As the new decade starts, you might find yourself wanting to move out of your comfort zone and travel more. In fact, your New Year’s resolution might include being a better traveler and seeing the world from a new perspective. You’re not alone in this.

For many individuals, this means traveling to far-flung places and new countries on the top of their list. In this day and age, you might be wondering, “is it even possible to travel to at least four new countries this year?” Although you may be doubtful of 2020’s potential and what it has in store for you, you can definitely hit this goal for the year.

If you are interested to find out ways you can travel to at least four new destinations, you are in for a treat. Take a look at this guide. This might just help you score great deals wherever you wish to go.


Go To Countries Near You

Transatlantic flights tend to cost more – and for good reason. These flights require more fuel and mileage, which is why they command a relatively higher price tag. To help you stay on budget for the year, why not choose countries that are already near you?

Individuals living in Asia – for example, Japan or Thailand – would do well to visit neighboring countries in Asia. Such trips often only require a few hours of travel time. Not to mention, they have a more affordable price tag.

Find Cheap Flights

Once you have your plans and wish list in hand, it’s time to book your flights as early as you can. Doing so allows you to score great deals and get to your destination at a fraction of the cost. Find flight deals by scouring the web and using booking sites like Expedia, CheapOAir, Travelzoo, TripAdvisor Flights, Google Flights, and many similar pages. These ensure that you find the best prices across different routes and airlines.


Getting your hands on cheap and more affordable flights allows you to cross more countries off your list. If you are lucky enough to have a travel fair near your area, make sure not to miss out on it. Often, travel companies and licensed agents are privy to seat sales, flight promos, and accommodation discounts. Take your plans with you and visit the event to score affordable flights. You’re guaranteed to get at least 20 to 30% off regular fares.

Statistics from SmarterTravel show that flights should be booked 54 days in advance. But if you manage to find affordable airfares and flights even 6 months to a year before your trip, why not, right?

Book In Advance

Now that you have booked your flights in advance, you might as well take the chance to book your accommodations and tours as well. Booking in advance allows you to get low prices compared to when your planned vacation is coming up. Plus, you can rid yourself of the hassle of searching for rooms and places last minute – especially during peak season where prices can be sky-high.

Use Your Credit Card

One of the best ways to travel to more countries is to use your credit card. Bonus points if you have a travel credit card on hand. Apart from letting you accumulate more points and even more mileage, you can use the rewards to pay for your trip!


Depending on the terms and conditions of your card, you can actually use your miles to fly to a destination of your choice. You can also enjoy exclusive promos and discounts on accommodations, so it’s certainly a win-win situation.

The Bottom Line

Hoping to travel at least four countries this year? Make this travel resolution come true with these handy tips. After all, seeing the world doesn’t have to be expensive.