There’s a unique accommodation in Batangas that’s not far from Shercon Resort and Ecology Park. It’s known as Kapusod and it’s just beside the Taal Lake Conservation Center (TLCC).

Kapusod has unique accommodations suitable for your relaxation and comfort. Plus, it’s only two hours away from Manila too. It’s a complete retreat away from the bustling city and busy lives.

How we discovered this Earth Dome

Apparently, I found myself looking for unique accommodations through Airbnb. If you haven’t started looking out for unique stays here, then you definitely should. Start by registering through this link and avail $20 off or more on your first booking!  You can also find the link for this as an image in the sidebar. 


It was actually for a staycation treat with my girlfriend for our 23 months of being together (Yay! road to forever!). Check out how we started by reading this!  While checking out lists in Batangas, I saw a different listing not commonly seen anywhere. Immediately, I clicked on the link and read some reviews. Booked the accommodation and asked the host regarding how to get there. My initial booking was for April but due to unforeseen circumstances, we had to move the date to a later one, hence June it became.

Link to Kapusod Earth Dome check their rates before booking!

Getting there [Kapusod: Earth Dome] to experience some uniqueness

We took the bus at Alabang South Station bound to Lipa, Batangas. You can also take the buses from Buendia (JAM/JAC/DLTB/etc) and tell the driver to drop you off at Mataas na Kahoy. If you’ve been to Shercon Resort, this will be easy for you. From Alabang, the ticket for each will cost you 125/127 Php (2.5 USD).

Alight at Mataas na Kahoy and look for jeepneys bound to Mataas na Kahoy, tell the driver to drop you off at 7-11 convenience store. The fare is only 8 pesos for each. Once at 711, hire a tricycle and them him to drive you to Kapusod or Taal Lake Conservation Center (TLCC). Tricycle ride one-way costs 80 Php (1.60 USD).


Once in the gate, look for Betty or Ka Betty, and enjoy your stay!

Note: You may opt to ask for the driver’s phone number because there are not many rides going back to 711. If you forgot to ask their phone number, ask Ka Betty to get one for you.


Kapusod Earth Dome: Experience and Review

The place was undeniably serene and quiet. We were greeted by the caretakers and later on, Ka Betty. Surprisingly, we were also greeted by Mr. Howie Severino himself, he owns the property. On that day, he also invited his friends which we had met, Mariz Umali and Raffy Tima, Kara David and his boyfriend, and a few others. The day after that was Senator Loren Legarda’s visit. We’re just lucky!

Ka Betty will be having a friendly chat with you and ask you if you will book for some activities. The activities available are Kayaking (300/kayak) and fishing (700, inclusive of tools and guide). You may also ask if you can use the bike to drive around town or swim in the lake. Meals are also available at an additional cost (250/meal/person). Kapeng Barako is available as well at 150 pesos for 8 cups, I think. You can take home any excess coffee.


They also have Wi-Fi available but do not expect hi-speed internet. The place is far from the main city.

The staffs and caretakers are polite as well. The food served is more than enough for two people. It was generously served. Comfort room and wash area are outdoors with clean water.

The place was nonetheless magical. If you’re an earth lover, then this is the perfect relaxing and learning space for you. You can marvel at the beautiful Taal Lake and the mountains surrounding it, or swim in the Taal Lake itself.  The place at night is solar lighted and has its own water waste system. At night, fireflies will come to greet you which makes the place even magical and special.

Our Earth Dome Lovely Experience

About our accommodation, the Kapusod Earth Dome, it was a dome made of sandy soil and lime held together by sacks and barbed wire. It faces a 4ft natural swimming pool (they call it the water garden). The water garden is a no chlorine pool and is surrounded by dragonflies and sometimes, fireflies, especially during the night. Some say that is it humid inside when it’s raining but luckily, it didn’t rain when we were there. It isn’t that spacious but you won’t have the feeling of suffocation. It’s a claustrophobic-friendly accommodation.

The Kapusod faces the Taal Lake, so you really could relax while the cold breeze touches your skin. It’s also full of trees which makes the surrounding cooler and shaded even at daytime and even when the sun is high. There are also Cabanas and a tree house in front of the lake. The Cabanas are for private events or walk-in guests. The tree house can be booked as well via Airbnb.

I could never really state how relaxed I was in this unique place. Everything was quiet, everything was surreal. That weekend for me was one of the very stressed-free moments of my life. I and Jane are just there, looking at the horizon, enjoying each other’s company, talking about many experiences in life, talking about our past experiences and childhood, etc. It was a comforting place. At night, all we heard are ourselves and nature, the singing of the birds, and the waves of the lake. An experience everyone would love. It’s as if I have forgotten I have other duties besides traveling. This place would take all your problems away, seriously. I felt like I was cleared of problems the whole time, and that’s better than drinking beer.

If you need to take a break from the busy corporate life, this is one of the places I really would recommend. You deserve relaxation and a break from your busy schedule. You better book and experience it now or later, than never. Also, July is a firefly season. Imagine fireflies as your night lights. How awesome is that?!

A few notes when checking-in to Kapusod:

a. If you don’t plan to buy food from them, you have to bring your own food. There are no stores nearby.
b. Airbnb accommodations are private properties, learn to respect the place and the owners.
c. You might want to bring your own extension cord if in case you need to recharge all devices at once.
d. Do not treat this as a hotel, you are totally on your own. Bring your own soap, shampoos, and towels.
e. Make sure to bring some insect repellant spray or lotion. It’s located in front of a lake and surely there are bugs everywhere.
f. You may opt to extend your stay, just ask Ka Betty! 🙂

And because our blog is growing, it’s time to give back!

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