If you love the sand and sea, chances are, you already know that the Philippines is famous for having world-class beaches spread all over its 7,641 islands. It’s also highly likely that you’ve heard of Boracay’s pristine, powder-white sands or El Nido’s rich blue waters, among others.
While those are indeed some beautiful must-see places, that’s not all the Philippines has to offer! If you’re up for a bit more adventure and exploration, you’ll quickly see that the tropical country has a lot more of this beauty found in some secluded beachesHidden Beaches in the Philippines
Ready to plan your next beach getaway? Here are some ideas for where you can travel to next.

Anguib Beach, Cagayan

Source: The Backpack Adventures

Located in north-eastern Luzon, Anguib Beach has been tagged as the Boracay of the North. Its fine powdery sand and clear waters are reminiscent of the Visayan beach, but it has its unique charm.
The area can only be reached through a boat ride from San Vicente Road. There’s a resort in the vicinity, but nothing’s stopping you from setting up a tent by the beachfront! Cap off your night by stargazing in an unpolluted skyline and fall asleep with the sound of the waves softly crashing against the shoreline.

Panampangan Island, Tawi-Tawi

Panampangan Island | Source: On the Road PH

Travel all the way to the southernmost tip of the Philippines, and you’ll arrive in Tawi-Tawi, home to a lot more breathtaking beaches. One of them is the gorgeous Panampangan Island, which has the longest sandbar in the country. It stretches for over 3km and gives a whole new meaning to “long walks by the beach.” Hidden Beaches in the Philippines
The glass-like waters mirroring the clear blue skies stretch out for miles, allowing you to marvel at the beauty of nature. This is a cool place to visit away from tourists or nightlife.


Sila Beach, Northern Samar

Sila Beach | Source:

There are a lot of white sands in the Philippines, but what if we told you that it also has pink?
Aptly dubbed as the pink beach, the pink shoreline of Sila Beach came from crushed remains of shells and corals that mixed with the then white sand. The result is a light pink to sometimes reddish color that never fails to amuse beach-goers.
There are beach huts on the island for day visitors, but if you wish to spend the night, pack camping gear as there are no resorts or hotels in the vicinity.

Waniban Island, Davao Oriental

Waniban Island | Source: Make It Davao

Another island that’s only reachable by boat, Waniban is as secluded as one can get. Located in Mati City, this four-hectare island allows you to imagine what it would be like if you lived in your private island. It has more to offer than its immaculate views, too. Visitors can explore the abundant marine life underneath by free-diving or snorkeling. Hidden Beaches in the Philippines

Masasa Beach, Batangas

Masasa Beach | Source: The Poor Traveler

Are you looking for a getaway a bit closer to the city? This one’s for you. Masasa Beach is roughly three hours away from the bustling metro and is one of the less congested beaches in Batangas. The beach also offers underwater activities that visitors can try.
You can’t camp on the beach overnight, but setting up a tent during the day is allowed. There are also plenty of affordable transient homes for added convenience. Its proximity and affordability are just two of the factors that convince visitors to pay a visit to this charming slice of paradise.
These are just a handful of the possibly hundreds of unspoiled beaches in the Philippines. If you have a strong case of wanderlust and want to continue your search for some of the best-secluded spots, you won’t have a hard time. Just ask the locals for advice and see where your adventure takes you!


Which one from the list do you want to visit next? Hidden Beaches in the Philippines


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