• Visit theme parks

San Antonio is stocked full of fun locations to visit, and among these are several theme parks. Everyone loves theme parks, making them suitable sites for a tour either alone or with the family.
The most famous theme parks are Six Flags Fiesta Texas and SeaWorld San Antonio.
At Six Flags Fiesta, you get a traditional theme park, filled with the usual theme park rides like Ferris wheels and water parks. The theme park is massive, with distinct themed areas for entertainment.

Photo by NeONBRAND on Unsplash

Visit there to satisfy your craving for water parks, bumper car rides, and a great roller coaster. The theme park also has several eateries and shopping spots, which will give you a fulfilling visit for you and your family. SeaWorld San Antonio is another famed theme park, unique since it also dabbles as an aquarium.
Here, you can experience a similar thrill as at other theme parks will roller coasters and pools while getting an additional experience of getting a close-up look at marine life, including dolphins, polar bears, killer whales, and penguins.
Additionally, SeaWorld also has a child-centred zone where children can meet Sesame Street characters and ride on mini roller coasters.

  • Visit museums and historical landmarks.

San Antonio hosts numerous museums and historical landmarks.

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The region boasts a diverse cultural history from early indigenous Americans to German migrants. The area has had a plethora of inhabitants who have enhanced the cultures in the region. These unique cultures have also created numerous and unique historical sites that seek to maintain the rich history of San Antonio.
Among the historic landmarks is The Alamo, the most popular and visited landmark in Texas. Another important historic site is the San Antonio Missions National Historical Park, a UNESCO World Heritage site.
The museums include the San Antonio Museum of Art, the Witte Museum, the Buckhorn Saloon and Museum, and the Texas Ranger Museum. Visiting any of these locations is easily among the 38 Best & Fun Things To Do in San Antonio.
These sites will help you get a holistic understanding of Texan culture and history, in addition to viewing collections of ancient artifacts from around the world. A trip here would be both fun and enlightening.

  • The San Antonio RiverWalk

The San Antonio Riverwalk is arguably the most iconic area to visit when in San Antonio.
The site, also known as el Paseo del Rio, is a must-visit when in Texas. The area is surrounded by numerous shops, eateries, and iconic locations, making it a hotspot for tourists. Further, the Riverwalk connects visitors to several other major attractions in San Antonio, like parks and Museums.
You can also spend the day cruising down the San Antonio River, which is a fulfilling experience. The presence of an array of eye-catching views and locations makes the San Antonio RiverWalk an essential bucket list site when visiting the area.
Most amazingly, unlike other places mentioned earlier, the River Walk is free; you do not have to pay anything to access the iconic location.