The Two Best Reasons to Travel to New Zealand This Winter


Winter in the US is summertime in New Zealand. If you have never been, and want a place to escape the cold, cloudy days; the extended, gelid nights; the endless stream of illnesses; and the ice-covered roads; then New Zealand is just the place for you! It is the complete opposite this time of year.

But why go to New Zealand? What is it about the country that sets it apart from other regions of the world?

The short answer is this: it has everything. Travel to New Zealand




This land, far in the South Pacific, has the most amazing adventures that can be found on the planet. The sights in New Zealand are so majestic and varying, there are few areas on Earth that combine so many natural features into two small islands. Rarely will you find a local population as hospitable as the Kiwis.

So pack your swim shorts and hiking boots but bring your winter coat as well (you’ll find out why later). You will need it all for this adventure. Below, you will discover some of the reasons you should take a vacation to the two islands of New Zealand.

Summer Fun in the Sun

You can experience summer a second time around by taking a trip to New Zealand in the wintertime (confusing, isn’t it?). Travel to this paradise to swim and surf along the beaches. The country’s west coast (of both islands) are the better locations for surfing because of the westerly winds blowing in from that direction, stirring up the waves. Travel to New Zealand



For warmer surfing, seek out the beaches of the North Island, it is closer to the equator and the warmer ocean currents. If you don’t mind a little bit cooler water, surf along the South Island’s coast is arguably the best there is. Regardless of which beach you choose, you will find ideal surfing conditions anywhere you go.

With an average summertime temperature of 85°, New Zealand is one of the best places to explore the natural world. There are a number of trails for you to hike along and see the majesty of this land. If you have children, then you will want to stick to the short walks. These are short treks, most lasting no more than two or three hours, depending on the pace you take.


If you are up for a long journey, taking anywhere from three to five days (yes, days), then the Great Walks are for you. During these multi-day hikes, you will travel through ancient rainforests, along pristine lakes, active volcanoes, and white sandy beaches. You will adventure over mountains, through rivers (yes, through them), and a long rope bridges. All manner of wildlife will be on display as you trek through their natural habitats.

Summer in New Zealand is also the time to explore the cities of this amazing country. Not only will you get to experience local shopping (US dollars go a little further than the NZ dollar, so you can buy more), native dishes, and Kiwi nightlife, the cities are packed full of history and culture. Maori performances are conducted in various places throughout the season, demonstrating the successful blending of the Polynesian culture with the colonial English way of life. Travel to New Zealand


 Winter in the Wrong Time of Year

Although it is summer in New Zealand while the US is freezing, the small country is not without its own touch of winter. Glaciers unlike any others in the world slowly trace a path across the mountainous landscape toward the sea. Here, in the deep ravines of the West Coast, these remnants of the Ice Age continue their own journeys.


Exploring these astounding natural features is why you brought your coats. The temperatures around the glaciers are far below the national average, allowing for the glaciers to continue their cycle of melting and renewal. The snow-covered surface of the Franz Josef and Fox Glaciers are adventures unto themselves. You can hike across the tops to see the surrounding ravine and mountains, or you can do a bit of ice climbing to see where the glaciers actually begin.

the-two-best-reasons-to-travel-to-new-zealand-this-winterIt is the passages and tunnels inside the glaciers that make them truly spectacular. As the glacier melts and refreezes, openings appear in the ice. Walking and squeezing through them is a tremendous experience that cannot be ignored.


You can kayak down the rivers kept chilled by the frigid waters melting off the glacier. You can hike along the base of the glaciers. To view the glaciers from this level will give you an appreciation for their enormity and a renewed sense of amazement for the natural world.

Blog about New Zealand Travel to New Zealand

Now you know why you should take a trip to New Zealand in the winter, while the country is in the midst of summer. Make sure you blog about your amazing adventures crawling through the various glow worm caves or rafting down the rapids down the Upper Grey River.

If you post about your travels, you will be preserving your journey for your future self. You will be able to relive the wonder and excitement you felt when you first took your trip to New Zealand. You will be able to lock into words the emotions you felt each and every day of your vacation.


Since you will be writing your blog for others to read, not just yourself, you will want to include pictures to emphasize your journey. Naturally, you would want to include any pictures you took of the site or activity you are discussing. At times though you may find you need some additional imagery. Use some free stock nature photos to enhance your posts. Travel to New Zealand

Blogging about your winter vacation to summer New Zealand is not only a great way to chronicle your journey, but it will inspire you to make a return trip to the two islands. There is so much to do, so many different adventures to dive into, that one trip alone cannot fit them all in. Rereading your own blog may cause you to go back next winter.



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