Mexico has been receiving thousands of visitors every year then the popular international destinations, as the place paints a stunning image of blue water beaches with white sand and bright sunny days. The country has several popular destinations, we such as Cabo San Lucas and Cancun, which are frequented from travelers across the world, as it has all essential elements of upscale vacation spots like delectable foods, shopping, nightlife, etc.
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However, if you are planning to travel to Mexico to attend a friend’s wedding or travel with your family or friends, it is important to know a few tips to get the most out of your Mexican vacation.

  1. Rich In UNESCO Heritage Sites

Mexico boasts of having around 34 UNESCO heritage sites, such as Chichen Itza, Michoacán’s Monarch butterfly reserve, San Miguel de Allende, the popular colonial city, country’s biggest biosphere reserve, El Vizcaino and many other natural wonders.

  1. Safe To Visit


The travelers can visit any destinations in Mexico without having a fear of being harmed by drug cartels or robbed. Several destinations like Coyoacan and Cabo San Lucas are thronged by tourists of all ages, as they can easily find villa rentals at affordable costs and within their budget to spend their holidays safely and peacefully. The locals here are very friendly and can help you if you need any kind of advice or suggestions or directions while travelling to a new destination.

  1. Natural Fabrics Are Best

As the sun shines in the Mexican soil all year round, avoid packing any woollen clothes during your travel. The humid and hot temperatures in this region demand you to wear clothes made from breathable natural fabrics like cotton or linen. Stay comfortable and avoid sweat by packing cotton dresses if you are planning to visit Mexico during the summers.

  1. More Than Tacos 

If you thought Tacos is the only Mexican food, then you need to rethink that. Mexico has a varied cuisine, as every region follow a distinct cuisine. You can experiment the flavours of the local delicacies, such as mole poblano, tamales, tortas and dishes of Mayan origin like lime soup and cochinita pibil, a dish of banana leaves covered slow roasted pork served with orange marinade.
If you’re going on a backpacking trip to Mexico, you’d get to taste a lot of local and best tasting delicacies in this country.

There are several bakeries here that offer fine desserts like Churros featuring sugar and cinnamon covered fried dough; sweet Mexican bread calld pan dulce, polvorones, concha, tres leches cake, and flan.

  1. Shop Till You Drop

The travellers to Mexico love to shop for souvenirs like coffee and tequila, which are available in the street shops of the city. The city is also popular for selling handicrafts made by the locals. You can shop for woollen blankets, leather bags, talavera pottery, chocolate, handmade hammocks, cinnamon and much more. If you are a shopaholic and love bargaining, then have a specific budget to shop till your heart’s content.
These tips will help you have a wonderful time at your first trip to Mexico, as you can eat your favourite delicacies, dress right for the occasion and shop for interesting souvenirs for your loved ones and friends.


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