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One of the famous cold climate towns in the Philippines is Tagaytay and surely with the rainy season, comes a much-awaited vacation for at least one weekend. The town has progressed from being a vegetable producer to a vacation venue for families throughout the whole year. In just a few years, hotels and BnBs have sprouted like mushrooms in this area – and with that, we also found a great place where family, couples, and alike could stay while enjoying the cool breeze, good food, and the Taal Lake view from the distance — L & J Bistro, Bed and Breakfast.

L & J Bistro, Bed and Breakfast

L J Bistro Bed And Breakfast Taal Lake View Rooms Breakfast Staycation
L & J Bistro is located in Mendez, Cavite, just a few blocks away from Mahogany Market. It lies within the compound of Casa de Corazon, a wedding venue favorite by the crowd as the view from the ridge is quite a wonderful one. Aside from the bed and breakfast, the bistro also offers sumptuous meals for the family with a nice view of the Taal Lake in the background.
We got to stay for a night in the Bridal Suite at their Bed and Breakfast (L & J Guesthouse). It was really great and we enjoyed our stay especially with the views.
L J Bistro Bed And Breakfast Taal Lake View Rooms Breakfast Staycation
Now, here’s what you could expect when you stay at L & J Bistro, Bed and Breakfast.

1. Awe-Inspiring Taal Lake views

The main selling point of their location is the vibes and views that they have. L & J Bistro is situated on a ridge with impressive views of Taal Lake. You surely will enjoy ‘winter vibes’ especially in the morning when the fog is still around, and in the evening when the breeze is starting to get cooler. Plus, all their rooms have this kind of view. Have you not seen our video yet?



L & J Bistro Bed and Breakfast Tagaytay

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Posted by The Jerny – Travel and Inspirations on Wednesday, August 1, 2018

L J Bistro Bed And Breakfast Taal Lake View Rooms Breakfast Staycation

2. They always serve sumptuous breakfast and meals

Aside from the fresh air, you can also smell the food being cooked and or served on the second floor, the bistro area. The second floor is where you could dine and drink your favorite coffee. You’d be having a hard time picking your best bet as everything in the menu is mouth-watering. Thanks to Chef Ian for making the best meals in the bistro!
L J Bistro Bed And Breakfast Taal Lake View Rooms Breakfast Staycation

3. Instagram-able spots and decors

One thing that’s always on the list of new travelers is that the place should be picture-worthy or more like “IG-worthy”. Almost everyone, even the oldies, has access to Instagram where they showcase the places they’ve been or the food they eat. L & J Bistro will surely be a great place for you to take your pictures.
L J Bistro Bed And Breakfast Taal Lake View Rooms Breakfast Staycation

4. Comfortability and convenience

Enjoy the comfort of staying in a place where you can dine and sleep at the same time. Partner it up with impressive views, then everything feels perfect. With rooms that are huge enough for two people (seriously, one of the largest rooms I’ve seen that are good for two), you’d be really spending your money in the right way.
L & J Bistro is also close to convenient stores and shops such as Mercury Drug, Wet and Dry Market, 7-11, Savemore, and a lot of other shops around. You wouldn’t need to go far to buy a snack when craving during the midnight.
L J Bistro Bed And Breakfast Taal Lake View Rooms Breakfast Staycation


5. Owners and staffs always ready to assist you

One of the most powerful traits that a hotel, guesthouse, or bed and breakfasts could have is how the staff and people within the group are treating their clients and guests. With L& J Bed and Breakfast, you’d feel welcome. The warmness they show you is just overwhelming. Adding the smile on their faces, you definitely would want to go back and stay a little longer.
L J Bistro Bed And Breakfast Taal Lake View Rooms Breakfast Staycation

6. They can accommodate big groups

Yes, you read that right. If you are a large family having a vacation in Tagaytay, then L & J Bistro can also accommodate you. So this place is not only perfect for couples and small families, but for extended families and with friends too! They have a family room that’s good for 8 people, and another one that’s good for at least 18 people.

There you have it! If you are looking for a place in Tagaytay that’s lovely and beautiful, you can surely have no doubts with L & J Bistro, Bed and Breakfast. This place comes with good views and good food and every minute you spend is not a wasted time.

How to Book | Room Rates at L & J Bistro

L J Bistro Bed And Breakfast Taal Lake View Rooms Breakfast Staycation
Family Room

NOTE: Room rate includes a complimentary breakfast. To book, simply call the following numbers: 09171349963 or 09258515264.

   Bridal Suite    ₱4800    Good for 3 pax
   Family Room A    ₱6000    Good for 5 pax
   Family Room B    ₱7800    Good for 8 pax
   Dormitory    ₱12500    Good for 18 pax


Almost every meal in the bistro is a bestseller. Take a look at their menu and what we had for our meals.

L J Bistro Bed And Breakfast Taal Lake View Rooms Breakfast Staycation
Buffalo Wings (Parmesan Cheese)

L J Bistro Bed And Breakfast Taal Lake View Rooms Breakfast Staycation
Buffalo Wings (Honey Garlic)

L J Bistro Bed And Breakfast Taal Lake View Rooms Breakfast Staycation
Crispy Pork Belly Strips, Boneless Bangus,
Beef Bulalo, Buffalo Wings

L J Bistro Bed And Breakfast Taal Lake View Rooms Breakfast Staycation
Breakfast Meals


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• Winner will get to choose the date of stay (but subject to room availability).
• L & J Bistro will accommodate a maximum of 3 pax only. Any excess person will be shouldered by the winner.
• Failure to comply on the mechanics means disqualification.



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  5. After I read all the good reason why to stay at L & J Bistro, Bed and Breakfast it made think what if I were given a chance to experience all of that. The ambiance and the view of the place that you will surely experience even by staying at the room. The food that they offer are very swak to budget plus it looks very delicious plus the IG Worthy Food plus the beer are so affordable. This will be an unforgettable experience and an a must visit place.

  6. I really really want to experience what L & J Bistro, Bed and Breakfast has to offer.
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