If there is one resort that I would recommend not only for couples but for families and groups too, it would be Coron Soleil Garden Resort. If you’re looking for a budget friendly accommodation, Coron Soleil Express Hotel is the alternative.
Coron Soleil Garden Resort has just opened last year in September but has now become one of the most popular hotels in Coron. Having experienced staying at the resort, I cannot wonder why. It boasts a great view and you will most likely be struck with awe the moment you enter the pool area. It grounds at the foot of Mount Tapyas so fresh air and a scenic view are guaranteed.

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We listed the top reasons why you should book at Coron Soleil Garden Resort:

1. Friendly and Approachable Staff

Coron Soleil Garden Resort -
This is one of the most important factors to consider when looking for an accommodation. Why would you want to book at a hotel that doesn’t value guests? At Coron Soleil Garden Resort, your satisfaction is their happiness. The staff will greet you with full smiles and are willing to help at anytime you would need them. They would even offer themselves and ask if you need something else.


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2. Scenic Views, Quiet Location, and Fresh Air Guaranteed

Coron Soleil Garden Resort -
As mentioned in the introduction, the Coron Soleil Garden Resort is located at the foot of Mt. Tapyas. The complex is not beside the main road where vehicles are passing by. Full relaxation is also ensured whether you are inside or outside your room as the location is away from noise aside from those created by nature. You can even sleep soundly and de-stress at the poolside while sun bathing. The view at this resort was just breathtaking.

3. On-site Restaurant and Bar

Coron Soleil Garden Resort -
Sol 721 at Coron Soleil is the proud name of their restaurant. Its name was derived from the idea of 721 steps going up to Mt. Tapyas (the highest peak in the area). Coron Soleil Garden Resort is located quite away from the main shops and diners. It would take around 5-15 mins by foot from the resort to the main road and it’s a good thing that they set up a bar and restaurant so you won’t have to go far just to get a dose of drink at night or look around for delectable lunch and dinner.



4. 5-star service at a 4-star price

Coron Soleil Garden Resort -
I know this sounds a little exaggerated but this is TRUE! The real deal is that at this price point, you won’t find hotels with such great service and amenities. I have been to 5-star hotels but Coron Soleil exceeded my expectations. I can say it was even better. Our experience was just too wonderful and everything went perfectly with them.

5. Free Shuttle Service to and from the Airport

Coron Soleil Express Hotel -
One great thing about booking at Coron Soleil Garden Resort is that you won’t have to worry about getting to town or hotel as they offer this service for FREE. Even if you are booked at Coron Soleil Express Hotel, you still have this privilege. Not every hotel offers a free shuttle service so this definitely is a big plus. Less hassle!

6. Free Buffet Breakfast

Oh, yes! The most important meal of the day! If you’re booked at the Coron Soleil Garden Resort, you sure will have a sumptuous breakfast, and take note, it’s a buffet meal to start-up your day at Sol 721. The buffet menu changes every day but you will still have your daily favorites. Omelet, for example, is freshly cooked before your own eyes (I love it with cheese and mushrooms!). There are a variety of dishes to choose from and will surely fill you up before starting your island hopping and swimming activities.


7. Ideal for Family or Group Trips

Coron Soleil Garden Resort -
The rooms are ideal because each room is interconnected with one another. One villa has three rooms separated by doors from which in the middle is the Poolside Suite and are totally soundproof. If you’re on a family trip or a group, the room setup is ideal for you.

8. Poolside Suite is absolutely PERFECT for Couples

Coron Soleil Garden Resort -
When we transferred from Express Hotel, we were both excited to see the look of our room from which we will be staying until we check-out. To our surprise, the Poolside Suite did not disappoint! This surely is quintessential for honeymooners or couples alike.

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The Poolside Suite has a comfy king-sized bed, air-conditioners, a huge flat-screen TV with cable channels, a relaxing sofa adjacent to the bed, has its own kitchen and appliances (refrigerator, microwave oven, etc) so you can store drinks or heat your food. A wardrobe with a vault, bath robes, and other convenient stuff. The comfort room sure is wide enough and is stylish enough to get your attention to stay longer inside, partnered with hot and cold shower.
Toiletries are also a great deal in this hotel as they are completely provided. You also won’t have to request for a hair dryer as it is already in your room. The soap they supply is also curated to help sooth sunburned parts of your skin because they know you will be exposed to the sun by the day. They clearly know what their guests need.

Wi-Fi is not too bad, don’t worry. You’d still be able to post your favorite selfies and “at the moment” photos. If you’re digital nomad, you can still get a good access outside or at the desk for a wired connection.
From the room, you’ll be witnessing the view outside. Waking up to a great scenic view is also important (well, for us) and Coron Soleil has that to offer. I definitely can say that almost every corner of Coron Soleil Garden Resort is considered “Instagrammable“.
The infinity pool is not boring during the night as it will take you away with its light and colors blending well together to create a pleasing and charming ambiance that would make you want to swim with delight. The pool can go deep up to 6 feet so be careful. It has 3 divisions, the bubble pool, kids pool, and the lap pool. Unfortunately, you can’t bring your drinks beside the pool for the sole reason of safety. If in case the bottle breaks, it could cause wounds and accidents. Safety is a priority. Lifeguards are also available day and night. However, the pool is open only until 10 pm.

Jane and I were truly delighted with our experience with Coron Soleil Garden Resort. There has never been a dull experience at Coron. After our tours from Coron Blue Lagoon Adventure Travel and Tours, we have the resort to relax from and buy some drinks at the bar to chill by night.
Kudos to Ms. Kharla, Jerome, MJ, Quel, Grace, Ken, and all the other staff not mentioned (sorry, I forgot the names) for making our experience at Coron Soleil Garden Resort one of a kind.
It was an experience we would always treasure and remember. We felt the warm hospitality very well and it’s really evident to every staff. We both wish to come back soon. We recommend you book this hotel and make the most out of your Coron getaway.


Coron Soleil Garden Resort:
♦ Infinity Swimming Pool
♦ Massage Service (upon request)
♦ Sol 721 at Coron Soleil (Restaurant and Bar)
♦ Cardio Gym
♦ 24-hour Service
♦ Free Shuttle Transfers from and to airport
Address: Mabintangen Rd, Coron, Palawan, Philippines
Contact Nos: +632 8066377 | +63915 2126340 | +63939 9269288



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