becoming stir-crazy.

Whether you’re coming down with cabin fever or simply bored all week long, it’s essential to novel ways to keep life happening – even from the confines and comforts of your own home. Not only will these activities keep everyone in your household engaged, but it will also serve as a bonding time for the fam. 

If you are keen on finding new ways to keep your kids and families entertained during quarantine, look no further. We have compiled a list of some quarantine staycation ideas that are both fun for the kids and kids at heart. Take a look. 


“Ordering” Room Service

One of the best parts of staycations is ordering in room service. While deliveries are limited to essential items and food stuff at the moment, you can certainly recreate this experience for your kids and even your significant other using items you already have at home.

Curate a menu where your family can order from. In true room service fashion, give them access to “call” you and give their respective orders. In turn, you can bring their items and goodies to their rooms. You can even put a little bell for them to ring on for whatever they may need. 

To complete the R&R vibe, why not bring out the plush pillows and make the bed hotel-style? This will bring children to a place of comfort and transform the place with little to no spending. The only caveat is that they might not be able to resist jumping on the bed. 


Lounging in the Sun

If you are lucky to have a backyard that’s wide enough for people to gather, you can definitely maximize your space by propping up some lounge chairs and simply reveling in the warmth of the sun. 

You can even set up an inflatable or foldable pool for your kids to wade in. Add in some pool toys and they’re all set. With this simple set-up, you can recreate your trips to the beach while staying clear of all the people. 

Star Gazing

At night, you can watch the stars with your whole family. They can find the patterns, faces, and even name these constellations. If you’re one for history and nostalgia, you can share the origins of these constellations and the stories that lay behind them.

Baking Bread and Cookies

Have you been turning to food lately to offer you comfort in these trying times? With cooking and baking as a primary coping mechanism for many, this would be a great way not only to bond with your children, but also to help release some of their stress and anxiety. 


Cooking and baking with kids is a type of art that requires creativity. What better way to channel your kids’ artistic talents is through baking. After you have made bread, cakes, or cupcakes, allow them to decorate their creations with frosting or even some edible paint

Having a Spa Day

Tired from dealing with the stress and anxieties that the quarantine has ushered in? Why not take a spa day and recreate a wonderful staycation that will ease all the worries away. While a massage is more than welcome, you can also include other pampering activities for the day. 

For example, with Korean beauty (or K-beauty) all the rage these days, you can certainly use face masks to add moisture to the skin. Aloe vera gels will also make a good alternative as these are moisturizing and soothing on their own. 

Plus, you can also have a mani-pedi session with your kids. They will surely go crazy with all the colors and designs they can make. To complete the experience, bring out robes and towels – they’ll feel as if they have a spa right in their own home. 

The Bottom Line

Spending time at home means more time with the family. With these quarantine staycation ideas, you can ensure that the whole family, especially the kids, will be in on the fun. Through your efforts and your creativity, you’re sure to make this unique time one for the books.