Summer Cruise: Scuba Diving on a Budget in Batangas

Summer is never ending and we are still looking out for places to go visit especially those that are affordable and are near in Manila. One of the best options is a beach getaway but we have found more than that. Aside from just swimming at the beach, what could possibly be more done while you are vacationing?
Previously, we’ve been in San Luis, Batangas to go diving in Bus Stop Dive Resort and now we’ve come back to go for another sport diving session. Jeepsetters PH team together with Upper Ground Concepts were invited to experience all activities and all of what could Summer Cruise offer.

Summer Cruise Diving Resort

In the quiet town of San Luis in Batangas lies several resorts and an ocean body that is famous for its reefs. It’s also where the protected marine area is situated that makes it ideal for divers and freedivers alike.
summer-cruise-scuba-diving-on-a-budget-in-batangas summer-cruise-scuba-diving-on-a-budget-in-batangas
Summer Cruise Diving Resort is connected to the town’s lands but would require a few minutes of walk. The most recommended way to get to the resort is thru a boat which is ₱50/person when you are opting for a stay.

Getting to Summer Cruise:

Coming from Manila, we went to DLTB bus station and took a bus bound to Lemery. Our drop will be at the DLTB Station at Xentro Mall Lemery. It took about 2 hours to get there with the traffic so it’s pretty much a good ride. From Xentro Mall, we waited for our other teammates as they are still on the way. While waiting, we had our brunch and lunch at the food court of the mall and Jollibee fast food store just right outside.
When everyone arrived, we rode a tricycle heading to Summer Cruise (Parking 1).
From the parking, we hopped onto a boat and took a 15 mins boat ride to Summer Cruise.


Summer Cruise Tent Accommodation

There’s definitely a positive ambiance when you see Summer Cruise Dive Resort. At a glance, it’s like a luxury resort when in fact, it’s made for backpackers and family getaways. The first thing you’ll see is the veranda with curtains and relaxation chairs in an area that’s very pleasing to the eyes. The cool breeze from the ocean is definitely one to be felt as it peacefully weaves to your body. Summer Cruise
There are rooms that can accommodate a group and there are accommodations that can accommodate couples or solo travelers. Being a traveling couple ourselves, we took the one where we could get the most privacy, a tent. I know it’s not the best choice but that’s where the availability is. We’ve been traveling together since we started dating and we have slept on tents a couple of times. Perhaps, another tent staycation again this time, eh?
The tents are ideally located at the second level where you could find a great sunset even when you are wanting to just relax. This is actually better than the rooms below but of course, it depends on anyone’s preferences.
Each room, however, is also a good spot for the sunset. The sunrise is on the other side so you cannot get to see it in the early morning. Summer Cruise
When you opt for a tent, you still have a power outlet waiting for you. A mattress foam and pillow to help you get a good night’s sleep. A fan, to help you cope with the heat especially during daytime. And a light, to get you through the night. It’s also called “glamorous camping” or glamping.

Food and Drinks at Summer Cruise

You may opt to bring your own food but you can also bring just your things as they offer cooked meals in the resort and drinks as well, from juices to beer. As for the prices, I really cannot tell as it is subject to change depending on the owner’s decision. But yes, the most important thing is, you won’t get hungry when you are at the resort.
(See video below as well)

Summer Cruise Rates, Accommodations, & Activities

Freediving Lessons:
Weekdays – ₱ 980.00
Weekends – ₱. 1,195.00
Inclusive of gear and equipment with Dive Master

Tent Accommodation:
Sunday to Friday – ₱ 350.00 per head
Saturday night – ₱ 500.00 per head
Inclusive of entrance fee, mattress, and pillow
Sunday to Friday – ₱ 985.00 for two persons
Saturday – ₱ 1,700.00 for two persons
Check-in: 2:00 pm
Check-out: 10:00 am
(Breakfast not included) Summer Cruise
Bonuses | What to Expect:
Privacy for couples and other guests.
Snorkeling right in front of the resort.
Free use of table tennis.
Excellent sunsets.
Amazing star gazing.
For Snorkeling:
Bring your own mask and snorkels, or you can also rent for ₱ 150.00.
Corkage fees: 
₱ 100.00 – Liquor
₱ 50.00 – Cooking fee per head
S C U B A D I V I N G Rates:
Inclusive of gear, equipment, dive master and wetsuit
₱ 1,399.00 – weekdays Monday to Friday
₱ 1,699.00 – weekends Saturday to Sunday Summ
summer-cruise-scuba-diving-on-a-budget-in-batangaser Cruise

2D1N Sample Budget (from Project Gora):
Cubao to Lemery – 211 pesos
Xentro Mall to Summer Cruise Parking A via Tricycle – 50 pesos (150 to 200 pesos good for 3-4 pax)
√ Boat to Summer Cruise – √  50 pesos
Tent Accommodation- 350 pesos
Food – 300 pesos
√ Summer Cruise to Parking A by Boat – 50 pesos
Summer Cruise to Xentro Mall – 50 pesos
Xentro Mall to Cubao – 211 pesos
Total: PHP 1,272 / person

How to get to Summer Cruise:

  1. From LRT Buendia or Cubao, take a DLTB or JAM Transit bound to LEMERY Tambo Exit Sign.
  2. Get off at Xentro mall or at the Terminal.
  3. Take a tricycle to Parking A of Summer Cruise – Barangay Balite for ₱ 150.00 to ₱ 200.00 per ride.
  4. Take the boat from Parking A to Summer Cruise Dive Resort

Boat Transfers: Summer Cruise
Php 50.00/one way  – Boat transfer from the Parking A to Summer Cruise.
Alternative option:
100 meters walk from the parking to Summer Cruise.


Thanks to Upper Ground Concepts for this video!


Diving Photos

Summer Cruise

San Luis, Batangas 4210
0915 198 0246
Facebook Page: Summer Cruise


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