Summer is coming or you’re stressed out of work? Anyway could it be, we all need a time for ourselves, right? We all need that pampering, stress-free leave at least once or twice in our lives. A day or two of not worrying about tomorrow. Just being us, only us.
We know that feeling, so here’s a list of 10 quick getaway places near Manila we could definitely go to anytime!

1. La Virginia Hotel and Resort

La Virginia Hotel and Resort is only two to three hours away from Manila. It is situated in Mataas na Kahoy, Batangas. You can enjoy, dine, and relax overlooking the famous Taal Lake in the scenery. A place most perfect for family getaways and team building activities. There are also several activities you can do in this resort like wall climbing, archery, and zip line.  Quick Getaways near Metro Manila
They also have quite a few fancy locations and pools inside the resort which will definitely make your jaw drop because of its vast beauty.
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How to Get to La Virginia Hotel and Resort from Manila

  1. Ride a bus heading to SM Lipa via JAC Liner/DLTB/Jam, etc. Tell the driver to drop you off at Mataas na Kahoy. (P124.00 to P130.00 each // less than $3)
  2. Next, ride a jeepney bound for Mataas na Kahoy and tell the driver to drop you off at 7-11. (P8.00)
  3. From 7-11, ride a tricycle and tell the driver to bring you to La Virginia Hotel and Resort. (P60.00) per one-way ride.

2. Kapusod

Kapusod is not your ordinary staycation getaway. Kapusod has unique accommodations suitable for your relaxation and comfort. Plus, it’s only two hours away from Manila too. It’s a complete retreat away from the bustling city and busy lives. If you need to take a break from the busy corporate life, this is one of the places I really would recommend. You deserve relaxation and a break from your busy schedule.
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3. Shercon Resort and Ecology Park

Kapusod, La Virginia, and Shercon Resort are all situated in Mataas na Kahoy, Batangas. We only did a day tour of this lovely resort as we need to head back to our homes. It is a home to many pools with unique identities. Every pool is different and has its own character and beauty. They also have prenup packages for couples.  Quick Getaways near Metro Manila
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How to Get to Shercon Resort and Ecology Park from Manila

From Buendia/Manila
1. Take a DLTB/Jam bus that heads to SM Lipa (bus sign would be SM Lipa). The ticket cost is 124 Php (2.5 USD) per person. The travel time would be around 1.5 – 2 hours. Tell the driver to drop you off at SM or Robinson’s Lipa jeepney terminal.
2. At the mall’s terminal, look out for jeepneys with “Mataas na Kahoy” sign and tell the driver to drop you off at 711 convenience store. The fare cost is only 13 Php per person. Buy some stuff at 711 if you need to.
3. Hire a tricycle across 711 and tell them to bring you to Shercon Resort and Ecology Park. The fare cost is only 50 Php (special rate).

4. El Masfino Hotel and Resort

El Masfino Hotel and Resort is located within the Royal Northwoods Golf and Country Club, only 1-hour drive away from Manila. The resort is within the golf and country club itself. The resort has obstacle courses as well as the picnic area for physical activities. You may opt to slide, climb, or swing in the activity area or playground or just plainly enjoy the overall view of the resort.
Adrenaline boosting activities, you ask? They have that as well! You can rent the bicycle or the dune buggy for that. The road to enjoy the dune buggy is just outside the lobby area but still within the grounds of the resort.
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How to get to El Masfino Hotel and Resort

El Masfino Hotel and Resort is now open to everyone, members, and non-members. But the best way to get to them is to contact them first. If you’re commuting, you can take a Baliuag bound bus in Cubao (75 PHP) and alight at Baliuwag Town Proper. From there, hire a tricycle and tell them you’d go to El Masfino Resort inside Royal Northwoods Golf and Country Club. Quick Getaways near Metro Manila
Make sure to get the tricycle driver’s cell phone number so they can deliver you out from the resort as there are no public means of transportation from the inside. Remember that El Masfino Hotel and Resort is an exclusive resort.
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5. Bato Springs Resort

Bato Springs Resort is located in the town of San Pablo City, Laguna, two hours drive from Manila. It is located between the Mt. Cristobal and Mt. Banahaw. It was established in 1981 where it was first a river and then later on developed into a better version of what it is right now.
Bato Springs Resort is a perfect getaway to lessen the heat this summer and keep your coolness. With natural spring water flowing into the area, cold and chill vibes will surely be touching your inner hotness. Literally speaking, the water is too cold at day, and even colder at night. Refresh your way to a better day!
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For only less than 700 pesos, you can get to chill, relax, swim, and enjoy in this beautifully created natural spring resort. Quick Getaways near Metro Manila

How to get to Bato Springs Resort?

From Manila/Buendia, ride a bus heading to Lucena. Tell the driver to drop you off at Bato Springs Resort drop off in San Pablo, Laguna. Fare from Buendia to San Pablo is 127 Php (as of May 7, 2017).
From the drop-off point, hire a tricycle straight to Bato Springs Resort. The ride is good for 5 people and no matter how many you are, the fixed price to the resort is 150 Php, one way.
Going back to Manila, just ride a tricycle again outside the resort and wait until a bus appears at the highway.

6. Lake Pandin

Lake Pandin is one of the naturally beautiful bodies of water situated in the city of San Pablo, Laguna – two to three hours away from Manila. The lake has luscious colors of green we would love. From its grasses to the trees, everything looks so stunning. The coconut trees that surround the area is just one of your-gonna-be favorites in this place.
Once you’re in the location, a great scenery awaits. Plus, there also are stores that offer Halo-halo, Mais con Yelo, Calamay, Ube HalayaBuko Juice, and a few to quench your thirst or fill your stomach after the short trek.
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How to get to Lake Pandin from Manila?

