Let’s face it. Traveling is a privilege and not everyone can just go out and travel the world.

Though you can lower your costs when traveling but it was never free. It always comes with some exchanges for one or at a certain cost.

Regardless of the fact whether it is financial matters, family commitments, or situations, travel is not everyone’s cup of tea. traveling is a privilege

Indeed, finance is by all accounts the principle factor which thwarts an individual from quitting their job they are not happy with, an existence that doesn’t make them glad and pursuing their fantasy of venturing to the far corners of the planet.


Traveling is a privilege but it’s not just a benefit for the affluent class. Many individuals overrate the cost of long haul travel. But, with correct techniques and insight, travel could be far more moderate than you can imagine.

Encouraging an individual to “not to think about the cost of travel” or “quit your job to explore the world” and just follow your fantasy is unethical.

If a person is giving priority to not quitting a job or not to travel and rather save the money, then you might actually be at a position where you cannot fulfill your desires and have no choice but to work hard whether it’s by will or not. traveling is a privilege


Now talking about the privilege ones, their experiences are more precious than things itself. Travel privileges might come from an affluent class to which your family belongs where you do not have to worry upon the job, living, or food. Also, travel privilege is to those who are physically fit and free of illness.

Disability, regardless of whether physical or mental, makes nearly impossible for the one to travel.

Furthermore, travel can be complicated for women from a “safety point of view”. With increasing criminal activities, who would guarantee peace of mind for women (and even men) who wish to travel alone?

Even the gender and race biases these days is a cause for concern. While traveling, you require proper passport and visa which accurately reflects your gender. For “Trans population”, this question is still left unanswered. traveling is a privilege

Moreover, these days, terrorist activities around the globe have increased immensely. Continuous violent and criminal activities from countries involved in terrorist activities make it complicated for their residents to travel as they do not get their visa application processed. Thus, the ones who have the privilege to travel without such issues should feel that they are the lucky ones.


Every individual does not have the means and ability to travel extensively. It is not necessary that everyone speaks English or apply for a credit card that rewards you for your travel trips. Many people on this earth have responsibilities towards their aged parents, physically or mentally challenged siblings or special child.

Those who can travel leaving behind all things have incredible luck and the means to fulfill their dreams.

Despite the fact that travel is a privilege and it’s not literally free, some affirmation contradicting this is few people can fulfill their dream even when there is no way, just by working hard and making efficient strategies that will lead you on the correct path. traveling is a privilege

Like for travel bloggers, they could get free trips but that is in exchange for a feature or an article.

Thus, the objective of this post is not to dishearten you, rather it is to inspire you that you too can travel regardless of the state, gender, or race you’re in and that traveling will always come at a cost.

traveling is a privilege