When was the last time you had a staycation in Tagaytay since the lockdown happened?
I bet it’s been over a few months already (like us!). These times have been really rough lately because of the pandemic and every staycation we had previously was a dream we long to make happen again.
Gladly, ZEN Rooms opened its door to staycations once again for areas covered by MGCQ and GCQ, which includes Tagaytay.




Berrie Suites Hotel is a small hotel located in Tagaytay-Calamba road near Olivarez Rotonda. However small it is, the area is packed with amazing views and is situated near most establishments where you can just grab and go, like the Macau Imperial Tea shop beside the hotel’s reception area.


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One can also just dine at their in-house restaurant and splurge with the eye-catching views provided by Taal Lake. With these amazing views, you’ll surely enjoy your meal better.

Check-In Process

Checking in was a breeze. Once you are at the reception, you’d just need to fill out a form (health declaration form), provide your ID, and booking a reference code from ZEN Rooms. No need for a rapid test or swab test result and or medical certificate.
There were no checkpoints as well as the town is already open for tourists and guests especially if you are in a car.



With this pandemic on-going, hotels and most establishments have enforced strict disinfection and sanitation protocols. ZEN Rooms has made sure that these protocols are in place once a guest checks-in and check-out of the property.
The staff at Berrie Suites Hotel are also continuously cleaning and or disinfecting the high-touch surfaces of the hotel like the knobs, stair handle, tables, and a few more others.

Rooms and Amenities

After the reception area, you are to clearly see a breathtaking view of Taal at their restaurant and veranda. We also thought that there would be a better view on the upper floor, however, the upper floor belongs to Macau Imperial Tea.
When you get to the room’s area, just one level below that reception, you’d also find a common area with a sofa, tables, and chairs. Unfortunately, with the pandemic still happening, we didn’t sit or stayed there by any chance, also to make sure of our safety.

The parking area could either be at the front of the hotel reception, or on the road at the back of the hotel building. Parking is free when you have checked-in.
Their rooms aren’t that big but are enough for two or a family depending on the room you are booking. We booked the STANDARD ROOM and here’s what it looks like (see image below).
Also, towels and guest kits are provided. This comes with a Cable TV, and a hot shower.

Food and Restaurant

There are plenty of food choices at their restaurant from Ramen, Bulalo, and of course, the pinoy favorite silog.

However, we only did manage to order the silog meals because we only ate at the restaurant for breakfast. The silog meals are picture-worthy and tasty, a perfect way to enjoy mornings with a view plus coffee or hot milk.
Also, if I get the information correctly, the establishment closes a little late as well to accommodate late-night goers when all other establishments are already closed due to the curfew/limited business hours imposed by the local government to help with the prevention of COVID-19.

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Touristy Spots near the Hotel

Sky Ranch – just a few minutes’ drive away from the hotel.
Starbucks Coffee Tagaytay-Calamba Road – just a few blocks away from Olivarez Rotunda.
McDonalds (Tagaytay-Calamba Road) – one of the best choices for dining with a view, only a few houses away from the hotel.
Palace in the Sky – about 10 mins drive from the hotel.
Magallanes Square – an area with many well-established restaurants and also a hotspot for Taal Lake view.
Crosswinds – a few minutes’ drive away from the hotel. If you want to see a Switzerland-ish theme area, then this is the place to go.

How to Book with ZEN Rooms (with discount code)

To book Berrie Suites Hotel via ZEN Rooms, see the instructions below.

  1. Visit and search for Berrie Suites Hotel or visit this link to directly go to Berrie Suites Hotel booking page.
  2. Select your preferred dates and guests.
  3. Select your preferred room and hit BOOK NOW.
  4. Input your name and other details and pay using your selected payment method.
  5. On check out, to get your 15% discount, click Add Voucher Code and use the voucher code: THEJERNY .
  6. Wait for ZEN Room’s confirmation email for your booking. You will present this to the hotel on your check-in for verification. Always remember to use a VALID EMAIL ADDRESS.

If ever you would need a place to stay anywhere in the Philippines or around the world using ZEN Rooms, you definitely can use our voucher code for 15% discount.

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