Every year, the world gets safer and safer according to the Global Peace Index. Despite being naturally full of mess, each year and each country has their own ways of improving peoples lives.  It’s still below levels from like a decade ago, but developments and improvements count for something. The best thing is that these countries who belong to the top won’t even change ranks for the last ten years.
It must be a great feeling to have visited the countries on the list below but how can you make it if your cash is not enough to pay for flights and visa fees? Someone I know actually went to these top 5 countries just to see how life was in each region. We asked him how he was able to do it, he does have a business but he admits it’s not doing very well yet. After a few drinks, he finally told us his secret to having his vacations — he plays the lottery — and luck was definitely on his side. He won twice already, not a totally big amount but more than enough to pay all his debts and fly to the other side of the continent. What huge luck on his back!
Being a winner he is, he definitely wanted to stay at places he knows he will be safe. And his research told him to go these countries that belong to the top 10 safest countries.

5. Denmark

5 Safest Countries in the World to Add to your Travel Bucketlist -
Not only this country always rank for the happiest places on earth, it also ranks as the 5th safest place in the world. Along with its “virtually free” healthcare and education practices, the country also promotes gender quality and offers an earnings-related childcare system and a “parental allowance policy that is among the most flexible in the European Union”.


4. Austria

5 Safest Countries in the World to Add to your Travel Bucketlist -
Austria is not only about beer and mountains. Although it’s the principal skiing sport in Europe, it extends a different mix of landscapes which can be found in its region; however, the size of the country is relatively small. It’s also a neighboring country of the two other safest places in the world, Germany and Czech Republic.



3. Portugal

5 Safest Countries in the World to Add to your Travel Bucketlist -
Portugal is one of the most peaceful countries in the world, having climbed to third in the latest rankings. The country had last year already recorded an impressive showing when it was placed fifth on the list.  Portugal’s relative affordability, virtue, and beauty combined with its safety score make it a must-visit in Europe.


2. New Zealand

5 Safest Countries in the World to Add to your Travel Bucketlist -
New Zealanders are by and large open-minded and believe people should be free to live the lifestyle they choose. There are laws to prevent people abusing anyone’s freedom of expression and speech, and they have a reliable and trustworthy police force you can turn to which solves a comparatively high number of all crimes. It has always been one of the best destinations for jaw-dropping adventure travel and landscapes.


1. Iceland

Iceland has been on the safest countries list since 2008, 10 years to be exact. Who wouldn’t want to go to the safest haven, erm, country, with plenty things to see and do? Being an island makes it somewhat tougher to have border disputes. This big country, with a small population of roughly 325k people, has no army, a murder rate of 0-1,5 per year, virtually no violent crimes, very small number of petty crimes, police officers don’t even carry guns and probably most importantly, people are very equal, no matter what their sex, sexual orientation or belief is!



I know. All you needed to do is to fly to these places and feel heaven-safe travels.  Who wouldn’t want a peaceful travel with no scams and such? Imagine if luck is on your side, see how far it can take you. We always see the phrase “If travel is free, you would never see me again” but if you can more than afford to travel, you can even bring one or two friends with you.