7 Reasons Canyoneering in Cebu Deserve your Bucket List


There are so many effing reasons why you should add Cebu canyoneering to your bucket list. It’s one extreme activity that keeps your heart pumping, keeps your head above water level, keeps your blood running, and will definitely give you chills (not just because the water is cold)! canyoneering in Cebu

Here’s why!

1. Takes out your fear of heights! canyoneering

Fear of heights or “acrophobia” is surprisingly common to people. If you really are afraid to take reach onto higher places, then this water activity is for you! You will lose your fear in a matter of few jumps. Height reaches from 10ft to 50ft and sometimes, you just have no choice but to jump! (Unless your guide is kind enough to tell you that there is a different road to take!).


2. Gives you that adrenaline rush!

Adrenaline is released when an activity is at hand and you need more energy than your normal body can accommodate. It gives us more than the strength of a normal person, it gives us abilities we didn’t know exists in our body. The jumps are always scary especially to a normally laid-back person who doesn’t do such activities but this will definitely take you to your next level! canyoneering in Cebu

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3. Your heart will beat like a drum!

To those who had never done cliff jumping before, this experience is absolutely an alien experience! Who would want to jump on a cliff that is at least 50ft? Yes, you! You would want to jump that high to experience free falling because a parachute isn’t what you need, a life vest will keep your head above and a helmet floater will keep you safe. Do not worry about drowning, people will come to save you!

4. Canyoneering in Cebu is perfectly safe!

Unlike those daredevils stunts in the air, canyoneering is quite different. With safety gears to ensure protection, you will definitely feel awesome! When you get to do the first jump, you’ll feel like you are an idol and everyone will follow you. If you can jump that high, then why others cannot? Basically, because of number 1. Do not let fear overtake you! canyoneering

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5. You won’t tell yourself “what-have-I-done-to-deserve-this”.

You’ve done just the right thing of signing up for this activity! Surely at first, you’ll come with hesitation but eventually, you will feel you deserve more! More heights, more water, deeper water level, less frustration, less fear! Braver, bolder, fiercer, definitely stronger!

6. Surely, the water is there to catch you!

Unlike those dramas in love, when you fall for that guy or girl and they are not there to catch you, this activity won’t remind you of that! The body of water is there to always catch you when you fall, the life vest is there to keep you from drowning (because he/she let you go deep), the helmet is there to keep you safe from possible head injuries (because you are too stubborn), and the guide is there to assist you when you are not ready (because the other one is not ready yet). LOL! canyoneering in Cebu

Canyoneering - twobudgettravelers.com

7. You will never regret this experience!

Aside from that, you will ask for more! You would want to jump the cliffs all-day long. You would want to float on the cold bed of water because it’s too hot to even walk in the vast heat of the sun. You would want to immerse yourself in the beauty of rock formations, of stalactites and stalagmites. You would want to appreciate more of it especially when you see the Kawasan Falls. You would want this at the comfort of your own home (if possible)! canyoneering in Cebu

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Canyoneering - twobudgettravelers.com

Nature is really beautiful and full of surprises! Finishing this activity gives you a sigh of relief for you have overcome all the challenges. Those obstacle courses that keep you from getting that winning prize.


And you know what the winning prize is? Experience. canyoneering in Cebu

And you know what the other prize is? Yes, your Friends!

It’s an amazing experience that should not be experienced only once!

PS: Our tour provider on this Cebu Canyoneering was Raymund Gaudiano Sande. Contact him for package rates.

Have you been to Badian and did the Canyoneering in Cebu? Share your experiences in the comment section below!


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