Traveling is one way to widen your horizons and see the world from a new perspective. From experiencing the local culture to immersing yourself in age-old traditions, there is no doubt that traveling opens a depth of opportunities for just about anyone.

Going from one place to another means being financially prepared and secured at all times. With the help of a reliable travel credit card, you no longer have to fear running out of cash in the middle of nowhere.

Interested in getting your hands on one of these travel credit cards? We have compiled the five best choices you should take into consideration, based on reliability, acceptance, features and rewards. Read on to learn more.


Best travel credit cards in the Philippines

5. UnionBank Cebu Pacific GetGo Platinum

Cebu Pacific is one of the most popular airline carriers in the Philippines because of its budget-friendly flights that don’t compromise safety and security. The same belief is upheld by the UnionBank Cebu Pacific GetGo Platinum credit card.

Frequent travelers will surely be delighted with this offering since it gives back 1 GetGo Point for every P30 spent using this credit card. Not to mention, cardholders will be given priority check-in on all Cebu Pacific flights, as well as an additional 5-kilogram baggage allowance.

Users will also be privy to Cebu Pacific and GetGo seat sales and gain access to complimentary airport lounge access. The best of all? Travel enthusiasts get to rest easy with up to P10 million comprehensive travel insurance.


4. AirAsia Credit Card

The AirAsia Credit Card is brought to you in partnership with RCBC Bankard. Powered by Visa, this credit card offering ensures worldwide acceptance at millions of point of sale terminals and ATMs around the globe.

What makes this credit card inviting for travelers is the welcome offer of 8,000 AirAsia BIG Points upon spending P20,000 within the first 60 days of card issuance. These points can be used to redeem flights and avail other offerings from AirAsia.

Cardholders will also earn 1 AirAsia BIG Point for every P22 spent on their card. Exclusive offerings include being in on their big sales and final call sales, as well as priority check-in and boarding.

3. HSBC Platinum Visa Credit Card

Touted as the “ultimate travel card” from HSBC, this Visa-powered credit card prides itself on offering up to 4 times the rewards and travel privileges. For every P20 spent, cardholders are entitled to earn 1 air mile. Under its accelerated rewards program, individuals will earn 4 bonus points for every P20 spent overseas.


To secure plans while traveling, the HSBC Platinum Visa credit card also provides free travel accident insurance and inconvenience coverage. Cash advance and instalment plans are also made available by the bank for easier and hassle-free access to cash and payment facilities.

Best travel credit cards in the Philippines

2. Metrobank Travel Platinum Visa

If earning miles is on the top of your list, you’ll be glad to know that you can easily earn miles each time you use the Metrobank Travel Platinum Visa. For every P17 spent abroad, or on airlines and hotel accommodations, you’ll be rewarded with 1 mile. For all other transactions, 1 reward point will be given for every P20 spent using the credit card.

This particular offering from Metrobank also provides free travel accident insurance coverage of up to P5 million when you buy airline tickets using this credit card. On top of these benefits, you will also have unlimited airport lounge access and tons of exclusive deals and discounts to enjoy any time you wish.

1. Citi PremierMiles Visa

The Citi PremierMiles Visa credit card is undoubtedly the best of the bunch because it allows cardholders to redeem airline tickets or hotel accommodations using their miles. Even better, these miles and points never expire, meaning these can be used whenever and wherever you need them.

Every P30 spent on your card will reward you with 1 PremierMile. Miles may also be used to pay for purchases. What makes this credit card stand out from the rest is that it has no blackout dates, meaning you can fly and stay whenever you please.

Thanks to Citi’s partner merchants and establishments around the world, you can gain access to exclusive deals and discounts both locally and abroad.

A Final Note

Thinking of applying for a travel credit card soon? Through this helpful guide, you won’t have to look far and wide to see what fits your needs. Be sure to check out these credit cards today and experience the travel benefits firsthand.