Ride a bus heading to Lucena, could either be JAC, JAM, DLTB, LLI, or any, as long as it is passing thru San Pablo. Tell the conductor to drop you off at 711 convenience store near San Pablo Church.
Fare: 127 pesos at JAC Liner. Travel time is around 2-3 hours.
Beside 711 convenience store are jeepneys bound to Nagcarlan-Liliw or Ilog. Tell the driver to drop you off at Pandin Lake entrance. The fare is around 20 pesos. Travel time is around 10-20 mins.

7. Kamayan sa Palaisdaan Hotel and Resort

Kamayan sa Palaisdaan is a known restaurant (now with a Hotel and Resort) located in Tayabas City, Quezon, along Lucena-Lucban route. They offer fresh seafood and lots and lots of Filipino delicacies served at a balsa and bahay-kubo. So literally, you are floating atop a huge fish pond. But the food is not our highlight. It’s the resort and hotel. Quick Getaways near Metro Manila
If you want to experience a unique restaurant, the Air Summit Gourmet is an airport-themed restaurant located in the vicinity. You would have to order your food in their immigration counter (as they call it). Once you ordered from the pricey menu (the officer told me that – and it’s true), you may then take a seat on the plane.
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How to get to Kamayan sa Palaisdaan?

1. From Manila/Buendia terminals, ride a bus heading to Lucena and alight the last stop, the Lucena Grand Terminal. Bus fare is 210 per person. Travel time is around 3 to 5 hours depending on the traffic situation.
2. At the Lucena Grand Terminal, look for jeepneys heading to Lucban. Tell the driver to drop you off at Kamayan sa Palaisdaan Resort. Jeepney fare is 22 pesos/person. Travel time from Grand Terminal to the resort is roughly 20 minutes. The resort is on the left side of the road.
3. Once you’re there, you would notice a huge airplane. It’s one of their main attractions in the resort, the Air Summit Gourmet.
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8. Tagaytay Farmhills Vacation House

The vacation house is located in Tagaytay Farmhills, a gated estate located in Brgy. Ulat, Silang, Cavite, one ride away to Tagaytay proper. It’s a quiet gated community with no immediate neighbours. All Tagaytay and its amenities are a short drive away. Jeepneys and other public transportations are available after 5-10 minutes walk from the estate to the main road. So, if you’re going to this place, you must BRING OR BUY YOUR OWN FOOD.
Everything was pleasant and perfect and a little overwhelming considering that I grew up in a simple home. You’d simply wish that you own a home similar to this property.
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How to get to Tagaytay Farmhills Vacation House

Coming from Manila, ride a bus that stops at Olivarez Plaza, Tagaytay. (I don’t know how much, we came from Robinson’s Dasmariñas).
Cost: From Robinson’s Dasma: 33 each / From Manila: (??)
From Olivarez Plaza, hire a tricycle and tell the driver to drive you off at Tagaytay Farmhills in Brgy. Ulat.
Cost: 80 pesos one-way. Quick Getaways near Metro Manila
Note that not all of the tricycle drivers knew about the place so you have to guide them as well to get to the house. Please use GOOGLE MAPS for that (just like we did).
By car, once you’re in Olivarez, please just use WAZE or GOOGLE MAPS and navigate to the property.

9. Makiling Onsen Hotel

This resort hotel offers a traditional Japanese atmosphere that is good for people who need to go away from the crowd and wanted to experience a little bit of Japan without flying from the Philippines.
Makiling Onsen Hotel wouldn’t name it with “onsen” or hot-spring for no reason. They provide Japanese hot-spring alike experience to those of who wanted to avail service. You can still avail and experience onsen even when you’ve not booked a room. It’s open until 10 pm. You have to tell the front desk at least 1 hour prior to availing the service so they can get your onsen room hot and steamy.
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How to get to Makiling Onsen Hotel?

From Cubao or Buendia bus stations, ride a bus bound to Sta. Cruz (Laguna) and tell the driver or conductor to drop you off at Splash Mountain. In front of Splash Mountain Resort is the Makiling Onsen Hotel.

10. Tom’s Cruise: Yacht Staycation

If you feel like a little more extravagant, you definitely need to take this option. This is not your ordinary staycation getaway. For a night, you can get to stay on a yacht in a resort in Nasugbu. Depending on how much you can spend, you can totally get the most of your money! Plan your trip and bring forth some friends too! You may opt to go solo and enjoy your own company.
The yacht is clean and with complete stuff inside (bed, refrigerator, water for usage (not to drink), plates and utensils, microwave oven, cd player, aircon, television with movies. Though it was quite the smallest on all the docked yacht in the marina, it’s still a perfect place to stay. Jane actually would want a second night but we had a schedule and something do on Saturday so were only there overnight.
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How to get there from Manila

1. From Manila, ride a bus bound for Nasugbu. Drop off at Nasugbu Town Proper. Landmark is Jolibee and or McDonald’s.
2. Hire a tricycle direct to Punta Fuego. It will cost you P160.00 per way, up to 4 persons OR go to the tricycle terminal near McDonald’s and wait for other passengers, costs P40.00 each, one-way.
3. You will be dropped off at the Club Punta Fuego gate. Further instructions are sent when you are booked.


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