As a Filipino, online payment services such as PayPal, Skrill, and Payoneer are available but aren’t the most convenient options out there. is a reliable, incredibly efficient method for all Filipino citizens and permanent residents to exchange foreign currencies, as well as load and withdraw money.
This service is legal, legitimate, and endorsed by Bangko Sentral for offering online payments and remittances. It should be used as nothing other than a medium to transfer your money from one account to another (from employer to employee/from buyer to seller).

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We have prepared a detailed guide on how to register for this account. Let’s get right to it!

Learn the Steps to Register for a Coins.Ph Account

What Is is a mobile wallet that will allow you to access and transfer your funds, even if you aren’t an account or credit card holder in a bank. As we have mentioned above, it will give you an option to load and withdraw money in just a couple of clicks.
Not only that, but as a Filipino citizen/permanent resident, you will find it very convenient that you are able to pay electricity, water, government, cable cord, Telecom, and Broadband bills.
This is because the service is directly connected with Meralco, Manila Water, Davao Light, Globe, PLDT, Cignal, and Sun Cellular.
Additionally, you can send or receive money from anyone, whether that is your employer/employee, friends, or family. The only thing that you need is their email or Facebook address/bank account for those that have one.
Lastly, you can use this service to trade and buy cryptocurrencies, such as Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, and Etherum. 

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How To Register For

If you are looking to start an account with this mobile wallet provider, the first thing that you need to do is sign up using their desktop or mobile app.
If you are a smartphone user, then you should find it on the Google Play or Apple Store depending on the device that you are using.
Download it for free and proceed to register by either filling out the required info (email address, phone number, and ID) or connecting to Facebook. Once you have done that, press the “create account” button and wait for a verification email/code, depending on whether you typed in your email address or phone number.
Then, click on the verification link. After that, you are set and ready to use
For those of you who are planning to sign up through a desktop device, the first thing that you will need to do is log onto the official website. 
After that, tap the “get started” button, after which you will be asked to provide a form of contact (mobile number or email address). Make sure that you create a strong password to minimize the risk of someone getting into your account.


Verifying Your Identity

The first benefit of verifying your identity is that, as you become a Level 2 user, your cash out/in limit will be raised to PHP 50,000. Not only that, but it will also allow you to withdraw money directly from
There are a couple of documents that you can submit as proof of your identity, and the one that you will be asked for depends on your age.
If you are above 18 years old, then you should provide a government-issued ID. For those who are between 14 and 17, the proof of identity will be a school ID.
Along with this, you will need to take a selfie. Submit both images at the “limits and verifications” tab, first sending in the ID and then the selfie. Keep in mind that it will take a couple of business days (in most cases, three) for to approve your verification.

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Advantages Of

There are a couple of benefits that you will get as an account owner at, including the fact that transferring money will be easier than ever.
Additionally, the fact that you won’t need a bank account to cash in/cash out or send remittances makes doing online business much easier.
Lastly, if you are interested in trading cryptocurrencies, such as Bitcoin and Ethereum, is sure to give you great opportunities.
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Learn the Steps to Register for a Coins.Ph Account


In our opinion, is a more reliable option than PayPal, Payoneer, and Skrill for Filipino citizens/residents who do online business. The transparency, as well as simplicity of use, makes this mobile wallet a simple and easy option that you can get many benefits from.