Tondol Beach in Anda, Pangasinan is indeed a paradise! 

Contributed by: Jenelyn Mitra Nogales

Tondol Beach in Anda, Pangasinan -
Travel Time is 5 to 6 hours and it’s all worth it!
Not sure how to get there since we are in a private van when we got there but I will give you some tips.

Where to stay in Tondol Beach?

We stayed @ 828 Gems Beach Resort.
✔ Staffs are kind and accommodating. 
✔ Rooms are clean and spacious. The family room is good for 5-7 pasx but we were 15 and we’re all accommodated in that room. 200/head in excess of 7 persons.
 You may ask them to cook for you at a fair price or you can cook your own food so you can use the cooking utensils and stove.
 Food is sumptuous and cheap! They have “silog” meals with coffee for only 75 pesos.
 You may also pitch your own tent for only 100 pesos per person.
 They are not strict at check-in and check-out. You can check in a little early and check-out a bit longer as long as there are no other reserved guests in your room, with no additional charges.
 Just check their FB page, 828 Gems Beach Resort for more info 😉

What to expect in Tondol Beach

 The water in the beach is shallow. Safe for kids. It’s like you have walked far but the water is still knee-deep.
 Sandbar is great, very scenic. There were also activities but I haven’t asked.
 There’s a part of the beach with weeds, try not to go there as there are too many sea urchins.
 There’s a part of the beach with fine white sands like Boracay.
 Not too crowded so you can take pictures all you want!
 Very relaxing. Perfect for family and barkada getaway.

It’s so beautiful you’d go back again and again! Our photos here don’t have filters (used Vivo V7+ phone). What you see in the pictures is what you will see when you get there.


Additional information:

Getting to Tondol Beach via commute

How to get to TONDOL BEACH Anda Pangasinan

1. Bus-Manila to Anda town.  Victory Liner or 5 Star.
a/c buses –393PHP to Alaminos.
around 450php to Anda Town
2.Rent a tricycle to Tondol —-average rate is 150-200PHP per tricycle, 1way.
PS: Only ordinary buses going straight to Anda so we usually do option #3.
3.If you can’t catch an air-conditioned bus going straight to Anda and want to at least have 5hours of a comfortable bus ride. I suggest you ride the bus to Alaminos City.From there, take the bus to Anda (In front of CSI MAll) Then tricycle to Tondol.
Ordinary Buses bound to Anda (coming from Dagupan) don’t ply the area until 9 am.There are passenger jeepneys near the city gymnasium though if you arrive earlier.8am would probably be the 1st trip.